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Major Characters

Trace Legacy

Trace was born into a poor family of farmers, but his talents in magic were quickly recognized and at a young age he was recruited into the Templar. He rose through the ranks and eventually took over the organization as Grand Templar following the death of his first wife. He quickly became known as a tyrant, feared by Humans and Keidran alike. His incredible power allowed him to dominate all those who opposed him. However, his memories were stolen from him, along with his deep-seeded hatred for Keidran. He now travels alongside Flora, a Keidran he befriended in ignorance to the ways he once thought of them. However, his memories are slowly returning, and with them a knowledge of a past he'd rather have remain forgotten.


Flora was born in the southern rainforests of her tribe. However, at the age of three her home was attacked by slave traders. Her parents were killed and she was sold into slavery. Flora was lucky enough to be purchased by a friendly human family, who treated her more like a daughter then a slave. Thus, Flora recalls her days of slavery with an unusual fondness. She has no memory of the day her tribe was attacked Flora eventually was allowed by her human family to return to her people. Due of her knowledge of human nature and language, she was chosen to be a representative of the Tiger Clan and a marriage was arranged between her and a prince of the Wolf Clan. The arrangement fell through, though, when her caravan was attacked. She was saved from the human attackers by Trace, who had just recently lost his memories.

Keith Keiser

Keith was born on the Basidian Islands, a large landmass located near the mainland. His father was a General of the military. His mother was a soldier, just like all Basitins, but she sheltered him from military life for much of his childhood. Like all Basitins, he did eventually join the military at 8 years of age, late for most Basitins. Keith was blamed for his parents death at the age of 13 and banished from the islands. He was ordered not to return until he brought back the Grand Templar.


Natani was forced to live homeless with her brother after her parents and tribe were destroyed by human Templars. She eventually disguised herself as a male and, along with her brother, joined an assassins guild to make ends meet. Due to an accident during an assassination mission, Natani became magically and permanently linked to her brother, and much of her brother's male personality overpowered her own. Though she realizes her body is female, she has convinced herself she is really male.

Minor Characters

Karen Taverndatter

Karen is the hyperactive younger of the Taverndatter sisters. She doesn't care about races or wars or religions. She just enjoys interesting stuff, and if nothing interesting is happening, she tends to cause it. Karen's extra set of Keidran ears were given to her as a curse by Trace, whom she was annoying. The curse backfired, however, when Karen decided she loved the ears and wanted to keep them.

Maren Taverndatter

Maren is the bossy elder of the Taverndatter sisters. She's one of Trace's current "girlfriends," though Trace and her were never seriously involved. They met at her tavern as Trace was passing by during his missions. She knew Trace still loved his wife, who had passed away years before; and she knew she was really just being used by Trace as a momentary distraction. But she stayed with him, nontheless.

Red-Headed Guy

He was one of Trace's friends from the Templar Academy. However, he dropped out after a few years when he showed little magical development. He later joined the local militia of his hometown.


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