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  • Why is Needle's head on fire? In Black, he is cursed, okay, makes sense. According to the very non-canin Twisted Metal 4, he seems to have been transformed by Calypso when he became the star of the competition. What about every other game? The closest thing I can think of for the reboot is that he's hallucinating. But then, why does everyone else see it?


  • Why did Preacher bother cursing Needles? He was being led to the chair, and was going to burn in hell anyway...
    • Bear with me for a second, but perhaps Preacher had the intent to free Needles Kane all along. However, he wanted to give Needles Kane the ultimate pain: the burning scalp as if he was in Hell. Because he's free, Sweet Tooth lives in his own personal hell while everyone else around him stays the same.
      • So essentially, he's in hell, but can still do the things he loves, and bring pain to other people?
    • Given that Preacher was prone to hallucinations, and for example thought he was exorcising a monstrous demon baby when he was only supposed to be baptizing a perfectly ordinary one, there's really no telling what he may have been seeing. He might have thought he saw Sweet Tooth becoming possessed as well, or an angel descending and telling him to place the curse, or Sweet Tooth escaping and trying to make a break for it...who knows?
  • Why is Agent Stone in solitary confinement in a mental institution? He had gone a little crazy during a high stakes operation, and accidentally killed two civilians, something he blames himself for. He is fully repentent, and aside from the contest, shows no violent tendencies.
    • My guess is that he had a massive mental breakdown later, and then walked over to an asylum and said 'room for one, please'.
    • His asylum profile (in the character select screen) says he has suicidal and homicidal tendencies. Not sure where the homicidal tendencies come from but he did try to commit suicide in his middle movie.
  • How does No Face see what he's doing while driving? Or talk while narrating? Or eat, for that matter?
    • Also, how did Dollface manage to stay alive while that thing was on her head?
      • It's really a toss-up between being able to have air tanks or not needing it anymore. My question is why nobody bothered to help them.
    • This is a game series involving a clown whose head is always on fire, and a man whose arms and legs are stuck to a set of wheels at all times. I'm pretty sure Rule of Cool over rides the little details.
    • Plus It's All Just a Dream anyway; Black takes place inside Needles' head. Harbor City was likely going to have the same caveat, if Severed Sam is anything to go by.
  • Outlaw's ending bugs me. I know that Calypso has to screw everybody over, but couldn't they have done it better? For the most part, Calypso screws up wishes because they were phrased poorly, (in 2 when Cpt. Roberts wishes for the body of a 20-year-old, for example. He should have wished for the head, too) and Calypso generally screws people over in a witty or ironic manner. Not so with Agent Stone. Calypso just killed him. Calypso did this by somehow having a terrorist who Agent Stone had shot with an ENTIRE CLIP of rifle ammo suddenly ressurect and kill Agent Stone with a single pistol shot(also, there's the fact that as an expert SWAT sniper, every shot that Stone had fired would likely have been a killshot). That's not cleverly ironic at all. It's just aggravating.
    • There is fan speculation that the person Stone was shooting at was Calypso. Given Calypso's powers that would explain him not dying (and it would also give a reason as to why Calypso tried to talk Stone out of time travel).


  • In Sweet Tooth's story, all we can really assume is he loaded his old ice cream truck with weapons and became a serial killer. His story has nothing to suggest anything more than this, and yet he has his own gang of devoted followers AND the aforementioned ice cream truck can now turn into a giant robot. I think this sort of thing is worth an explanation outside of 'its awesome.'
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