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A common form of television advertisement. Bob and John are doing something reasonably manly like fixing a car or cooking a barbeque and discussing a problem, until Bob suggests The Product to John, with positive results.

The male version of Two Chicks in a Kitchen.

Examples of Two Guys in a Garage include:

  • Canadian Tire has managed to update this one a little bit with a family that uses Canadian Tire products and leads a blissful existence. When the neighbour wanders over to find out what miracle product they've got now, usually both the husband and the wife extol it enthusiastically.
    • They stopped running those ads due to the somewhat alarming hatred that viewers developed for "the Canadian Tire Guy". Apparently, his self assured attitude rubbed a number of people the wrong way.
      • This troper got an icky Ned Flanders vibe from these ads. The Canadian Tire Family has every gadget under the sun to make their life better and make their neighbours jealous. (Having said that, this troper and her boyfriend have also been known among friends as the Canadian Tire Couple, ever since they were spotted inflating a flat car tire with a Canadian Tire brand portable power tank and air compressor that they kept in the trunk.)
      • The ad ran for several years though, with even a francophone version of the couple for adds in Quebec. Things went overboard when the kids started exalting the Mastercraft product of the week. As one Quebec humorist put it: "The kids are doing it! The 10 year old boy is blabbering about how great that screw driver is! Someone buy them a TV or something!"
  • This is used in commercials for several motor oil brands; e.g., Mobil 1, Pennzoil, and Castrol.
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