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  • In the first film, Melvin pretending a severed snake-tongue is strangling him.
  • Later, Melvin scaring Earl with a basketball.
  • "I feel I was denied critical, NEED TO KNOW, information!"
    • "I am completely out of ammo." baffled pause "That's never happened to me before.."
  • "We killed it... we killed it! FUUUCCCKKKK YOOUUUU!!!! FUCK YOU!"
  • Really, the banter between Earl and Val just makes the entire first movie:

 "I ask you, is this a job for an intelligent man?"

"I dunno. Show me one and I'll ask him."

 "See you later Chang, we've got a schedule to keep."

"Yeah, we plan ahead, that way we don't do anything right now. Earl explained it to me!"

 "Dammit, Val, listen to me, I'm older and I'm wiser!

"Yeah well, you're half right."

 "Hey, Rhonda, you ever hear about anything like this before?"

"Oh, sure, Earl, everybody knows about 'em, we just didn't tell you!"

 "No way they can outrun the horses."

"Shit for all you know they can fly."

 "Well I'm a victim of circumstance."

"Thought you called it your pecker."

  • "Hey, Melvin, wanna make a buck?"
  • In the third film, Burt, under the assumption that eating makes Ass-blasters reproduce like Shriekers, blow up his compound to keep one from getting into the food supply. Just as the explosion dies down, he finds out that eating makes Ass-blasters comatose. His reaction is what sells it.

 Burt: What sort of supreme being could condone such irony?

  • The final scene in the third film when Burt leaves Melvin on a short rock. Melvin Cursing him even through the credits makes it even funnier.
  • In the fourth film, when confronted by the Graboids Hiram pulls out his chosen weapon...a tiny .22 pea-shooter.

 Hiram: Well you told me to find something I was comfortable with!

Black Hand Kelly: (in disbelief) It's true. I did say that.

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