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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Transformers.

Please help to sort WMG's into their proper folder if possible. Be aware WMGs under "I Knew It" may lead to spoilers.

Past Plot Speculation

Speculation on future ep plots

  • Sick Mind: "When Optimus is infected by a Decepticon plague, Arcee and Bumblebee sneak aboard the Nemesis to find a cure." The plague will be devised by Airachnid to further her connections to Tarantulas and Blackarachnia. Also there will be a reference to the BW episode Gorilla Warfare.
    • Jossed. No Airachnid or Berserker Optimus.
  • Out Of His Head: "Megatron controls Bumblebee from inside his mind and influences his behavior at HQ." Bee will become taken over by Megatron in an attempt to complete an Evil Plan that restores him to life and kills Starscream.
    • Well he's back, but it looks like Starscream's in for something far worse than death.
  • Shadowzone: "After a Ground Bridge failure, the kids are flung into another dimension with a reanimated Skyquake." This will be how the writers get Skyquake back into the show without breaking their "When we kill someone it's for real" doctrine. Also the kids will meet an alternate universe Cliffjumper that isn't dead.
    • To expand on the last one: the alternate universe the kids go to will either be A) a universe where the Decepticons are triumphant and the Autobots are all but destroyed; or B) a universe where the heroic Decepticons battle the evil Autobots- AKA, Shattered Glass.
      • Jossed.

Megatron, following "Rock Bottom", will give Starscream ONE last chance to redeem himself...

...By infiltrating the Autobots. This would set up the supposed "defection" alluded to in the summary for "Partners", while also ensuring that Starscream remains evil, since he still does not seem nearly enough of a good guy to pull a true Heel Face Turn.

  • Very likely. For one, Arcee probably wouldn't welcome the very bot who killed Cliffjumper.
    • Jossed. Starscream really did want to change sides, due to knowing his days amongst the Decepticons were numbered, but when Arcee found out he was responsible for Cliffjumper's death, she tried to kill him, which convinced him to abandon both sides in the war.
      • Though Starscream would most likely have been a Token Evil Teammate if the Autobots accepted him. He wanted to defect for selfish reasons.

Future Plot Speculations

A later plot device will be Cliffjumper's body.

He'll either come back to life somehow or at the very least his body will be important in some way later. Because otherwise he had no importance in the series.

Dark Energon will be central to the plot.

It's a pretty logical inference to make, given the prominence of the material in War for Cybertron and Exodus, both of which are said to be prequels to Prime. Also, the Hubworld site gives a tantalising hint about Megatron wielding a "rare element" that grants him "control over life itself". Furthermore, the information about the show's premiere not only mentions this "element" once more, but says that the first episode is called "Darkness Rising". Perhaps he even intends to infect Earth's core with it the same way he did with Cybertron's...

    • Seems so.

Sierra will learn of the Autobots and Decepticons.

She was curious that Jack was never around after school. Even though she was taken back at the thought he had a motorcycle girlfriend, she becomes too anxious to just ignore the fact that he's involved in something.

Knock Out will defect and join Starscream.

Let's look at the "evidence" shall we?

  • Knock Out has allied with Starscream before, up to the point where, if not for the Autobots, Megatron would likely have died in sickbay, or still be vegetative.
  • Knock Out is getting the Starscream treatment from Megatron - prove your usefulness or end up in the scrapheap.
  • Knock Out gets the gets the task of fixing Soundwave's visor, which is only fractured, as opposed to himself who stopped a train with his face.. he would REALLY rather go and get his own finish repaired and his wheel replaced.
  • Joining the Autobots is a no-go. They're the cause of said damaged paintjob.
  • Starscream needs someone to perform the T-cog insertion, seeing how he lacks the nerves to do it himself (Don't blame him, self surgery is fearsome for a lot of people.)
  • What would spark said defection? How about Starscream showing up in nigh-invulnerable armor?
    • Why would Starscream accept aid, being night-invulnerable and all? well.. he's short on energon.. and guess who possesses a sample of Synthetic Energon to analyze and produce?

Character Speculations

== The Nemesis is Trypticon. ==  Just putting it out there. After all, this was the case at the end of Exodus, plus it would make a nice little parallel to the Autobot ship in Animated having been Omega Supreme all along.

  • Well in the five part finale we did see it straight on and I could have sworn it had a face...

== Bumblebee communicates via a complicated Morse code. ==  When you listen closely you can hear that there is a difference in his beeps and that he has different lengths for them and pauses between the beeps. Rafael can understand him because he knows Morse.

  • Alternatively, he speaks in some form of Binary, which a computer whiz like Raf is just as likely to know. 

"The Horns" are Cliffjumper's guns.

As opposed to the obvious. Watch his fight in the first episode - after he says "You want the horns? You got 'em!", he pulls out the guns and starts shooting.

Soundwave is only semi-sentient

It explains why he never gets in trouble for the 'Cons screwing up, or for Screamer's botched plan in Darkness Rising; he will go along with anything if you can convince him it's in Megs' best interest (like Starscream does in Darkness Rising Part 3.). It will also explain why he's the only DECEPTicon who's, you know, actually loyal to Megatron.

  • Eh, I'm not so sure. I think he never gets in trouble because he's actually competent, without any obvious ego troubles. Plus, I got the impression that he wasn't actually involved in Starscream's, er, "side projects". 
  • Other things stories the same continuity seem to suggest otherwise, as it's difficult to argue that Soundwave isn't sentient in War for Cybertron, or the two novels that expand on the story.
  • It's debatable that's he's the only one who's loyal. A majority vote by the crew opted to try and revive Megatron, Skyquake refused to follow anyone else, and the only Decepticon other than Starscream who's tried to overthrow him so far is Airachnid. Knock Out went along with Starscream's plans, but once Megs was up and walking he seems happy enough to go back to his old job. Though most of the 'Cons could be acting out of fear (especially of Soundwave), it's possible that they, too, feel some degree of loyalty.
  • Perhaps a large part of it is that most are actually loyal to (or fearful of) Soundwave and not whoever happens to be the leader of the time being because he's effectively a one-man secret police (he's like Batman!). And since Soundwave is loyal (or at least, has decided to support) Megatron, everyone else does too. It may also be that he's Genre Savvy enough to realize that being the leader of the Decepticons means always having to watch your back... but being the trusted intelligence officer of whoever the strongest leader is means you have a lot of control with far less concern about someone trying to kill you.

Shockwave, if he shows up, will be a better Starscream than the Trope Namer

Especially if he can sabotage Megatron without us OR SOUNDWAVE finding out.

Soundwave will say an inferior/superior thing, or anything else he's ever said that went through Memetic Mutation

Soundwave is the biggest Complete Monster we will ever see

Even MEGATRON couldn't get away with killing a human on screen.

  • While there's a common theory that some of the slumped-over humans in the background of one episode had been killed by him, they could as easily have been knocked out. In either case, it never happened on-screen. Still doesn't eliminate the Complete Monster potential, to be fair.

Meta Guesses

Dark Energon in the pilot is different from War for Cybertron

In the same vein as 'raw' and processed energon in Beast Wars. In War for Cybertron, a bit deal is made over manufacturing dark energon (which they presumably can no longer do, since Cybertron is essentially in stasis.) So it was synthetic, potentially based off a sample of raw dark energon and the stuff in the pilot is real deal.

Hence why Starscream and Megatron refer to it as a legend: It's been so long since the creation of the artificial version that no one remembers the precise details on the raw version.

Further WMG: The manufactured version was designed to be safer, which would explain the lack of undead during War for Cybertron. Considering that the manufactured Dark Energon blew a huge chunk out of Trypticon, this is rather telling.

  • Further evidence: T.M.I introduces a formula for Synthetic Energon, which Ratchet uses to recreate Synthetic Energon in Faster, Stronger. It was incomplete, and Ratchet's attempt to complete the formula created a Psycho Serum. This shows that manufactured Energon, regular or dark, can have different properties than the real deal.

Frank Welker is impersonating Megatron.

He never specified who he was when he said "I have returned.", the Decepticons just have no problems with this.


Megatron created Unicron when he threw the dark energon into Cybertron

Just because Unicron's in this universe doesn't mean he has physical form. Likewise, Cybertron might not be Primus, either.

  • Earth is Primus.
  • This largely depends on just how broad the Broad Strokes Transformers: War for Cybertron is being taken in. In the game, Dark Energon already infected Primus' core, and the Transformers had to evacuate in the first place because the planet's going to be uninhabitable while he purges the stuff. If taken any degree of directly, adding more dark energon to the top layer will add a few centuries to the cleaning cycle, tops- if he could handle a burst to the core, which he's already had millenia to deal with, a load to the skin won't do much damage to Primus, though it'll do a doozy to the Transformer corpses on his skin. 
    • So very, very Jossed as of "One Shall Rise": Primus is confirmed to be the core of Cybertron, and Earth formed around Unicron. Let me repeat that: Unicron is the Earth's core.

Prowl and Barricade will be the stars of the episode "Partners"

BECAUSE IT WOULD BE EPIC. That and they both have been designed in TFP-style, as seen at Botcon 2011. 

Roadbuster will appear in the show

And Agent Fowler shall drive him.

  • Jossed. In "Loose Cannons", Wheeljack counts him among the dead Wreckers.

By the end of the first season...

  • MECH will be responsible for the death of an Autobot (not necessarily in the Big Five, though).
  • Starscream will have a fate that borders on And I Must Scream.
  • Some big things will be revealed about the humans, most particularly Raf.
  • More Nightmare Fuel.
    • All Jossed, save for the last one.

Breakdown will undergo a Heel Face Turn or at the very least will leave the Decepticons

Operation Breakdown teases this a little; not only does Bulkhead end up saving Breakdown from MECH, but Breakdown then returns the favour by saving Bulkhead from Silas' cannon blast. When Starscream shows up and orders Breakdown to destroy Bulkhead, Breakdown does protest, at least initially, because Bulkhead DID save his life. Having fallen out of favour with Megatron for being captured by humans, and frustrated by Starscream's attempts to use him, Breakdown will eventually get fed up and leave the Decepticons, paving the way for him to end up joining the Autobots. Optimus would allow him to join Team Prime in an effort to rehabilitate him, though he definitely won't be trusted and won't be a 'good guy', at least initially. He just wants to get payback on the Decepticons.

  • If he does join Team Prime, he will receive Vince [1] as a pet human.
    • Alternatively, he'll die repaying his debt to Bulkhead, but still believing himself a Decepticon.
    • Breakdown seems to be one of the nicer Decepticons. He's seen chatting with a drone in "Stronger, Faster" and offers support to the worker drone (really Agent Fowler) in "Orion Pax, Part 2". Plus, as stated earlier, Breakdown has his own sense of honor. If any 'Con would switch sides, it'd be him.
      • Jossed hard. He gets sliced up by Airachnid.

