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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Trigun, this troper was confused when Wolfwood killed the samurai member of the Gung-Ho Guns, he (the samurai) would have helped them, given that because he failed to kill Vash, that he would be killed. After a second watch of the series, this troper realized That since wolfwood was under the order of Knives to follow Vash, it was probably also in his order to kill failures. ~Foxy Proxy

Fridge Horror

  • In "Trigun", when the major antagonist, Legato Bluesummers, is introduced, he tells Vash that he has a bag that contains a lesson from him. A woman then runs into the square and says that her husband is dead. It's heavily implied that Legato has the man's head in the bag. It becomes even more disturbing when you realize he was eating a hot dog out of the same bag. He also fed another hot dog from that very same bag to a little girl. Just where did Legato get those hot dogs?
    • The anime is even freakier because the woman's husband isn't dead... but, as she keeps wailing, "he won't talk to her". Implying that Legato tore a living man's tongue out and stuffed it in a hotdog bun just so he would have something to snack on when he went to see Vash.
  • Near the end of the manga, it is mentioned that most of the towns have been destroyed by the ark and many did not survive. Lina and the old woman that took Vash in as Eriks may have been among those people that didn't survive.
    • Actually, Lina and the old woman are shown to be alive and watching Milly and Meryl's TV broadcast in the last chapter.
  • Probably not fridge horror, more like "fridge sadness", but in the manga Vash is very unfazed by Wolfwood's death. Vash has lived for almost two centuries on a planet where death is a common occurrence. The reason why he's unfazed might be because he probably has seen many friends come and go throughout his life, and has learned to handle it better because he knows with his long life span on such a deadly planet, the death of those close to him will be a common occurrence, so to him, Wolfwood was just another dead friend.
    • Vash is actually very much affected by Wolfwood's death. He uses his Angle Arm, which shortens his lifespan every time he fires it, to blast a hole in the Ark as it floats by so Knives could see that Wolfwood had died.
  • At the end of the anime, Vash "disables" Knives by shooting him in the joints, bandages his wounds, and starts the long trek to civilisation again, clearly hoping to finally "civilise" his brother. The thing is... Knives is not only a fanatical Omnicidal Maniac, he presumably has the same Psychic Powers that Vash's grafted arm gave to Legato. Powers which we see on screen as being powerful enough to make people kill each other in the most horrific ways. Just what is Knives going to do when he wakes up, crippled physically, in full possession of his psychic powers and surrounded by innocent human beings?
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