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More! You cannot stop the oncoming storm! So many lines! It's like Studio 54 there's so many lines going on! You see that? Bam! Right there! Pieces locked in perfectly! I am perfect and flawless like an AI! Look at that! Logically-placed! Thinking of the future! A solid strategy! I'm talking shit with Tetris! You got nothing! Man, I'll play this in a park and I'll take your money! What's this? Uh! Drop a line! I don't even need to see where it goes! I know! I just know where it'll fall! BAM! Trash talking' chess! You got nothing! What, what? This is MY house! MY immaculately-constructed house! Blocks are going everywhere, lookithat, drop right down! I’m keepin' even lines, no holes! No holes, unlike Your Mom! BURN! Lookithat drop, oh, oh, oh, oh, BAM! You gonna let me talk to you like that? Yeah you are, because you’re my BITCH! My Tetris bitch!
pipes!, Freelance Astronaut, during Tetris multiplayer
Wow, it's almost like I'm a seasoned warrior and you two are glorified pickpockets! Imagine that!

I haven't had a fight this easy since Grandma rescued that feral kitten. Don't feel bad though, Fluffyluffykins was pretty tough for a four-week-old.

Hm, you guys would make good practice for my little sister. Actually...nah. Five-year-olds tend to get bored quickly when there's no challenge for 'em, you know?

Hm?...Oh sorry, must've dozed off. Your fighting style will do that to a girl, y'know?
Player character, Dead Metal
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