Starscream will transform into an Expy of Dinobot.

Going with the above theory and assuming that the summary for "Partners" is legit, Starscream will have a Heel Face Turn. Then he will try to usurp Optimus as leader of the Autobots, just like Dinobot did to Primal. Naturally he'll fail, but become the Token Evil Teammate of Team Prime.

  • Jossed, at least for now. After "Partners", Starscream is explicitly on his own side.

Dreadwing will turn out to be working with Starscream in Triangulation.

The summary says that Optimus Prime will be caught between shifting alliances, and in the promo Starscream says "Let us reclaim what is rightfully ours".

  • Does this mean Dreadwing's Undying Loyalty is all a mask or this is an Enemy Mine?
    • Undying Loyalty to Megatron being a mask is what I aimed for.
      • Presumably, this would make his true loyalty to the Seekers, embodied in Starscream?
        • Yes it would.
  • Going by the leaked clip of the episode seen here, this seems to be jossed.

Starscream will be crippled in Armada.

While it would cut a promising storyline short to kill him, Bulkhead is shown beating him half to death. What's to stop them from making him fall even further down the food chain, so to speak?

  • Jossed. Bulkhead pummeled a clone of Screamer.

Who will die in Armada?

Just look at the preview. Something big is going to happen in that episode.

  • Airachnid.
  • All but one Vehicon who's designation is ST-3V3 as a Fandom Nod.
  • Jossed. Airachnid's in stasis, and there are at least two Vehicons left (though plenty were killed, but that can apply to any episode). All of Starscream's clones were killed off, though.

Optimus Prime is Nemesis Prime.

Why? Well, just because we will explicitly be led to believe that this is not the case. It would be the biggest psych out if it actually was. This is also why Wheeljack was brought in. He keeps the Autobot numbers at five and gives the chance for him to call in Ultra Magnus when the leadership vacuum opens.

  • I dunno. If you watch closely, Nemesis Prime in the teasers has a very dingy, rough-around-the-edges look (like he was assembled from scrap and spare parts by humans, say?), has yellow optics (like Breakdown), and his gun fires orange instead of blue. Barring a landslide burial and another bump on the head, we're probably safe on that count. Besides, think of the possibilities...
  • But then again, the new trailer shows Optimus getting attacked by MECH while alone. Also, the Autobots should be able to tell if Nemesis isn't him just by his energon signiture. Plus, if they have Breakdown's parts wouldn't it easier to fix a car then make one?
    • Jossed.

"Armada" will shatter the masquerade.

The preview for "Armada" features a massive force of Insecticons attacking the Nemesis, which is seen crashing into the ground. If the Decepticons can't repair it, that's going to be a massive blow to them, as they'll either need to hunker down in the wreckage or attempt to finda new base of operations; it's likely someone will notice it. Additionally, the scale of the battle is much larger than the Autobot-Decepticon fights we've previously seen; there's hundreds, if not thousands of Insecticons.

  • The description for the next episode, "Flying Mind", says the Nemesis "threatens humanity", so you may be on to something. (On the other hand, said threat could be that the masquerade would break. These days, who can tell?)
  • Jossed.

The Insecticon in "Crossfire" will be cannibalised by MECH for parts.

Starscream will capture the Insecticon for MECH so they can use its parts to complete Project Chimaera. Which will become Nemesis Prime.

  • Jossed on the Starscream part at least, seeing as MECH turned on him.
    • If anything at this point, Starscream will probably end up salvaging a new T-Cog for himself from the Insecticon.
      • How would he install it? 
        • If he's really lucky, Breakdown will talk Knock Out into it as repayment for Starscream's attempted rescue of him in "Operation: Breakdown."
    • Jossed. MECH ends up using what's left of Breakdown, having been savagely cut to pieces by Airachid instead.

Vector Sigma won't restore Optimus's memories

Rather, it will be coordinates to the next round of Mac Guffins. Specifically, those 3 points that Orion Pax unearthed in his work on Project Iacon. The rest of season two will be all about the Autobots trying to seize those points from the 'Cons, who are already 1 step ahead of them. At the end of the season, they will use all the Mac Guffins together to finally restore the Prime to Pax, ending the season triumphant though on a somber note since Prime is left shellshocked.

  • I don't ... but that would ... argh.
  • Wouldn't that mean that Orion could potentially be left on the Nemesis with Megatron?
    • Pretty sure he'll get away, regardless. My guess: Megatron goes to the spacebridge and leaves his groundbridge portal open during the fight. Orion follows him through, then goes back with the Autobots through their portal. Whether his memories have been restored by that point is up for grabs. 
    • Or maybe Vector Sigma will load Optimus' memories into the key and they have to return the key to Optimus to restore him memories. Then they can close or keep the story open depening on if the Autobots can get to Orion or if he stays captured on the Nemesis. This way the Autobots can still use the key to ask Optimus for advice, but not have him back per say.
  • Jossed, as it did help to restore his memories.

When Optimus is brought back to the Autobots in the Season opening, he will keep his Decepticon symbol for a while.

This will lead to wacky hijinks when other Autobots come to Earth.

  • More importantly, he wants to keep it as a constant reminder of what he once was/almost became/what he must do to finish the war for good. Other Autobots will be disgusted at his willingness to wear the symbol of their enemy, but Optimus will be adamant that it's an important reminder of what he unleashed by being willing to work with Megatronus, and accidentally his rage filled war on cybertron.
  • Jossed.

The new Autobot in "Loose Cannons" will be Prowl, and the Decepticon he's after is Barricade.

Somewhat wishful thinking, I know, but it makes some sense, plus it would put those character designs for both of them to good use.

  • Jossed; it was Wheeljack and Dreadwing. 

And if it's not them, it'll be Ironhide chasing Dreadwing.

Cannons. Think about it, hero. And as for Dreadwing, we know he's supposed to play a big part in this season, so this seems like a logical place for him to enter the story.

    • Related to this theory, the legendary Autobot isn't Ironhide (who, assuming the creators weren't lying when they said there were no immediate plans to use Ironhide), it's Kup; Hasbro has just revealed Kup is getting a toy in the Prime line. And he's a remould of Ironhide's toy, hence, he has giant cannons. Kup would certainly fit as a "legendary Autobot" and if something's wrong with him, that could be a nod to his IDW incarnation...
      • Jossed; Wheeljack returns instead. Still, the existence of the toys means there's still some hope...

I Knew It

Cliffjumper will die in the pilot.

This was brought up on a couple of Transformers forums in recent days. The logic behind it is that since he's voiced by a celebrity (the Rock), and does not show up in all of the promotional material (missing from some group shots, has no profile on the Hubworld site), they may be setting him up as a special "guest" character who will make a big appearance in the "Darkness Rising" miniseries, and go out in the end with a Heroic Sacrifice

  • Or he lives and becomes a part timer.
  • Confirmed, minus the sacrifice part, for now at least. Fate is cruel,'s hoping he can come back somehow.

Jack's mom will find out about Arcee.

Because the two of them gossiping about Jack would a combination of adorable and hilarious.

  • Confirmed, courtesy of MECH. Here's hoping for gossiping to commence in the next episode.

The reason there was little to no security at the Texas center is because Soundwave killed them all.

Because I can't think of any other reason.

  • All but confirmed, albeit subtly. Check this out. 
    • How'd that get past the censors?
      • Because it wouldn't be too hard to say that he's just unconscious if anyone freaks?

Megatron will put Dark Energon in the Nemesis.

And it will cause some "interesting" reactions to the system. In particular, it will cause the warship to become semi-sentient.

  • Considering that the Nemesis is supposedly the deactivated form of Trypticon, it would be less "become semi-sentient" and more "reanimate his corpse".
  • Confirmed.

Shockwave will show up.

He's the Big Bad of Dark of the Moon, so it would be stupid to not put ol' one-eye in there.

Airachnid will usurp Starscream as The Starscream.

She's made it clear that she doesn't "like to share" with the other Deceptacons. Now that she's been pressed into service for Megatron she could try to take over. She'll do a better job than the Trope Namer, prompting Starscream to reconsider his position in the Decepticons. The summary for "Partners" claims that Starscream will want to become an Autobot, and Airachnid stealing his Personal Trope could be the reason for the decision.]

  • Now that Starscream has declared his neutrality and Airachnid pinned the blame on him, this seems more likely than ever.
  • Almost confirmed! As of "One Shall Rise, Part 2", upon Megatron's leave to find Unicron and (unbeknownst to her) team up with the Autobots to stop him Airachnid declares that they need to be ready for a possible future without Megatron with a smile on her face. 

Starscream will join MECH.

He's abandoned both sides in the Autobot/Decepticon war, but never said anything about the third faction. In exchange for sharing leadership with Silas, Starscream will share his Decepticon intell, allowing MECH to finish Project Chimera ahead of schedule. And Silas will travel in Starscream's cockpit, spawning all sorts of Shipping Fan Fics.

  • Seems interesting. He could also trick Silas into making knockoff Vehicons, which he then may try to use to doublecross MECH.
    • Just like in Transformers vs. G.I. Joe? When Starscream had Cobra build Bruticus!
      • While the Bruticus thing hasn't been confirmed yet, him allying with MECH is CONFIRMED as of the 3/10/2012 episode Operation Bumblebee part one.
        • Though the partnership is dissolved in part two... in the worst way possible. I don't see Starscream teaming back up with MECH after that.

== Earth is Unicron (or at least has some sort of connection to him.) ==  Yeah, this does seem a little like an Epileptic Trees guess, but bear with me. I just saw episode 23 on YouTube. There. Was. A. Volcano. Spewing. Dark. Energon. Half of the comments were essentially:


  • The prophecy talked about a "world forged from chaos." Unicron is known as the "chaos bringer". Do the math.
    • CONFIRMED. The Earth itself formed around Unicron's battered body after he was cast away from Cybertron by Primus. He isn't so much the planet itself as he is one with it; he can bend its surface to his will to create avatars for himself, since he transcended his physical form eons ago.

== Optimus' return will be cemented when Jack gives him back the Key to Vector Sigma. == 

  • Optimus asked Jack to hold it "until [his] return"; hence, when Jack gives him back the key, it will confirm that he's back to stay. And it will be awesome.
    • Confirmed.

Dinobot will appear sometime during this series.

He was fan-voted into the Transformers Hall Of Fame which would make any new toys of him an instant seller. Of course he would have to be retooled into a Decepticon turned Autobot which could ruin the character forever, but it would be worth it to add some more awesome to the series.

