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Fridge Horror

  • In True Blood, all vampire body fluids are blood. Which means that Bill and Sookie's sex scenes are even bloodier than they appear.

Fridge Logic

  • If Daphne was working for Maryann, why did she behave as she did when she waited her table? Why did Maryann respond by acting like she was trying to recruit her ala Tara?
    • Fridge Brilliance: They were both acting the part for Sam, who didn't know that Daphne was Maryann's servant. If Sam had known that Daphne had anything to do with Maryann, he wouldn't have had anything to do with her - see him wigging out at Tara over her interactions with Maryann for proof. And Daphne couldn't do her job as bait if that happened.
  • Not so much as Fridge Logic but an oddity: Vampires came out because of True Blood and True Blood alone. Did no vampire think that they have a responsbility to the rest of the supernaturals that fill up the sink? Or for that matter, if a few humans managed to web-eavesedrop at the debates between vampires, how did other supernaturals not find out or do something about it? Vampires getting exposed would put the rest in risk.
    • Similarly, werewolves have an easier time living like humans. Just buy lots of meat and go camping every full moon. If they prefer staying hidden, which vampire's bright idea was it to come out into the open just because they can now buy their food?
      • The show frequently hints at the "Great Reveal" being part of some larger plot by the Authority, True Blood is just the public explaination they give for why they "came out of the coffin."
      • Vampires also don't seem to think much of all the other supernaturals especially were wolves (at least the ones that are in positions of power don't), I doubt they would make important decisions with consideration to the well being of those whom they consider their inferiors.
  • In Season 1 and Season 2, Bill drinks Sookie's blood all the time, and a few other vamps get in on the action as well, but none of them ever visit a magical fairy land afterwards until Season 3. Um, why?
    • Totally justified, Sookie goes into a coma from severe blood loss, no other vampire had consumed as much of her blood as Bill did that time.
      • Then why doesn't Eric go into Faerie land when he drained Sookie's fairy godmother?
        • He "spent" it all being in the sun, so by the time he went under the ground that day he had no Faerie magic left to dream his way there.
        • He did act drunk.
  • It's apparently illegal to disobey the orders of your vampire monarch, but it's also illegal to rat them out to the authorities if they're breaking the law. So if your King or Queen tells you to, say, sell vampire blood on the sly, there's literally nothing you can do that won't get you killed. Although this may actually be Fridge Brilliance if you consider that this is a system that encourages backstabbing and shady dealings, which is what you would expect from a society of vampires.
    • It's supposed to be sort of a joke about how flawed most government beurocracies are. The Authority mistakenly relies on the vampire monarches being more loyal to them than the underlings of those monarches and having more respect for the Feudal structure of the vampire political world.
    • It's also a Feudal System and anyone who's ever studied the history of Feudal Systems can tell you that they were usually pretty screwed up.
  • Telepathy is all but implicitly stated to be a fairy trait (as shown when Lorena feeds from Barry and mentions how good he tastes) and therefore that means that what made Sookie immune to Maryann's influence was solely her being part fairy. Therefore, why (aside from avoiding a whole can of worms where he finds out about Sam being a shifter) can Maryann control Jason when he has the exact same percentage of fairy lineage?
    • Because not everyone who is descendant from a fairy inherits the fairy traits. Sookie has Telepathy, immunity, and lasers. Jason does not.
      • It can be assumed that Jason did inherit one trait, that being the fact that women flock to him... Regardless (and this is an error in the books as well), he should technically be more fae-like than his sister, given the fact that they got the traits from a male ancestor, and the entire thing was patrilineal.
        • In the books at least the mind reading power is from a demon ancestor. Which doesn't really explain Barry in the show.
        • The show and book are too different canons, which should be quite clear by now. In the books, the telepathy is daemonic, in the how its clearly from the Fae. Also, two things: there's nothing even remotely implying that the inheritance of faerie traits is male-exclusive, so its perfectly possible that Sookie got some and Jason didn't; secondly, Jason being a man-whore does not a fairy make.
  • What happens if a vampire accidentally gets a splinter?
    • I'm guessing nothing since I have yet to get a splinter in my heart. Which if I recall is where all the staked vampires have been, well, staked.
  • In Season 1, Sookie drinks a large amount of Bill's blood. Vampire blood is shown in the show to be a very potent hallucinogenic. Why wasn't Sookie flying high after that?
    • Maybe its something to do with Sookie being nearly dead, as opposed to overdosing in a healthy physical state?
  • Several times, in seasons 3 and 4, Bill has used his blood to heal fresh fang marks on a human who has been bitten (at least once for Sookie and more recently for the British bartender in the flashback, which shows that he's used this technique for years) simply by pricking his finger on one of his fangs and dabbing the blood on the wounds. This seems to heal the bite completely without leaving a mark. So why didn't he do this the first time he fed on Sookie, instead of leaving fang marks to horrify her already-worried friends and coworkers? Sookie had already drunk his blood and knew about its healing properties, so healing the bite wouldn't have revealed any additional vampire secrets. Even if he thought he needed a bite mark to support the claim that she was "his", he could have at least chosen a less conspicuous placement.
    • It seemed to me that they both wanted to make the point that they weren't ashamed of their relationship and weren't going to go out of their way to hide it.
    • Plus, he bit her in the heat of passion, you're not usually thinking practically during such times.
  • Some vampire had to try out True Blood to make sure it worked. Who was this vampire? Did they volunteer, or was it forced? Whose idea was it to try?
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