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  • Doppler trying to convince the robot cops to let Jim go:

 Doppler: Excuse me, uh, officers? Perhaps I can be of assistance. I am the famous Doctor Delbert Doppler. Perhaps you heard of me? (Uncomfortable Beat) No? I do have a clipping...

Cyborg Cop: Are you the boy's father?

(Both Doppler and Mrs. Hawkins react very squickily to the suggestion)

Mrs. Hawkins: He's just an old friend of the family.

Cyborg Cops (In a unison, booming voice): BACK OFF, SIR!

(Doppler winces in reaction)

  • Jim's confrontation with Scroop.

 Scroop: Maybe your ears don't work so well.

Jim: (squicks) Yeah. Too bad my nose works just fine.

  • And the priceless scene between Doppler and Amelia after Doppler strikes his target perfectly with his gun.

 Amelia: Did you actually aim for that?

Doppler: You know actually I did?

  • "Dangit, Jim, I'm an astronomer, not a doctor! I mean, I am a doctor, but I'm Not That Kind of Doctor, I have a doctorate, it's not the same thing, you can't help people with a doctorate, you just sit there and you're useless!"
    • Made even funnier in the Latin American dub. For some reason, the accent in which he says "You are useless" makes me laugh anytime.
  • Morph imitating Captain Amelia in a high-pitched voice, when she says "Spaceport floozies", adding in a sort of hip-wiggling movement.
  • Jim chasing Morph. This one's sorta debatable, considering the two scenes this one is set in between. But if you watch it in freeze-frame (aka repeatedly pausing), just try not to laugh at Jim's flying pounce.
    • And in the beginning of the same scene, Morph--who is now in the form of one of Jim's rough-terrain boots--winding himself up and literally kicking poor Jim's butt. Not even Jim himself could keep a straight face.
    • And then the little Whack-a-Mole game Jim does when Morph pops out of the grate as a miniature head of Jim saying, "You little squid!"
  • "Spider-psycho! Spider-psycho!"
    • "A little uglier." "Nyahahaha!" "Pretty close."
  • "I am not leaving my buddy, Jim!" (One Death Glare later) "...unless he looks at me like that. Uh. BYE, JIM!"
  • "All my life, I've been waiting for an opportunity like this, and here it is, screaming: Go Delbert! Go Delbert!"
    • That part was actually improvised by David Hyde-Pierce.
  • A deleted line, when Jim's mother talks about how she had always dreamed of Jim opening the door with an animal he found, begging her to let him keep it. Then, the doctor opens the door to reveal Jim carrying a wounded Billy Bones.

 Dilbert: In the dream, was the pet dead?

  • "Disable a few laser cannons, what is the big deal? All we gotta do is find out one little wire- *cue tangle of wires* Oh, mama..."
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