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  • I find that much of the time, it'd be easier just to say what the two words are, and explain it for those who don't find it obvious.
    • This troper says the problem with TWOT is a matter of over and misusing. People use it in contexts that they aren't actually obvious. It seems obvious to them, in a way it seems obvious to me what my real name is, but you may never know if I never tell you.
      • I think the primary problem is that people see it done so often they're desperate to do it themselves ... just like the WMG pages are full of "X is a Time Lord" with no explanation, like that by itself was a joke. Memetic Mutation, bandwagon thinking, etc.
      • Fan Myopia is a BIG contributor to this. Believe it or not, not everyone is so well versed in every single anime character, video game level or sci fi series.
  • Wasn't the page previously just named Two Words? Heck, Two Words is still a redirect. The whole point of using the trope is to point something out, so the two words in question are obviously not obvious to someone. So why say call it obvious?
    • Obvious to most is better than obvious to some.
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