  • Alternately, there will be another plot concerning Cybertronian artifacts being found in Africa. A certain raptor's immortal spark flickers back to life when he's unearthed and a new generation of Transfans are introduced to Dinobot 2. 
    • Alternatively again, an entire team of Maximals will appear. They shall be Dinobot, Leobreaker, Cheetor, Rhinox, and Silverbolt. It'll be lead by a new bearer of the gorilla alt mode named Cogimus Prime. They will have a combined alt mode known as King Cog. And the Predacons will consist of Scourge, Scorponok, Terrorsaur, Tarantulas, a clone of Dinobot, and a badass Distaff Counterpart of Waspinator named Waspinatrix. Eventually, the Predacons will have a schism over whether to help the Maximals and Autobots against Unicron. Scourge, the Dinobot clone, and Scorponok are the ones who help the Autobots.
      • Don't think Dinobot will appear, however, I do get some very Dinobot-y vibes coming from Dreadwing. Or is it just me?

Grimlock and the Dinobots will make their first appearance during a Big Damn Heroes moment.

And they'll be so rowdy and disruptive that the government will assign another agent just to deal with them. And his name will be Simon Furman.

  • And they combine into Magnaboss.
  • And Agent Furman will speak many words of wisdom. 
  • They've been confirmed for Season 2.

Optimus will die.


  • And then revive. Again.
    • WMG pages are for THEORIES, not facts.

After Optimus dies he will be revived with Dark Energon, and then have to fight against the zombifying effects of it.

Megatron already wants to kill and then revive Optimus as a zombie. But being Prime he will be able to resist Megatron's control over zombies, at least until the other Autobots find a way to counter Dark Energon. Perhaps they will discover Light Energon, the blood of Primus?

  • As of “One Shall Fall,” it seems normal Energon is going to play the role of “Light Energon.” Fitting, considering the Exodus novel states that it’s a physical emanation of Primus anyway

Megatron will become Galvatron as a result from absorbing the Dark Energon.

This would make for one terrific Chekhov's Gun, he takes the energon into his body, claims believes he can hear Unicron, and has presumably gotten some kind of power boost. When he is killed off (either during a season finale or a possible betrayal by Star Scream), instead of reviving as a zombie, Megatron will instead mutate/evolve/reincarnate as Galvatron.

  • Well everyone thinks he died when the space bridge exploded. But Ratchet mentioned the possibility of Ground/Space Bridges "snapping" which could send them anywhere, which likely happened to Megatron. He could "coincidentally" end up where Unicron is and be reformatted into Galvatron by him.
    • It's too early in the series. I suspect he'll slowly be corrupted by the Dark Energon over the course of several seasons, until it finally culminates in drastic changes to his body, the complete destruction of his old personality, and direct commands from Unicron himself.

Miko is going to get badly injured

Just look at how she's acting; there is no way she is going to be able to maintain that level of enthusiasm and seriousness without suffering majorly for it.

  • As a corollary, Jack will rejoin the Nakama after she gets injured, promising to protect her.
    • The corollary is Jossed. Jack came back after Arcee said she was starting to miss him.
  • Additionally, she'll be augmented with cyborg replacement limbs afterward... Which will just encourage her to keep being a suicidal idiot during confrontations.
  • Alternately, Jack or even Raf will be injured because of her, causing her to take the situation more seriously.
    • This could lead to Jack's mom being let in on the Masquerade; Jack would have to be rushed to the hospital, and those injuries would have to be accounted for somehow. He gets the aforementioned replacement limbs, and his mom would naturally want to know where they came from. 
    • Raf was nearly killed in "One Shall Fall", simply for being there when Megatron spotted Bumblebee. Maybe this will finally cure Miko of her Aesop Amnesia.

Someone will call Miko out on her recklessness and mention the events of T.M.I., finally making her reconsider her behavior.

Let's go back to T.M.I. for second. No other episode made Miko regret her actions as much as that one. After all, she almost got Bulkhead killed with her actions. Someone (probably Jack or Ratchet) will eventually call her out on it, causing her to go into a Heroic BSOD that will make her reconsider her actions.

  • Well, at Comic-Con 2011, the creators said that Miko would learn from her mistakes and undergo some strong character development in season 2. 

The Masquerade is going to break wide open.

Megatron is reviving all of Cybertron's dead and space-bridging them to Earth. It's hard enough for merely five Autobots to stay under the radar and the zombie robots won't care if humans see them. Cue Mass Panic as people fear everything mechanical transforming into zombie robots.

  • Definitely seems likely. But odds are it'll be saved for a season finale, which will then lead to the following season possibly revolving around anti-robot movements from people.
  • Unless he can pull them from whatever happens when a bridge collapses mid-transport, they're probably not going to be a problem.
  • It may lead to a similar plot from the G1 episode "Megatron's Master Plan" and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Jack, June, Miko, and Raf will show their support to the Autobots despite being branded as "traitors" or "robot lovers". Then the Earth governments banish the Autobots from Earth.
  • The summary for "Grill" is thus: Agent Fowler has some explaining to do under the threat of military tribunal and Team Prime's termination. Given it comes straight after Nemesis Prime...

Jack's father is dead.

We only see his mom, and he never refers to his dad. When Arcee talks about what she's lost, he says she's not the only one who's felt loss. Arcee assumes he's talking about his girl troubles, but that's not what it sounded like. Given how concerned his mother was about him driving, I'm betting his dad died in a car accident or something.

  • Maybe he was killed by a Decepticon and Fowler made it look like a car accident.
    • Or better, maybe he was killed by a Decepticon and Fowler made it look like a car accident... I like the theory, too. Myabe, we will discover that Fowler is Jack's father replace.
    • Jossed, she specifically said that he "left." 
      • She could just not want to tell him that he died, since she's still in denial about it. Or something.

Undead Primus

Megatron did hit Cybertron with a ton of Dark Energon. If the planet is Primus, that'd be one big zombie. Alternatively, new Unicron.

  • Or both - Unicron possessing his little brother's body, weird as that sounds.

More Autobots will arrive

In one serious Crowning Moment of Awesome when Optimus and the others are on the ropes after the Decepticons receive their own reinforcements (possibly even an episode or two before). One can only hope Prowl and Ultra Magnus will be among the ranks within the near future.

  • This will likely happen at the same time as the release of the Toyline.
  • Given the known fact that the other Autobots are fighting across the galaxy on different planets (as stated in the prequel comic), it's pretty much just a matter of time before they show up on Earth, especially now that Optimus has sent out a message to them at the end of episode 5. 
  • Considering what Wheeljack said at the end of "Con Job" about trying to find some of the old crew this is all but confirmed. He'll probably arrive around the time of the toyline with the rest of the Wreckers in tow.
    • He may become Miko's new guardian following Bulkhead's death.
  • There's also still some of the classic ones missing. Jazz and Ironhide should be a given, and maybe others like Prowl, Sideswipe, Perceptor or Blaster. Prowl, specifically, already has a Prime-style build, since he's a character in the upcoming Transformers Universe MMO, which is based on the Prime continuity.
  • This is basically now a Foregone Conclusion. With the events of "One Shall Rise, Part 3", mainly Optimus regressing to Orion Pax and joining the Decepticons, the Autobots DESPERATELY need reinforcements.
    • Wheeljack's been confirmed to return. No news about anyone else.

There will be at least one Autobot flyer amongst the new Autobots that eventually arrive.

One of the biggest disadvantages the Autobots have against the Decepticons so far in the series is that pretty much all of the important ones fly, so they have a tendency to turn tail and leave the Autobots behind grumbling to themselves. Wheeljack bringing back one of the flyers would give the Autobots an invaluable asset. Because of name recognition, it'd probably be Jetfire.

Soundwave will pull a Heel Face Turn.

There was no reason for him to let the children live, yet he chose to stop them without really hurting them. They'll get around the Undying Loyalty part of his personality by having him still be Decepticon at heart, just unable to stomach the current leadership. Either he'll get sick of Starscream or he'll realize that Megatron has gone completely insane.

  • Given that Megatron is very blatantly being influenced by Unicron, it might be an Even Evil Has Standards religious-based Heel Face Turn.
  • Seems to be Jossed, as Soundwave is one of Megatron's most loyal supporters.

"The Horns" are Cliffjumper's guns.

As opposed to the obvious. Watch his fight in the first episode - after he says "You want the horns? You got 'em!", he pulls out the guns and starts shooting.

Soundwave left the children alive because he wants them to lead him to the Autobots.

Soundwave took the pictures so he was able to single them out and set deployers on them so he can keep track of them and lead him to the Autobots' base or alternatively kidnapping them to bring the Autobots to him so he can destroy them.

  • I think you have a pretty good idea there. The moment where he snapped a picture of them is already under Foreshadowing

Raf is an android.

Let's see:

  1. Pre-teen kid, check
  2. knack for robots that shouldn't even be possible, check
  3. Partnered with Bumblebee, check
This sounds familiar.
  • The Scraplets left him alone, though.
    • His organic beast mode hid him from their scanners.
  • He says in his notes (you can find them on the Hub website) that he's not sure why he understood Bumblebee, he just made perfect sense to him.
  • At one point while Megatron is controlling Bumblebee's body, he backhands Raf a good distance across the room, and yet it seems to do nothing, even though he's physically pretty scrawny...
    • Yet in that same episode he was confirmed to have a large family. That kind of downplays the possibility of something like that.
  • Apparently Jossed by "One Shall Fall," considering it's presumed he has human anatomy.
    • Unless the Dark Energon was tampering with the android machinery, simulating a dying little boy.

Miko will pilot a traditional Humongous Mecha.

Because she's going to die without one. She'd probably be a natural pilot, with Jack doing the repairs and Raf fixing any software errors.

  • If anything, it'd probably be a Headmaster kind of thing.
  • Masterforce reference perhaps? It would fit, since she is a Japanese exchange student (imported from Japan, as it were...)

Miko has a relative or knows somebody with Aspergers Syndrome

Though Miko doesn't seem to have any symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome, somebody she knows might, so to raise awareness of Asperger's, she is wearing a tank top that looks strangely similar to the little alien dude from Wrong, an Asperger's awareness site.

  • It could also be the makers of the show throwing that reference in also for people they know with AS.

Raf's parents are divorced

When Jack and Miko started to fight, he seemed to feel REALLY bad, maybe that made him remember his parents' fighting.

There will be a human doing a Face Heel Turn

Or maybe he always was with the bad ones...but the point is that he will ally to the Decepticons against humanity.

  • There's the new MECH organization that attacks the Autobots. Whether or not they team up with Decepticons is yet to be seen.

At least one of the humans will get (a) toy(s)


An ambitious Decepticon will impersonate Megatron in order to overthrow Starscream, yeeesss.

