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Manna crystals are Khaydarin crystals and Dark Manna is The Void, tainted by the Cthulhu from The Voice In The Darkness, making Dark Manna crystals Argus Gems.

I mean, come on, concentrated magical energy? That happens to be electric blue? The only thing mising is a Xel'naga temple. The Great Old One sleeping in the core of the world is not fully awake, so his foul prescence merely drives Void users mad, rather than Taking them over.

Natani is Kane.

The Pillar of Light seen in strip #526 was actually an Ion Cannon, and Natani is the only survivor of the blast. Why? Because she's the Dark Messiah.

  • Partly Jossed. Flora and Kieth have survived and are up and moving

The whole Two Kinds world is a virtual reality.

This is why the Masks treat the world like a game, because to them it is a game. They even have their own factions. Oh, but this isn't any old game, it's Civilization running a fantasy-style mod. This also explains some of the Schizo-Tech, it's just the players teching up.

  • Alternatively, it's a heavily modified Dwarf Fortress. That's how Gen. Alabaster knew so much, he was the Bookkeeper.

Trace and Flora have visited, or will visit, a version of Earth.

There are a handful of Yosh! comics where the two guest-stared. And while these comics aren't stated to be canon, neather are they stated to be non-canon. The fact that no mention of the characters visiting another world has been made in Two Kinds yet points to the visits being yet to happen in the Two Kinds series.

As a corollary, Trace and Flora will time travel to the time of Yosh!.

  • I admit that I don't read that many furry comics (really just these two), but Yosh seems to be like an Urban Fantasy version of Two Kinds. Humanoid animals walk as freely among humans as Fantastic Racism will allow them to, a small handfull fo people can use magic, and every once in a while a fantastic creature that doesn't fit the regular races shows up, like a dragon or a troll. In the future, The Magic Goes Away, as the Keldran and the Bastlin interbreed with the humans, they begin to look just like humans. But when The Magic Comes Back, they latent Keldran DNA resurfaces, creating the Chimera.

Twokinds is in a Stable Time Loop

Trace eventually gets corrupted by the dark power in his system and goes back in time on a murdering rampage. This is why he spared Laura when he came across her 5 years ago, because she reminded him of Flora.

The world were the protagonist are is only a part of the whole world

It was mentioned that the humans came from the sea. So, the humans aren't from there. it's maybe just a continent.

  • I agree. Their "world map" should only go halfway around the planet. It's probably a continent the size of Eurasia.
  • Someone has said that Keith, in everything that we have seen in the story and flashback, has seen pretty much the whole world. We can assume that their world is much smaller than ours at least.

Overuse of Black Mana will turn Trace into a keidran

This might just be a bit far-fetched, but look at his hand and tell me that it doesn't look at least SOMEWHAT animal-esque.

related to above. Overuse of Dark Manna will turn Trace into an Undead monster.

Dark manna is more-or-less Necromancy, and The Corruption to boot. Flesh turns black in the end stages of decomposition. We'll probably see the black parts burst and liquefy, then turn ito skeleton bits.

Mike and Evals are going to put Eric in Cement Shoes, and then over the side.

  • The newest chapter is titled "Mutiny!"

Trace's hair and eyes contain natural mana stores.

They're the colour they are because they are pigmented by miniscule mana crystals. It also helps explain his proficiency and power in magic to an extent. When using dark mana, his hair becomes darker as the mana is drained from it, just as with ordinary mana crystals. Like ordinary mana crystals, they can recharge, restoring them to their original colour some time after dark mana use.

Keidran were created by Neutral.

Like in our world, once humans got the ability to use weapons, they quickly became the best predators by far. Neutral does not like one side winning. So to compensate, Neutral took all of the other species that serve as apex predators and gave them all the advantages humans have: human-level intelligence and bipedal form. Either they are less effective at magic because they are physically stronger, or else this happened before humans started using magic as much as they do. This explains why all Keidran are of carnivorous species.

Neutral is actually NOT.

It's actually Lawful Evil, and further evidence will definitely show up later on.

General Alabaster killed Keith's Mother, out of scorned jealousy.

That was not the reaction of someone who thinks his best friend is about to screw up his life. That was the reaction of someone who decided to Murder the Hypotenuse.

Trace won't have to worry about outliving Flora.

Because he's already killing himself with Black Magic. The first time he crossed the line after his first wife Saria was killed, he went absolutely bugfuck nuts not out of grief, but because he tried to use Black Magic to save her. He's used it twice more in defense of Flora, and has already lost the use of his right hand. If he keeps it under control, they'll have a similar lifespan, enough to watch their child(ren?) grow up. If not, Flora is going to end up mourning him.

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