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If Four-Leaf faked the whole thing, how were two other books on the incident produced? Wouldn't the real survivors call him on it?

  • Not if they were a band of fakes. Or if he also made up that whole opening.
    • An in-universe documentary short seems to confirm this.
    • Then, that means that the real Lincoln Osiris had faked his book as well. Kirk was playing a dude who was a fake dude.
  • Actually, it seemed like Four-Leaf wasn't faking the story, but faking being Four-Leaf. I seem to remember him mentioning something about being a huge fan of the real Four-Leaf.
    • Also, how do made up people complain? Unless you were directly involved with the events how would you know if they were real or not? If they aren't made up the veterans aren't very likely to still be around and kicking. My own father was only 60 years old when he died due to complications from agent orange exposure from when he was in Vietnam, for example.
  • The script suggests that Four-Leaf had done it as a tribute to the actual Tropic thunder team, who had all died. (That script had him as a janitor in the Pentagon.)

How could Speedman win an Oscar for his performance ? Isn't "Tropic Blunder" a documentary ?

  • It's stated that he could still win it for used footage of the original Tropic Thunder... something like that on IMDB.
  • Also, it's entirely possible that Grossman used his position to "influence" the Academy.

Why, in a movie that brilliantly parodies Hollywood's handling of racial stereotypes and turns crude tropes like blackface, Uncle Tomfoolery and Stop Being Stereotypical into complex, incisive comedy, did they decide that "aging white Jew dances to hip-hop" was too hilarious an idea not to use?

  • Because it's Tom Cruise.
  • Other than the name "Grossman", Tom Cruise's character isn't overtly Jewish, it could just be no one considered the Unfortunate Implications of the name and anti-Semitic stereotypes. When you consider Ben Stiller's father is Jewish and he considers himself to be "half-Jewish" it appears unlikely it was an actual anti-Semitic statement.

In Rain of Madness, the Mockumentary, it showed that the Tropic Thunder gang had never returned from Vietnam and yet we know for a fact that they did. I am confused.

  • Euhm Nick Nolte was lying and hiding in Canada for the duration of the vietnam war.He then lied about his whereabouts and wrote a book about it. Some director read the book and tried to make a movie about it. What is confusing?
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