Assuming Megatron really is dead, someone has to play The Starscream to Starscream. Easiest way to get him to give up power would be for Megatron to come back, or make Starscream think Megatron is back. And if Megatron isn't dead, we could see two Megatron's arguing over who does it better.

The humans are Hasbro's interpretation of the Transformers Fandom.

Agent Fowler represents the G1 fans, treating Giant Robots as Serious Business and doesn't want kids getting in the way. Jack represents the Beast Wars fans, fairly serious and somewhat respected. Miko represents the Unicron Trilogy fans, being "made in Japan" and is crazy about Giant Robots. Raf represents the Animated fans, the "youngest" of the Fandom.

  • This... actually makes a lot of sense.
  • So what does that make June Darby? ...A G2 fan?
    • She's a Movieverse fan, since the films give the parents more attention than any other continuity. And before anyone brings up Silas, he's the Shattered Glass fan, being a genuinely evil and competent human villain.
  • Miko is energetic and over-the-top in such a way that she might represent the Robots in Disguise fans instead of the Unicron Trilogy fans (or possibly in addition to them.)

Ironhide will appear later in the series, to make up for not putting him on Team Prime.

  • They did the same thing with Red Alert in Transformers Animated- she was originally slated to be on the main cast, but was replaced with Ratchet instead. She later appeared on Rodimus's team. 
    • Pretty much confirmed at this point. He's getting a toy in the Cyberverse class, and a design was revealed at Botcon 2011.
      • The writers mentioned that they didn't have any plans to put him in the series even though a toy of him was designed. However, they did note that it didn't mean he wasn't going to show up.

Starscream removing the chunk of Dark Energon from Megatron's spark chamber will turn out to be essential to Megatron's successful recovery

Two reasons. One, it is Psycho Serum and probably somewhat toxic- not enough to harm him when he's at full strength (though it'd probably kill a lesser 'con), but probably enough to slow down or stop a recovery. Second, that just seems like Starscream's luck. He will, of course, claim that such was his intention the entire time, which nobody will believe, but Megatron will spare him anyway, because intentional or not, he's so very helpful.

  • Judging from the previews to "Out Of His Head," it seems that the exact opposite is true. 

Prime takes place in the same world as G.I. Joe: Renegades and a crossover is planned.

The original cartoons did, after all. And since Prime and Renegades are running more-or-less concurrently on the same network, perhaps a crossover is coming. There might only be subtle references at first; a commercial for a Cobra-based business on a TV in the background on a Prime episode, or a reference to some 'freeway accident' that was obviously a battle of some sort on an episode of Renegades. The references will start to build, until the inevitable crossover is announced. It'll be a two-parter; an episode of Prime with Prime-style versions of the Joes, and a Renegades episode with traditionally-animated Cybertronians. And during each episode, no one will find it strange that Bulkhead and Roadblock sound exactly the same.

Animated!Prowl will appear

As either a friend, previous partner, or love interest of Arcee.

MECH will build a copy of Optimus Prime, and then the real one will be determined by having a race.

Silas took some scans of Optimus before flying away. He will likely use these to build an inferior copy of him that appears identical. For the sake of making a Call Back to a G1 episode with this premise Optimus and the copy will have a race.

  • Add a little Dark Energon to the mix and call him Nemesis Prime. In that case he might actually survive (for a change).
    • Confirmed. Well, except for the race. He doesn't survive, though.
    • Peter Cullen will obviously play the clone as well, and he'll sound like Venger.

Future characters will include Wingnut, Dingbat, and Skyguy.

Just so that Fowler can say I Knew It! regarding Decepticon names.

This show exists in the same universe as Assassin's Creed.

The energon harvester is an Autobot scaled Apple of Eden. The "ancients" who built it that Optimus refers to are the Precursors from that game whom Autobot ancestors may have interacted with. MECH is a splinter group of templars who disagree over how to control the human population. Subject 16 is Jack's missing dad.

(Continuation from 'Raf the Android') Raf had been an experiment in which human DNA was coupled with technology.

Also one of his parents is a scientist working for MECH or one of their supporters and willingly gave Raf to them to be experimented upon. Raf also says that he could understand digital code since age three,which means that his parents possibly gave him to MECH as he was very young possibly an infant or toddler.

Optimus Prime will NOT die... until the end of the series.

Animated set the record for fastest Prime death/resurrection: dead in the pilot episodes and brought back 75 seconds later. This time Hasbro will set the record in the opposite direction, by letting Prime live until the final episode and then he'll stay dead with the series over. 

Megatron can still control Bumblebee.

  • If Megatron's possession of Bumblebee is anything like the suspiciously similar possession of Blackarachnia by Tarantulas then there is still a psychic link between them. Megatron will refrain from using it until a critical point in a future episode, where it will let him win.

Starscream is going to get a few upgrades making him look a little bit more like the G1 mold

He lost his arm and gets a new one. Maybe it will be a upgraded version and we already got shown a pair of Nullrays. When he gets a new arm he could as well upgrade the rest of his body, since his body is obsolete and changes are necessary to keep up against the Autobots.

  • The alternative is that Megatron orders Starsrceam to take the upgrades and while he is currently out for upgrading Knock Out decides to get 'creative' giving him some other upgrades as well.
  • The part about the arm replacement at least is Jossed. Starscream mysteriously gets a new arm in a later episode.
    • Not so mysteriously. Knock Out found an old arm that was pretty much of the same make as the one he lost.

Skyquake will show up at the most inconvenient moment.

We last saw him still zombiefied and wandering around that parallel dimension, along with Starscream's arm. By accident or design he will somehow come back to cause trouble.

This series will put an end to Unicron once and for all.

After all, Jeff Kline did say "When we kill a character, we kill a character", who's to say that they don't plan on THIS series being the death of Unicron? 

  • Doubtful - 'Cron's too popular a plot point to get killed off. Besides, if you do managed to destroy his body, he'll just eat/destroy everything anyway. Also, who would replace him as the Bigger Bad? Tornedron? 
  • Apparently Unicron was defeated millennia ago which is why the Cybertronians made the space station to house the dark energon.
  • Of course, the Word of God, made referring to The Fallen's survival of a conclusive death in the second film, is that multiversal singularities like Unicron and The Fallen get around death by periodically visiting timelines where time flows in reverse; this messes with progression of cause-and-effect enough that if they die, they get better (probably by snapping back to a concurrent self in the reverse-time 'verse, like a video game character and a save point). Thus, killing Unicron once and for all doesn't really mean all that much in the long run for the multiverse as a whole, as it will only inconvienience him and, depending on how rules of dimensional mechanics work, maybe lock him out of your particular timeline (whether he's locked out or not will be proven by if he returns to the Prime verse).
    • Tl;dr, "permanent" death doesn't mean much to Unicron, other than being annoying.

In a Series Finale, the Nemesis will get blown up.

For being the Decepticon command ship, the Nemesis's many arrays have been quite damaged in the countless skirmishes with Autobots. Eventually as a series finale, Optimus is going to devise a plan to deceive Megatron to allow his team to board the Nemesis, and destroy it once and for all. (Epic showdown between the main Decepticons and Autobot infiltrators fully included)

  • During said epic showdown, "The Touch" will be playing in the background.

Soundwave is aware of the Fourth Wall

Is he capable of breaking it? Unsure. However, he manages to be hilarious and snarky, despite not having a voice actor. Perhaps the fact that he does not talk has given him the power to see through the Fourth Wall. He kept believing that Megatron would come back, and never actually seems to believe that Starscream is the actual leader of the Decepticons. It seems likely, then, that he can take the occasional peek onto the vast sea of memes and fanbases that lies beyond the Fourth Wall. this means he may or may not be a Troper.

  • He doesn't talk because he's One of Us, TV Tropes Has Ruined His Vocabulary, and he's aware that if he spoke, nobody would understand him.
  • Alternatively, he saw through the fourth wall sideways into another Hub show... And he's stopped talking because something there stared back. Something beyond his comprehension. Something with vision far beyond his own. Something... Okay, it was Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie broke his brain.

MECH will use the information they gained from researching the Cybertronians to create such of their own, and they will be this series' incarnation of the Combaticons.

In one episode confirms that they have captured Breakdown, and another suggests an alliance with Airachnid. Throughout those episodes, they will gain access to the technology which will lead up to their ultimate creation: Bruticus.

  • At the end of "Operation: Breakdown", Silas is seen looking over the information taken from Breakdown and talking about something called "Project Chimera". So, we're obviously going to be seeing something along these lines.
    • While a combiner team does seem likely, wouldn't it make more sense if it was the Stunticons? Motormaster could be reverse-engineered from Optimus, after all, and they might make an imperfect clone of Breakdown (resulting in the paranoid, cowardly G1-esque character we all know and love), or otherwise incorporate him into Menasor. Sleek, high tech sports cars seems more in-line with MECH's MO than big, noticeable combat vehicles like tanks and military trucks (though they do use helicopters).
    • Could actually be the Combaticons. In Operation Bumblebee it's shown that MECH is trying to construct their own Transformer. Once they install Bumblebee's stolen Transformation Cog, they have it try to scan a helicopter...which could mean they're in the process of building Vortex. Starscream even asks if MECH is trying to build an army, and Silas is curiously silent. Maybe it's not an army per se they're looking for...
      • Well, MECH ended up building Nemesis Prime.

Jazz will show up.

Along with Ironhide, he'd round up the first five Autobots from the Movieverse.

Cybertron will become Unicron's new body... possibly with hilarious results.

Perhaps when Megatron sent Dark Energon to Cybertron, he did more that just wake the dead... and because they keep mentioning Unicron, he's bound to show up, and using Cybertron as his host seems to be one of the most likely answers. The hilarious results being that Primus isn't quite happy with his elder twin snatching his body - thus resulting in them yelling at and arguing with each-other from the same body, possibly with the same voice actor.

  • We can probably call this one Jossed. Unicron's already found another planet to inhabit, and the results are far from hilarious. That planet is Earth.
    • There's always the possibility he won't be satisfied being holed up inside a planet that can't transform and might want to borrow Primus's body. But for now it seems a little unlikely. 

Jack's dad worked for MECH.

Silas mentions that he knows things about Jack's family that even Jack doesn't know about. He could have been implying a connection between them and MECH, most likely through Jack's dad. One of MECH's mooks has the same voice actor as Jack, which could be Jack's dad in disguise.

