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  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment - the kilrathi spaceship.
  • Good Bad Bugs - In the northwest forest of Britannia, there's a house full of goodies whose door can only be opened by a lever on the inside. Normally, you need to go through a dungeon and find the teleporter that will warp you into to the house. However, if you position yourself by the window so that you can see the lever, you can just use Telekinesis to open the door.
    • In Exult, you can simply change the screen resolution.
    • Visit A Fistful of Ultima VII for a detailed list of Good Bad Bugs and a hilarious anti-walkthrough which exploits them to win the game in completely unintended ways.
    • Using serpent venom causes temporarily ups all of your stats, but after it wears off, it degrades your strength slightly. If you use enough of it all at once, though, dropping your strength rolls over and leaves you with an absurdly high stat e.g. 164 or 135 when the normal max is 30.
    • It's possible to apply potions and certain items to non-party members, meaning you can poison NPCs without backlash or temporarily put a dragon to sleep without casting a spell.
  • Narm: The Guardian's speech during the introduction.
    • His defeat dialogue arguably even more so.


  • Scrappy Mechanic - Having to manually feed your characters.
  • Spiritual Licensee: The best Elric of Melniboné game ever made.
  • Squick - Kill the mother of Lord British's unborn child, and there's a baby in her inventory. Ick.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes - Lampshaded with Kissme. Your characters find her rather annoying (though they get rather agitated if you decide to swat her).
  • Technology Marches On: The game had a notable bug in the release version which dealt with the Lich in Skara Brae. To have it fixed you had to contact Origin, who would send you the patch... on a diskette, via snail mail. This was right before everyone started getting the Internet, so it was one of the last examples of this.
  • That One Level: The Test of Courage in Forge of Virtue.
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