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Need a good voice for a Jerkass? Hire this guy.

Troy Baker is a voice actor from Texas whose forte seems to be playing assholes, be they heroic or villainous. On the other hand, though, he's also good at playing comedic characters, even though some of them just might end up being the former when provoked.

Recently he has been doing voiceover work in California and with this change his forte has switched to playing Magnificent Bastards. If he voices a character like this, expect a character voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch to oppose him. Also seems to like playing a Fake Brit, generally either the Evil Brit or The Mean Brit [1]

Notable roles from Troy Baker

Tropes Associated With Troy Baker


  1. Kazkis Proxy and Schneizel have that Ambiguously Gay Evil Brit thing going for them; November 11 and Excalibur are actually supposed to be British and have aspects of The Mean Brit.
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