  • What if Silas is Jack's dad? Look at a picture of Jack when he's angry or annoyed. Now, doesn't that look kinda similar to Silas' default expression? (Then again, that may be a effect of the CG style.)
    • This could make sense if we assume June never saw Silas's face. But this also has frightening implications if it meant that he was willing to kill his own wife for tech.
      • Who said they were married, or even if Silas remembers June? For all we know, Jack could have been born out of wedlock because of a affair or just... ahem, fooling around in college.
    • In "Metal Attraction", June confirms that Jack's dad walked out on them; take that as you will.
      • Still betting on the Mook-with-Jack's-voice-actor being Jack's dad.
        • Watch it turn out to be Spike.
  • I was seriously about to post this as my WMG, but for me it started out as a fan fiction idea that seemed somewhat feasible in the scope of the show.
  • This is just something I came up with on a whim, but what if Jack's dad is a MECH assassin? 

June will be partnered with Ratchet.

She's a nurse, he's an ambulance, and both are older than their respective counterparts in the other Autobot/Human pairings. It's a match made in robot heaven.

  • Except for the fact that Ratchet wouldn't be able to leave the base as often as the other paired bots do. He has to run the machines and stuff after all.
    • So? She has her own responsibilities as a mother and homemaker, and wouldn't have as much time as the other paired humans do, either.
  • It could work, at the very least June is probably someone Ratchet could relate to, both being doctors and greatly familiar with treating wounded. But of course, any major duoship with them will probably be minimal at best. But one can hope for the possible 'stuck with you of all people' bonding episode.
    • A Day in the Limelight? All other Autobots/humans occupied while June just happens to be at the Autobot base and something bad happens? Something in a location that only a nurse and her ambulance can get inside?

Bumblebee's temporary possession by Megatron will play a role near the end.

In the form of a truly mind-blowing noble sacrifice, Bee will realize that he and Megatron are still 'linked', and use it to his advantage in a Big Damn Heroes moment to finally end the Decepticon leader's tyranny once and for all(or atleast give Optimus the opening he needs to finish off Megatron).

  •  They wouldn't kill off Bumblebee... would they?

Sideswipe will appear at some point, hopefully...

...And like his WFC version, be a Crazy Awesome Heroic Sociopath who, like his film version, has wheeled feet and uses twin swords. Come on, you know you want that to happen.

  • Here's something to consider; James Remar is known to have been cast for the show, but his role is unknown. However, he very recently appeared as another Sideswipe...could this, perhaps, be a hint of things to come?

MECH's project Chimera will end up being Lockdown

A chimera is a horrible amalgamation of different creatures and Lockdown is a horrible amalgamation of giant robots. Enough said.

  • And hopefully Prowl will be around during that episode, because that would only result in awesome.

Doctor Arkeville is a member of MECH.

It would make so much sense.

There will be both an Autobot X episode and an Only Human type episode

Mostly to play up the already ridiculous ship tease going on between the humans and the Autobots. One of the humans will get hurt (most likely Jack trying to stop Miko from getting hurt, though it could work out that Miko got hurt too) and the Autobots best way of making sure they best stay alive with memories in tact would be to do an Autobot X procedure. A season later, or prior, Arachnid could be responsible for turning Arcee human, to chase her down. Either of those plots could also lead to Pretender tech for even more fun later.

The Fallen will be a future antagonist.

Bulkhead made a mention of him, meaning he likely exists in this universe.

  • Doesn't he exist in every universe? And that he's literally the same guy every time? If he appears in this series perhaps we could see him being Wrong Genre Savvy by expecting Optimus to try and take his face.

Starscream's brief use of Dark Energon will have an effect on his spark

In the form of it becoming undying like his G1 counterpart, which was never explained in that series. This will allow for him to make a return in the event he should be killed.

Starscream will become more unhinged and more dangerous with no side to fight on.

Why has Starscream suddenly become a bit less competent? A few theories.

  • Megatron returned and screwed up his plans.
  • The Dark Energon he absorbed has left him possessed by Unicron briefly.
  • He's not used to losing the power he had.

In any case, he'll get used to having nobody to command and bypass this. When he does, prepare for the Villain Decay to suddenly seem so old.

    • Or perhaps, he'll start gathering other "rogues" -- neutrals -- and start his own fraction. (Starcons? Deceptiscreams? Cobra? Predacons? Seekers?) Alternately, he'll come across several other neutral characters - such as Mr. On Fire and Mr. Nomnomnom - and team up with them. Let's face it - Screamer is not a team player, but he needs people to listen to his rambles and carry out his plans. 

MECH will end up creating human supervillains for the Autobots to deal with.

Some of their experiments could go awry causing humans to gain powers.

  • Circuit Breaker could be caused by an experiment to gain control over Transformers. 
  • Meltdown could be caused by an experimental acid mutating someone. 
  • Alternately -- human superheroes or anti-heroes.

Unicron will have a Herald.

And his herald will be...

  • The Fallen
  • Scourge
  • Starscream
  • Sideways
  • Tarantulas
  • Megatron becoming Galvatron.
    • Or what about a clone of Starscream? Clone X?
  • Jossed. He doesn't need a herald. He is already here. And when we say he is here, we mean he is here. Unicron is the core of planet Earth.

The Fallen will show up, and then force Starscream to work for him.

Hasbro has stated that they would like to bring the 13 Original Transformers into the series, and the Fallen is mentioned in "Partners". Since we know Unicron will be showing up in season 2, perhaps this is what will happen: the Fallen will be summoned to Earth in order to free him from his imprisonment (which will form the Story Arc for the season). The Fallen will then recruit Starscream to aid him either by a) bribery, b) brainwashing, or c) beating the scrap out of him until he submits. If it's a or b, Starscream will "serve" the Fallen the way he way he served Megatron, biding his time until he can try to steal Unicron's power, like how Cybertron Starscream stole Primus' power. Then, during the season finale, when he tries to do so, Unicron will seemingly destroy him -- except exposure to so much Dark Energon will have corrupted Starscream's spark, and he'll be left as a ghost, like in G1.

Sunstreaker will show up at some point.

Sunstreaker in G1 was fixated on the appearance of his vehicle mode like Knockout. And since TFP is big on the arch enemy dynamic, it's only a matter of time before they have a half-epic, half-hilarious battle with angry shouts of "Watch the Paint Job".

The kids will have a school dance. And it will be ruined.

Either by the Decepticons or by MECH. Keep in mind, it might not necessarily be a normal dance. Any after-school activity, or school event will suffice. It's a scenario I've seen before, and it works really well in hooking viewers and making sure that they don't change the channel during the commercials. The kids are having fun. The Autobots may or may not be in the middle of a battle at the time. Either Jack or Miko get a call (we haven't seen Raf with a phone so idk) from the Autobots telling them to hightail it out of there when all heck breaks loose!

  • Only problem with this is the CGI format. It would be expensive to make new character models for every human character that would be present [2]. It would either have to be a small activity, or be filled with people that look suspiciously similar to each other. Of course, they might have room in the budget for this in later seasons, provided that every last fan buys the toys.
  • Additional WMG: The school dance will be 80's night, with the kids enjoying music from that era. Specifically songs that were used in Transformers: The Movie, assuming Hasbro can secure the rights to them. After the aforementioned ruining of the school dance, there will be a climactic battle while the stereos play The Touch. And The Touch shall restore Optimus Prime's memories.

Dark Energon has no effect on humans, which will make the children essential in defeating Unicron.

This will be similar to how raw energon does nothing to organics in Beast Wars. And since Dark Energon is literally "the blood of Unicron" he's going to be filled with the stuff, making a battle with him extremely dangerous (just a tiny bit of the stuff weakened Arcee). The unaffected children will be able to go inside Unicron and shut him down there, likely by smashing things inside Unicron's head.

  • I'm not so sure about sending the kids into Unicron, but you do have a point. They did something similar in Energon, when there were energon gas clouds and they sent the resident human of the season, Kicker, down because the unenriched cloud didn't present any danger to him. I don't see them having the kids doing something so dangerous, but I do believe that they have immunity to Dark Energon and that this will have prominence somehow.
    • Jossed. Exposure to the stuff nearly kills Raf.
      • Unless Raf really is an android and humans really are immune.

MECH will raid the Autobot base.

Silas already knows where Jack lives, and that Arcee is there frequently. But he's unaware of the Ground Bridge ([3]) and thus would assume that an Autobot base (he doesn't know there's only one) would have to be nearby for Arcee to refuel. Silas does research on the Jasper area, and finds out that there's an abandoned missile silo nearby that's conveniently big enough to house Giant Robots. MECH investigates and finds the base, which they raid for tech.

  • That would make a really good season finale or two-part Story Arc if you ask me.

Dark Energon + Synthetic Energon = How Optimus Comes Back From the Dead.

We're all waiting for him to die like nearly every Optimus does. Dark Energon reanimates the body, and then Synthetic Energon brings back the rest of him. The tricky part will be applying the Synthetic Energon while Zombie-Optimus is running amok.

The new Big Bad of season 2 will not be Unicron.

It will be Liege Maximo. Because he is one of the original 13 transformers, to which Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons are descendant from.

  • Sorry, but Jossed. Word of God has confirmed that season two will focus on the Autobots' efforts to stop Unicron from destroying Earth, and that the Decepticon we see in the trailer for season 2 is Unicron.
    • And horrifyingly, while Megatron will probably be the big bad of season 2, he now has a FORMIDABLE ally: Orion Pax, AKA an amnesic Optimus!!

June and Ratchet will get a comedic Breather Episode together.

Why? I dunno.

  • Well, as of part one of the finale, she does need a new car ... 

Prowl will be the next Autobot to appear.

He already has some concept art, so he's a good choice. He'll be a mix of his G1 portrayal in appearance and personality (being big on logic and protocol), but will also have some aspects of his animated incarnation (love of nature, and being Ninja). Coincidentally, this will make him a Ninja Police car.

MECH will help stop Unicron

Hey, letting a robot destroy Earth is bad for business.

  • Not to mention all the tech they could salvage from Unicron's corpse. Silas will claim this is the only reason for saving the world.
  • I wanna see that, if only because I think Jack, Arcee and Silas having to work together would make for some really awesome TV. 
  • The episode titles and basic summaries have been released for the next two parts of the season finale. Episode 24 is as follows: The Autobots discover that Dark Energon is responsible for an epidemic of natural disasters. And episode 25 is: The Autobots team up with a surprising ally to save the Earth. There's a good chance that this "surprising ally" could be MECH.
    • Jossed, at least as far as episode 25 is concerned. The unlikely ally is Megatron.

Who will David Kaye voice?

