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What's amazing with shoes is the stuff you can put on and in them. Included are retractable and attachable items. Alternatively, they can be magical or run on Applied Phlebotinum.

Can overlap with Nice Shoes (if the shoes are pimped out enough), Shoe Phone (if the item is actually a shoe).

Compare Jet Pack (which covers Rocket Boots), Tricked-Out Gloves, Armed Legs, Shoe Slap.

Examples of Tricked-Out Shoes include:

Anime and Manga

  • Air Gear has the Wind having ATs that retract leaving them with normal looking shoes when they aren't in use.
  • Conan of Case Closed has shoes that deliver an electric current through his legs. This greatly enhances his kicking ability.
  • Daimos: Daimos had rockets on its feet AND retractable spikes to simultanesouly kick and stab Robeasts with.
  • Mazinger Z: In episode 18, Mazinger-Z's feet got modified to include rockets allowed the Humongous Mecha move underwater.
  • Mega Man NT Warrior: Lan could attach wheels to his shoes to make them Rollerblade Good.

Comic Books

  • Occasional X-Men member Dazzler has been known to have skates that stuck to her shoes.
  • Iron Man has also had skates added to his armor.
    • Oh, and jet boosters, too.
  • Chase Stein has recently obtained the Footstigons, which like his previously owned Fistigons shoots flames. He uses them to fly.
  • The Spider-Man villain Mysterio has used magnetic boots in order to mimic Spidey's wall-crawling.


  • Batman and Robin has the infamous "Batman on Ice" scene.
    • The more popular Batman movie Batman Begins has a brief scene in which Bats removes a sonar-device from the heel of his boot and uses it to attract hundreds of bats to his location, distracting a SWAT team.
    • In The Dark Knight, the Joker has a blade hidden in the tip of his shoe as a Shout-Out to the James Bond flick mentioned below.
  • Jade Fox in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has a spring-loaded shoe-knife.
  • In From Russia with Love, Spectre agents develop a weapon that fits a hidden, retractable poison blade into the sole of a shoe, to give it a "nastier kick".
  • LA Story: Harris K. Telemacher has a pair of shoes with roller skate wheels that pop out when he presses a button. He uses them to skate through an art museum.
  • Undercover Brother. The title character had two pairs: one was elevator shoes with extendable heels that raised him into the air, the other had an extendable CD drive/cellular modem in the heel that he used to send data to the BROTHERHOOD.
  • In the Wild Wild West film, the Gadgeteer Genius Gordon modifies one of Jim West's shoes with a switchblade. He never gets to use it, though, as it gets cut off by a guy with blades in his arms.
    • He does use it at one point during the fight on Loveless's train to kill a man strangling him from behind.
  • In the Street Fighter film, Bison wears boots that allow him to levitate. How this works is never explained, but this is the least of the movie's problems.
  • Marty McFly's self-tying Nikes in Back to The Future Part 2.
    • Which have now been made for real (except for the self-tying part) and are being auctioned off to support Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's Charity.
  • The Goonies: Data and his Slick Shoes.


Live Action TV


  • Older Than Feudalism: The Greek god Hermes is depicted in artwork wearing winged sandals, which actually let him fly.

Real Life

  • Many early roller skates were designed to be carried in a backpack until needed, and then tied by ropes to the user's shoes.
    • Also skis, snowboards, skysurfing boards, snowshoes, and of course, the overshoe.
    • There have also been attempts to build a shoe with hidden wheels that pop out.
    • Skate shoes, including models that combine Grind Boots.

Tabletop Games

  • One of the original gadgets in the James Bond 007 Roleplaying Game was the shoe escape kit.


Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation

  Tony: They're not skates! They're racers.

  • Inspector Gadget: though, in his case, the gadgets actually do pop out from the bottoms of his feet.
  • In Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Flint's first invention is spray-on shoes, which solves the dilemma of having to tie your laces. Unfortunately, they don't come off. Ever.
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