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"Whoever he is, he is one tough badass fatass.
—Stan, 'South Park'

With the rise in popularity of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games comes the occasional episode where the main character(s) play one. In these MMORPGs, there is often one and only one player who has surpassed all others. Only the newbiest of newbs have yet to hear of him, and all others fear and respect him. He also usually has an exceedingly generic name that reflects being a gamer rather than, say, the setting of the game. Bonus points if this character is someone the main character(s) already know.

Of course, if he is ever shown in person, he's usually a Basement Dweller Nerd. Which may even surprise characters who were Expecting Someone Taller.

As far as actual MMORPGs go, this is rarely Truth in Television. While it may take longer than your free trial period to reach the level cap in an MMORPG, reaching it does not grant you instant fame and legendary status. Granted, it can be quite the accomplishment, but many players have reached this plateau. When fame does happen, it takes more than reaching the level cap and aquiring the best gear; uncanny skill and a YouTube account to show it off on are called for too.

Named after a character from TMNT: Back to the Sewer's "Super Quest" MMORPG, Ultimate Gamer, the "Class-80 Warrior."

Examples of Ultimate Gamer 386 include:


  • Summer Wars: Kazma.
  • Gintama: During the Alien Screwdriver Arc, when Gin and the gang join a MMORPG called Mon Hun, they hear about a Legendary Player called M and set out to find him. Of course, it turns out to be Hasegawa, who's a bum in real life. One can only wonder how he affords a monthly subscription(or even a PC)while being a penniless hobo.

Comic Books

  • Averted in the Manhwa Id_Entity/Yureka. There are several master level characters, although it is generally acknowledged that Basara is the strongest.


  • In Spy Kids 3D, the characters all chatter about a player known simply as "The Guy", that seems to be elevated to the point of being The Chosen One in the game world. Juni claims to be him to get the other players on his side, but the real "The Guy" shows up and gives a rousing pep talk to the characters...then marches into the last level, triggers a trap, and is promptly killed.

Live Action TV

  • The main character of Aaron Stone is the most legendary player of a MMORPG called Hero Rising.

Real Life

Video Games

  • Zezima in Runescape. Had about a couple of thousand people following him whenever he played the game, has an Encyclopedia Dramatica article, and was once at the top of the high scores list. He has since quit the game, after numerous updates to make the game easier devalued his hours of grinding.
  • .hack plays this straight with the games, where the main character Kite knows Orca, who, along with Balmung, are the two most powerful characters in the game, and the only ones to defeat a legendary event, earning the name of the Descendants of Fianna: Orca of the Azure Sea, and Balmung of the Azure Sky. After the games, apparently Kite becomes a Descendant as well for his heroism: Kite of the Azure Flame.
    • Played straight again in the sequel series, G.U. In Roots, Haseo is eventually feared by every player killer in the game and most other players know who he is. After he gets dropped down to level 1 in the games, he works his way back up and eventually an army of players helps him in his hour of need based solely on his reputation.
  • Takumi in Chaos;Head.
  • Eve Online has a number of well-known and/or infamous players due to the reliance the game places on personal interactions. Most notably, Chribba has built an unimpeachable reputation as a broker on large deals and the leaders of large alliances such as SirMolle, head of the now-defunct Band Of Brothers.
  • Star Pirates has Mr. Awesome, the hands-down strongest player in the game at level 251. For reference, there are only seven players in the entire game who are level 100 or higher... and other than Mr. Awesome, only one of them is over 200 (at level 227). He's also one of the only four players to receive the AI Advanced Scout medal, which requires that each of the player's three stats be above 250,000.
  • Legion of Mass Effect 2, since the revealing dossier about its gamer profile in Lair of the Shadow Broker. Its score on the in-game "N7 Code of Honor: Medal of Duty" is 15,999,999,999...the maximum limit. It's also a Level 612 Ardat-Yakshi Necromancer in "Galaxy of Fantasy." (It isn't very good at Dating Sims, though.)
  • Truth in Television for the Halo series. The players from Ogre clan were/are famous within Halo circles for their skill.
  • On the freeware game osu!, a player named "osuplayer111" is ranked 7th in the entire game, has Lv. 100 status, and thanks from over one thousand people.

Web Comics

  • ~Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth~ has The Wuuf, who is described to be super hardcore. So hardcore that the developers are terrified of him. He craps himself and runs away after learns that Flinklocke and co. are searching for the Ultimate Goblin Engineered Weapon.

Western Animation

  • As stated above, TMNT: Back to the Sewer, with "Class-80 Warrior" Ultimate Gamer. Not someone the Turtles already know, however.
    • However, the Jerkass imp player who later assisted the turtles against said Ultimate Gamer was actually Hun.
  • Kim Possible, where this character was played by Rufus the naked mole rat.
  • The Simpsons, when Marge joins an MMORPG, finds out that this player, the "Shadow Knight", is actually Bart. She then humiliates and emasculates him in her usual motherly way. When her actions indirectly lead to Bart's character being temporarily weakened and nearly immediately killed by an angry mob, she decides to avenge him by becoming the new Shadow Knight.
  • South Park, in its World of Warcraft episode, had this guy as an antagonist of such a high level and so powerful that he broke not only the rules of the game but the laws of physics. In a game played by millions of people in a virtual area spanning two continents, not to mention several separate servers that don't even share player-characters, one fat dude at his computer was player-killing enough people to threaten the game's profitability. Next to that, the idea that they can't just delete his character because he doesn't stop playing and kills off admins before they can kick him off the server sounds downright plausible.
  • Danny Phantom has, among other elements that make little sense, an unbeatable player named Chaos who turns out to be Sam. Subverted later when she is PKed by their vice-principal at the end.
    • Subverted in a few other ways, too. The mode they're on is apparently either some kind of local multiplayer campaign or a trial version, because few people play and "winning gets you access to the worldwide web." Related to that, Chaos is only considered famous to Danny & Tucker, who have been creamed enough by him to know that he's good...because you'd HAVE to be in order to beat THEM, obviously. It doesn't make much sense, but it is arguably more plausible than millions of players hailing someone geekier than they are as a god.
  • Steve became one on American Dad to his friends, at least.
  • An episode of Mucha Lucha revolves around a video game. The most famous and skilled player has the avatar of "Rutebega". It's Snowpea.
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