According to The Other Wiki, David Kaye is voicing a character that hasn't been announced yet. Let's guess who:

  • Megatron Expy, named Something-tron[4], yeeesss.
  • Noble, a purely organic transformer that changes into the dragon Savage.
  • Lugnut, to the irritation of THE GREAT AND GLORIOUS MEGATRON!!!
  • Me Grimlock!
    • According to the TFWiki, David Kaye is voicing Grimlock in the upcoming Fall of Cybertron game, and according to other sources, the Dinobots may well be showing up in Prime...
  • Orion Pax (Considering Prime's and Megatron's backstory will be expanded upon), possibly a Casting Gag of David Kaye voicing a young Optimus Prime.
    • The same flashbacks could have a younger Megatron voiced by Gary Chalk, who originally auditioned for Megatron back in Beast Wars, but got Optimus Primal instead. A double Casting Gag, getting the second Optimus/Megatron duo back together again like the originals.
  • Unicron, because of this trailer for One Shall Rise. At 0:21 there's a new yell that sounds similar to Beast Wars Megatron. That could have been Unicron yelling, with Kaye providing the voice.
    • Jossed; Unicron speaks in One Shall Rise, and the credits list his voice actor as John Noble.
  • Shattered Glass Megatron
  • Bumblebee. Hey, if he could pull off a younger sounding Optimus Prime, there's no reason to suspect that he couldn't also somehow pull off the young, energetic Bumblebee.
  • Nemesis Prime/Scourge, why? it just makes perfect sense.
  • Hardshell. He does sort of sound like Lugnut, very faintly.
    • Confirmed.

If Raf wasn't Sari 2.0 before "One Shall Fall", he is now.

Dark Energon does some pretty weird stuff even before adding organics to the mix, like how it brought one of Ratchet's tools to life. The stuff was killing Raf until Ratchet applied normal Energon to negate the Dark Energon. For all we know Dark Energon could behave like the Key to Vector Sigma, turning organics into machines. Negating the Dark Energon stops the process, leaving Raf only partly mechanical on the inside, and thus is technorganic.

Starscream will pull a Gollum.

That moment when Arcee just stopped short of killing Starscream in Partners seems like it will be very significant in the future. My theory is that in Starscream's moment of triumph later in the series, he will inexplicably bring about the downfall of both himself and the Decepticons (maybe killed by his own hands, bringing his killing of Cliffjumper full circle) ala Gollum.

In the last episode of the series, Optimus will laugh.

Probably at the very last scene, signifying that the war is finally over. Will probably also count as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.

Starscream will rescue Optimus from Megatron and/or Unicron.

Starscream still has that half a shard of Dark Energon he stole from Megatron. Since he used it just like Megatron's current shard, Starscream should have a similar but lessened connection to Unicron. Starscream could have had a similar vision of the volcano that Megatron did, and fly there to investigate. Starscream arrives just in time to throw a Munky wrench into Megatron's plans by saving Optimus.

  • Jossed.

In "One Shall Rise" the person who rises will be....

Some Beast Wars characters will reappear in Transformers Prime, though with different forms or names.

I got this idea from Airachnid being a technical revival of Blackarachnia. Though one has to ask, who will return, or will there be new Beast transformers?

Silas will create the Stunticons as mindless weapons.

Consider how he wanted to learn more about the Transformers. Perhaps he wants to make his own?

Miko is screaming because Bulkhead may get severely injured, or die, in One Shall Rise.

See here

  • What is she even saying? It sounds like a word, but darned if I can figure it out.
  • At first it sounds like she's trying to pull off a Big No but then it sounds less like "NOOO" and more like NAAA! But I remember seeing the comments for the trailer and several other people agree with you.
    • Maybe it's Tania Gunadi's accent, but the closest I got was "NERRRRRRRRD!", which makes no sense unless Miko's really pissed at Raf for some reason (which is unlikely). Worth meintioning is that Arcee pulls off a pretty obvious Big No in a different shot, although from the visuals I doubt they're related.
    • I got the vibe that when we see the scene in the actual episode, she'll be saying something else. Like they're trying to go for Tonight Someone Dies while avoiding Trailers Always Spoil.
  • I rewatched the moment and Fowler was in the background, about to grab Miko, but not in a what-the-heck-are-you-doing-damnit? way. It was more of a calm-down-there's-nothing-that-you-can-do grab. Take that as you will.
  • Jossed, she screams "Never!" at Megatron.

Earth will be destroyed.

Season 2 is supposed to be about trying to stop Unicron from destroying the Earth, right? Since Unicron is also the Earth's core in this continuity, if he gets out its bye-bye Earth. Megatron even gets a vision of an Earthshattering Kaboom. If this does happen, the Autobots will likely have enough warning time to evacuate the planet through the (seized) Decepticon Space Bridge 2.0, bringing the human race to Cybertron and reactivating that planet with Synthetic Energon. To top it off, the episode where this happens will air on Dec 21, 2012. (which is a Friday.)

  • I can see a large evacuation of people happening. That would be pretty damn cool, but Earth going bye-bye? You've got to keep in mind that this is still a kids show at heart and the writers wouldn't want to scare away their viewers. I can imagine being a little kid and being absolutely shocked and disturbed if the show were to go as far as the actually let the earth blow up. 
    • What's to stop the Autobots from somehow destroying Unicron's essence and leaving the planet intact?

We will see a Shattered Glass episode at some point.

Or at least a world that's similar to Shattered Glass, but treating it more like in that one Justice League film, the Autobots and Decepticons will look entirely different, sound entirely different, overall being very different people from their normal counterparts.

    • Perhaps for the second season finale? Pulled off correctly, a Mirror Universe story could top the Unicron arc of season 1's outro. Plus there would be hundreds, if not thousands of people who would stay up till ungodly hours just to watch Good!Optimus and Bad!Optimus duking it out.
  • It'll probably be called Shattered Mirror.
    • A good Unicron will pop up and give the Autobots critical information on stopping evil Unicron. Or we get an awesome battle in the center of the two Unicrons minds.
      • The problem with that is the fact that Unicron, Primus, and the Thirteen are all the same beings in alternate universes -- they just either hop between them or manifest in them simultaneously. We've actually already seen a Shattered Glass Primus and he's still the same guy. It's All There in the Manual.

Unicron has not "Transcended" physical existence

He has escaped it. In The Beginning, remember, he and Primus were both immaterial forms of energy beyond full mortal comprehension; he only became a planet when Primus tricked him into getting trapped in an asteroid which he's been building up ever since, eating planets the slow, physical way because the physical form Primus trapped him in has been a Power Limiter. Now, after being wounded without being banished from the timeline like he usually is, he's had enough time to escape that imprisonment, and has returned to his full power, from before Primus sealed him away. And Primus is still sealed AND in a healing coma.

Optimus is not the last of the Primes

There is a Rodimus out there somewhere, who will show up about half a season before Optimus' traditional Heroic Sacrifice, and take over for him as leader afterwards, to keep with their "no revivals" policy.

The Moon is also Unicron.

Assuming the Giant Impact theory of the Moon's formation is accurate in this series, in which a Mars sized object hit early Earth and created the Moon. A portion of Unicron's "essense" could have ejected with the material forming the Moon. So if the Autobots manage to suppress Unicron's will on Earth or even manage to exorcise him, Unicron would live on in the Moon.

Unicron is the Giant Impact, aka Theia

That is to say, that the Giant Impact that formed the moon early on in Earth's formation was Unicron's arrival. A variant of the above theory.

Megatron will team up with the Autobots to help stop Unicron

Unicron rejects Megatron and tramples all over his ego. Megatron's going to want revenge and the Autobots are an appropriate means.

  • Confirmed as of "One Shall Rise, Part 2" -- the 'Bots even let him inside their base.

Airachnid will piss off Soundwave by abandoning Megatron, and he will kill her for it.

The trailer implies it.

  • See it here:
    • They do fight, since Airachnid attempts to Starscream her way to Decepticon leadership while Megatron is MIA and have the 'Cons leave Earth, and Soundwave...objects. He doesn't kill her, though, just forces her to yield. In front of the entire Decepticon army.

Rule 1: Primes lie.

Prime lied to Jack. He didn't give Jack a key to the Ground Bridge power supply. He gave Jack the Key to Vector Sigma. Since a) The key he gave Jack looks sorta like the Key to Vector Sigma and b) It has some pretty elaborate mass shifting akin to the 2007 Movie's All Spark. That's pretty chic for a mere power supply key.

  • That would be pretty out of character for Optimus to out-and-out lie. I'm not saying you're off-base, just that I hope it's more complicated than that.
    • Maybe they're powering the Ground Bridge via Vector Sigma?
    • Maybe he just didn't think it'd be a good idea to risk the fragile alliance he had with Megatron by announcing that he's giving one of the most powerful and important cybertronian artifacts to someone that a giant alien warmonger could easily retrieve it from.
  • Personally, I think that it's a Chekhov's Gun of some sort. After the battle, one way or another, it seems that Optimus is lost, but then Jack pulls out the key and, low and behold, it's exactly what Ratchet needs to save the last of the Primes! Or something along those lines.
  • Confirmed in Episode 26 (It aired early in Singapore), it is the Key to Vector Sigma.

On Halloween they will show one of the scarier episodes.

Most likely "Predatory".

Primus is also rising.

Unicron came back online by being at the end of the planetary alignment. If Cybertron is at the other end, it could have a similar effect on Primus as well. While the Autbots are dealing with Unicron, they fail to notice Cybertron's core finishing the purge of Dark Energon. Primus comes back online, Cybertron becomes habitable again, and a race begins to take the planet.

In order to save Optimus, in Season 2 the Autobots will find some way to contact Jazz and bring him to Earth

Assuming Prime follows Exodus' canon more closely than it does War For Cybertron (and Ratchet's story would seem to support this), the Autobots in season 2 will attempt to bring Optimus/Orion back into the fold by finding some way to contact Orion's OTHER best friend and companion from before the war; Jazz. Exodus clearly establishes that Jazz and Orion were good friends, and that Jazz followed Orion-as-Optimus as an Autobot. That being the case, with no other method of curing Optimus' amnesia presenting itself, they will attempt to track down Jazz and bring him to Earth so he can attempt to counterbalance whatever 'Megatronus' is busy telling Optimus-as-Orion. That, and Optimus-as-Orion would RECOGNIZE Jazz and trust him, something the other Autobots (except for Ratchet) currently can't claim. 

Starscream will gain a second in command.

A female transformer whose alt mode is a Lexus.

The Key to Vector Sigma will revive Optimus's memories.

It's already clear that it's going to be a Chekhov's Gun of some sort.

Miko is a Deconstruction of the Leeroy Jenkins Kid Sidekick

  • The reason why she is so annoying is intentional because that's the point; she has Wrong Genre Savvy all over her. Miko tends to believe that she's in a lighter version of the Transformers world when its really a Darker and Edgier environment where there is a lot of violence and it has been shown time and again that its not a lighted hearted adventure, but a real look at war. Miko is just the embodiment of taking a character like her to a logical conclusion and showing how destructive her tendencies would have really been. The writers get it, but the Animation Company that does the show doesn't.
    • Only problem with this is that somehow, by the grace of Primus, she isn't dead yet.
    • Word of God says she'll have some character development in season two, so there's hope for her yet. 

The Dark Energon released by Unicron's near-awakening will become a plot point

  • Airachnid may try to use them to create an army of her own.
  • Orion Pax may start wondering why his "friend" is using such a vile substance.
  • Actually, without Unicron the stuff might not even work anymore. Or Megatron can use that as an excuse, since it doesn't have that connection to the Chaos Bringer anymore.
    • It worked just fine when he was asleep, and if it didn't work, it would be likely that Megatron would have died, considering that shard of it's what's keeping him alive.
  • Asleep and dead are two completely different things. Besides, the dark energon was keeping him alive while he was in sick bay. He's been fixed since then, so I don't think that matters anymore. 

Starscream will restore Optimus' memories

  • He'll just show up and start ranting about Megatron when Optimus overhears and asks Megatronus what's going on. Screamer'll point out that this situation is ridiculous and may try to snap Optimus out of it. Cue an episode or two of Optimus contemplating his situation and effectively saying "Screw you, Megatron!"
    • semiconfirmed. It was Starscream's presence (after Megatron told Orion that he was dead) that started Orion on the path to being reminded of his duty as an Autobot.

Optimus is just pretending to have lost his memory.

The look he gave Bee seems to be saying "Don't worry!" more than "I don't give a damn about you." (cause he's still Optimus, right? He would have noticed the shock on the Autobot's faces). He'll just gather info on the 'Cons, then try to reform or kill Megatron/ blow up the Nemesis.

  • Another idea: he's still Orion Pax, but Orion Pax didn't become Optimus Prime until well after Megatron launched his rebellion. He already knows Megatron is bad news, but due to some backup plan, he is feigning complete memory loss to gain Megatron's trust, until he can figure out what's going on.
  • Jossed.

The above WMG will be Bumblebee's motive for getting his voice back

  • Word of God said his voice was gonna be a story arc in Season 2. Bee doesn't have the "code words" to explain what happened.
    • Que? He's had "code words" for everything else so far.

Who will Nathan Fillion voice?

According to The Other Wiki, Nathan Fillion has an unannounced role. Let's take some guesses as to who he'll voice:

  • Springer.
  • Prowl.
  • Motormaster.
  • Drag Strip.
  • Dead End.
  • Wildrider.
  • Fortress.
  • Soundwave. Because that would be pee-your-pants awesome.
    • Word of God has confirmed that Soundwave will speak in season two.
  • Spike.
  • Spark Plug.
  • Grimlock.
  • Wreck-Gar.
  • Omega Supreme.
  • Jack's father.
    • That would also be pee-your-pants awesome. 
    • And a bonus WMG to Jack's dad: He wasn't a Jerkass that ran out on his family, but was forced to leave them for some reason (most-likely something to do with MECH.)
  • Bumblebee, back before he lost his voice. It'd explain why they haven't announced who he'll voice like they did for Tony Todd. They want to keep it a surprise.
  • Ironhide, with the same voice he used for Caleb.

Jack X Arcee will become canon

In the form of Kiss Players.

A character similar to Jerry Wang will appear.

  • He'll be a student in the same class as Jack. He's not only aware of the Autobots and Decepticons, but also the hidden Autobot artifacts buried. He and his family know all the information and gives it to Jack, by doing it in a most awkward, confrontational way.

Orion Pax will become The Starscream.

He did kinda hijack Megatronus's civil rights movement by accident back on Cybertron. He'll see the Complete Monster that Megatron is now and want to do something about that. For the good of all Decepticons, Orion will usurp Megatron and become the leader, using Megatron's army to make Earth a better place. Of course, he'll have to get past Soundwave.

  • Soundwave, sure, and every other Decepticon who was in it For the Evulz. Knockout and Breakdown, for instance, could pose a problem -- something tells me they'd want to have Megatron back in power post-haste. (Airachnid would probably take the opportunity to make like a tree and split.)

If or when Airachnid dies/defects, Shockwave will be there to replace her...

...And he will eventually turn out to be a more dangerous and subtle Starscream, to the point of being Dangerously Genre Savvy.

The Dinobots will appear in season 2

In the original series, Vector Sigma was what gave the Transformers personalities, and the Key to Vector Sigma was what activated Vector Sigma. The Autobots are outnumbered (vastly outnumbered if you include the Vehicons), and outgunned since Optimus is now on the Decepticon side, courtesy of some memory loss and Megatron's lies. They desperately need more brawn, and the Dinobots are the quintessential Autobot Dumb Muscle. Grimlock is also usually portrayed as being roughly equal in power to Optimus and Megatron, and the Autobots need somebody capable of standing up to them in a one-on-one fight.

== The Autobots will face Orion Pax in battle. == 

  • And it will be horrifying, especially for Ratchet if he fights Optimus/Orion, what with them being old friends and all. 
    • Lessee... Arcee loses two partners and her captain; Bumblebee's a scared kid whose father figure doesn't remember him; Bulkhead... actually, Bulkhead will probably refuse to give up and wind up saving the day somehow
    • I'd also lay money that Jack plays a part, what with having the Key to Vector Sigma and all. 
      • All he'd need is a headmaster, courtesy of MECH, and some synthetic energon and you got someone to fill in for Optimus.
      • I really think that this WMG is going to be an I Knew It!, but for the guy above me, ten bucks says that MECH goes after him because they already know where he lived and that he has a connection to the 'Bots.
      • I question the likelihood that MECH could learn of the Optimus/Orion situation without being told, but I also repeat my assertion from an earlier WMG that Jack, Arcee and Silas working together would be friggin' awesome TV. 
  • Jossed. He arrives to save them from Megatron, and while he fails it buys the group enough time to restore his memories.

Ultra Magnus will appear.

And he will:

  • Turn out to be a traitor, in reference to a scrapped plan from the film series[7].
  • Be Optimus' replacement until he gets his memory back.
  • Can't deal with that now.
  • Be the leader of a large contingent of Autobots who survived the war, which would make sense as he's the leader of the Wreckers. He'll probably have Hot Rod as his protege, and Wheeljack will bring him to earth. While he'll serve as the leader of the Autobots until Optimus regains his memories, he'll be rather off-putting and quickly start to chafe on Team Prime. He'll be considerably more grizzled, warlike, and generally dickish than Optimus ever was, up to and including lies and manipulation. But he'll also be a complete and utter badass, as if that makes everything okay. He'll hold Optimus in disdain and proclaim him to be "soft," or even challenge him as a traitor, and when he finds out the Matrix of Leadership has been destroyed, he'll be pissed at not getting a chance to have the power of a Prime. However, when he dies in the second season finale, he'll get a Redemption Equals Death Dying Moment Of Awesome.

Starscream will once again create the Combaticons.

  • This is relating back to what I said earlier. Anyway, Cliff's death was a big emotional plot point, so no doubt it will be manipulated again to screw up Arcee. Anyway, since Starscream went rogue in Partners, he's neutral, roughly, so he'll do what he did when this situation, somewhat, occurred in G1. Create the Combaticons. It fits his style at this point. Can't beat 'em, create your own weapon to destroy them.

Orion will never regain his memories

He will probably switch sides at some point, but he will never regain his memories of being Optimus Prime. Remember they said, "When we kill a character, we kill a character." by wiping his memories they have technically "killed" Optimus. Orion will have to slowly relearn what it means to be a Prime.

Orion will say "Give me your faith."

They'll reenact scenes from the Transformers Evo Opening.

== The 'Cons get the new spacebridge working, and everyone ends up on Cybertron. == 

  • More specifically, Orion ends up face to face with Primus (again) because the 'Bots got him there or because Megatron went to try and take the power of the Primes for himself. Either way, Orion gets rePrimed and reinstated as Optimus. 
    • Bonus WMG: The kids come along.
      • If this were the case, Jack would definitely come along, what with him having the Key to Vector Sigma and all.
      • Which would tie nicely to Miko's assertion, way the way back in the premiere, that Jack is destined for something great. 
      • Of course, they'd have to get past June and Fowler first.
    • Word of God has confirmed the Cybertron part. The Autobots are going to end up there in the upcoming season. No word yet on whether the kids come along or not.
      • Jack and Arcee end up going in "Orion Pax, Part 2" to get to Vector Sigma.

There will be more manually held weapons as the series goes on.

In Dark Of The Moon, the characters had more weapons that didn't come from their bodies, such as swords, guns, and even a shield. There have been two characters thus far who have held manual weapons in this series (Wheeljack and Skyquake), so the quotient may increase.

  • They'll certainly have a use for the synthetic energon that way.

Unicron will come back online eventually.

Come on, there's no real way they'd shut him down for real so early. Seems too strong a character to be permanantely repressed that way.

  • I say they're going to save him for whenever they need a big-time villain, or another reason to get some of the bad guys to work with the Autobots.

Orion Pax won't rejoin the Autobots until, or even if, his memory is restored.

I've seem a lot of people saying even with no memory he will rejoin the Autobots due to his good, nonviolent nature. But this time its the middle of a war. And both sides are violent. Not to mention that Decepticons seem to have gone to great lengths to make 'non-letal' weapons such as The Gauntlet and the Immoblizer. On the other hand the Autobots have made synthetic energon AKA make bots crazy psychos energon. Even if he realizes human involvment, humans aren't little angels are they? Megatron can find any sort of evidence that they are only helping the Autobots war mongering.

  • Orion/Optimus isn't non-violent, he's a Technical Pacifist. Remember what happened when Raf was hurt? He originally split from Megatron because Megs wanted power above all else, and was willing to use violence to get it. They differed on the use of violence, not the fact of it -- and that difference will no doubt become very obvious, very quickly.
  • I don't understand the WMG. Do you think Optimus wouldn't come back even if he had his memory, or are saying you don't think he'll get it back? Either way he would never stay with the 'Cons after he found out how they use force. That is the key difference. I do however think Megatron is smart enough to be able keep the truth from him if he really wanted to.
  • I apologize, I worded that horribly. What I meant was I think he can fall prey to the contagious virus that is the Decepticon way. Megatron has had years to perfect his methods of getting others to see things his way, and I think Orion is going to be more susceptible to it this time around (one, I think the war will catch him off guard and make him vulnerable and two, I don't think that he will be able to bounch back right away from the Matrix being expelled, if only because it seems that it made changes in personality and it suddenly being removed will be harmfull). That making him stay on the Decepticons.
    • Sorry, but I still don't buy it. Orion is mentally/emotionally back where he was at the start of the war, but Megatron isn't. He's older, crueler and much more ruthless, and he won't be able to conceal that for very long. Orion's going to notice the change in his "friend", and that alone will raise a lot of questions.

Bonecrusher will appear at some point.

And he will hate everything, and be voiced by Vince Valenzuela. He may also be hilarious.

  • Either that, or he'll be voiced by John Dimaggio using his RATH voice. Because what other voice would fit Bonecrusher more perfectly than sounding like a psychotic wrestler?

Starscream will attempt to lead a Decepticon revolt in Season 2, but will fail

Starscream likes to use safe politics and plotting more than fighting with brute strength. And over the course of season 1, before he split, he played to Megatron's Lieutenants, trying to intimidate/persuade them into following his lead. When Starscream returns (if he does) to the Nemesis, he will try to get the current Decepticon commanders to join him in a revolt against Megatron, but will get little success due to his absence and several other X factors.

  • Knock-Out was probably Starscream's biggest supporter when they were together. In fact, he might have been the bot who convinced Megatron to spare Screamer, as Megatron noted that "My medical staff predicts you will make a rapid recovery" not to mention how well he treated Starscream in Shadowzone. Heck, he actually became Starscream's commander briefly. However, he'll make some comment about Scream being gone so long that he was able to get back in Megatron's graces with his work on the Experimental energon, and so will decline to join his little revolution.
  • Breakdown will comment that Megatron looks more favorably on him thanks to his work in capturing Arachnid, but admit that his constant failures with Energon missions have lost him points. Ultimately, he might consider at least letting Scream go if Starscream is captureds, as a way to repay his debt to him from Operation: Breakdown.
  • Arachnid will outright plead to be part of the team due to her disdain for being under Megatron's heel, but due to him being bitter from what she did to him in "Partners", this will be one team member Starscream will outright reject.
  • Soundwave has his Undying Loyalty to megatron, and so will never join any revolt, but might actually save Starscream's life by playing back his last confessions on being second in command of the decepticons, showing a shred of affection towards him.
  • Finally, Orion Pax knows nothing about Scream, but will never betray his mentor Megatronus for a nobody.

All these factors will cause Starscream to realize that the Decepticons would never accept his rule unless Megatron was truly gone, leading him to become more like his former counterparts in trying to overthrow Megatron by force with an army of Transformers of his own, in a fundamental shift for his Characterization carried over from his beatdown on Arcee.

Alternately, the revolt will succeed and trigger a full blown Decepticon Civil War.

  • Because that would be pee-your-pants awesome.
    • And the breakaway faction will name themselves Predacons.

An Autobot will get killed off next season.

  • More or less a given, an interview with IGN confirmed the body count is going up. So let's guess:
    • Optimus Prime. Him dying may as well be a running gag.
    • Bulkhead. Quite Badass to the point that it normally takes Breakdown or Megatron to slow him. SO they'll get rid of him to get rid of the Game Breaker.
    • Arcee. Not quite so likely, as killing off the only female Autobot would bring Unfortunate Implications so quickly.
    • Ratchet: Mad scientist experience could easily get him killed in the future.
    • Bumblebee. Okay, maybe not.
    • Wheeljack. Word of God did mention that he would return eventually, and he's a minor character they could kill while still keeping their original cast in check and raising the body count.
    • A one off character. That one off character will be Hot Shot. His toy is a recolor of Bumblebee with a new head, so it'd be easy enough to make a character model for him. Heck, Cliffjumper's body with a new head was what they used for Tailgate's CGI model. (Think we'll get a Tailgate toy?)
  • Or for the 'Cons:
    • Megatron. Big Bad who's kicked enough dogs to get Optimus gunning for him.
    • Starscream: Defected from the Cons and backstabbed too much, he'll die asserting his independence to the last, finally destroyed either by the Autobots or Megatron.
    • Soundwave: Dies defending Megatron in a Dying Moment of Awesome to show that as Megatron's original follower, he's still got something to fight for.
    • Breakdown. Perhaps in a Alas, Poor Villain moment between him and Bulkhead playing off his potential as a Noble Demon or just something special in his finale.
    • Knock Out: Perhaps beaten ironically with his vanity leading to his downfall.
    • Airachnid: Stop for a second and think about all the nasty things she's done that could come back and bite her in the skidplate. Pretty long list, isn't it? [8]
    • Dreadwing: If the trailer for "Loose Cannons" is to be believed, he and Wheeljack are arch enemies. Why not have the pair fight to the death (with both participants mortally wounded) and make it a Dying Moment of Awesome for both parties?
  • Or for the humans:
    • Jack: Clearly being molded into the human version of Optimus Prime, which could include the death tradition.
    • Raf: Came pretty close to death by Dark Energon, which could have lingering effects later in the series.
    • Miko: Though Word of God says she's got some character development coming up, so there may be hope for her yet. 
    • Fowler: Deliberately crashing whatever vehicle he's flying to prevent a Con from scanning it, again.
    • June: Offed by Airachnid or MECH to mess with Jack.
    • Silas: Project Chimera obtains sentience and turns against MECH, offing Silas in the process.
    • Or maybe Sierra, the girl Jack likes, to push his character development forward. (Bonus points if it's Airachnid that does it just to piss him off.)

The Dinobots will combine

People have been pining for a Dinobot combiner for years. It could be named Magnaboss.

  • Well, one showed up in the comics called The Beast, but no one really liked it.
  • Or they could combine into The Dinobot.

The Dinobots will be techno organic.

Optimus/Orion Pax will be the test subject for Knockout's version of Synthetic Energon.

Memory or no memory, Orion Pax isn't really in tune with the Decepticon mentality, and simply being himself will sooner or later foil Megatron's attempt to turn him against the Autobots. If Megatron takes advantage of Orion's self-sacrificing nature and trust in him, however, he can probably manipulate him into volunteering to be the test subject for Synthetic Energon. The result, a Prime on Psycho Serum, will not only gain the aggression, arrogance, and ruthlessness he'd need to fit right in with the Decepticons, but also making him a one-bot army that the Autobots cannot hope to stop or reason with until the energon wears off. This will prolong the Orion-as-a-'Con subplot for a little while, plus it would be pretty incredible to see Optimus's skills being used without his usual nobility or self-control.

Megatron will gain an Earth altmode in season 2 in preparation for a larger toy

Perhaps as a means to continue fooling amnesiac Optimus Prime, Megatron will take an Earth altmode, presumably some sort of jet, even though he finds it disdainful (though he'll hide this). This could be because the only toy of Megatron currently released is the Deluxe-class from the Entertainment Pack, while Optimus already has the Deluxe from that AND a Voyager; they're saving larger Megatron toys for when he gets his Earth altmode.

The Mini-Con Prime of the Thirteen will turn out to be Modus Prime

I admit this is a bit obscure, but Fun Publications published a text story on its website a few years back about Mini-Cons built by the Last Autobot from the Marvel comics rebuilding a ruined Cybertron for the absent Autobots, ruled initially by a Mini-Con called Modus Prime, 'First Among Equals' though he gets killed by a rogue Mini-Con who believes Cybertron should belong to the Mini-Cons. Since it's been confirmed one of the Primes is a Mini-Con, it seems to me the thing to do would just be to dust off the name 'Modus Prime' and attach it to him.

Trukk vs Munky will happen at some point.

Bonus points if Gary Chalk reprises his role as Primal.

Aaron Archer said 'Prime' would be about what it means to be a Prime...

  • Now watch episode 26 again. Yeah. That plot twist isn't getting resolved any time soon.
    • It may be resolved sooner than you think. the episode plot for episode 2 of season 2 has been confirmed to be Jack finds a way to restore Optimus's memories. So, yeah.

== With Optimus gone, Arcee and Ratchet will argue over who's in charge. ==  Arcee tends take the lead in the field, but Ratchet has seniority, and has been with Optimus longer. Given their respective natures, conflict seems inevitable.

  • Whether the 'Bots can keep it together at all without their leader is also in question, especially if there's no clear way to get him back (or if their first attempt fails).
    • Well, given what happened in the season 2 premiere, the team's barely holding together, and it's the HUMANS of all people who keep pushing them on. Whoda thunk?

Dinobot's Expy...

will be

  • Star Saber
  • Wing Saber
  • Starscream in disguise.
  • Orion Pax.
  • Metalhawk
  • It looks like Dreadwing, so far. He hasn't defected yet, but he's got a sense of honor that conflicts with Megatron's leadership style. Whether he will defect is far from certain, but he's the only 'Con that's shown the slightest interest.

Sierra will have a bigger role in the next season as the human companion for a new Autobot, most likely Prowl.

"Speed Metal" shows that she's at least interested in cars and racing, even if it may just be for the bad-boy appeal of it. Growing out of said attraction will be part of her Character Development. Certain events will entail her to know the other kids' connection to the Autobots, and she'll act as Secret Keeper until Prowl shows up. It would fit best if it was Animated Prowl's vehicle mode and personality: Sierra likes cool bikes, the motorcycle mode complements Arcee's form and can foster a growing foundation for Jack and Sierra's relationship; not only that, Prowl's stoic and patient personality would provide a contrast for Sierra's more outgoing demeanor. And really, the mental image of a high school cheerleader with a sleek black ninja motorbike has some appeal to it.

  • Well, given what happened in the season premiere, there might be some subtle foreshadowing beginning.

== At some point, the Masquerade will be blown wide open. ==  How it happens is up in the air. Megatron seems like he would relish a worldwide Kneel Before Zod moment, though.

  • It could very easily be a Shout-Out to the live actions movies, seeing as the Fallen did just that in a Do Not Adjust Your Set moment during the second movie.
    • If I ruled the world, it would be the whammy at the end of the third season, possibly leading into the Big Damn Movie.

Breakdown's personality is a front

Perhaps a bit of an Alternate Character Interpretation going on here; Prime Breakdown is a very different character compared to his WFC counterpart, who is more G1 in the fact that he's a paranoid whiner terrified of his own shadow, whereas Prime Breakdown is a tough, boisterous brawler. I suggest that rather than being separate but similar continuities in the same "family", that Prime Breakdown IS the same as WFC Breakdown, but one who's gotten better at faking bravery and fearlessness since the war left Cybertron. He's still a paranoid, nervous wreck, but he's learned to mask it all under a facade of being tough and fearless and that his actions-like leaping off the Nemesis in Out Of His Head and falling a hundred feet, his motto in Operation Breakdown-Never run when you can fight-and the way he just throws himself into battle are actually mechanisms to help him keep up the act and sort of psyche him up while keeping his terror in check. This may also explain why, despite being the Decepticon's primary brawler (apart from Megatron, at least), his primary function appears to be Knockout's assistant; he chose bodyguarding the Decepticon's chief medic and a little light labwork as a means of TRYING to keep himself off the battlefield, but when he's forced to fight, he throws himself in headfirst before he can start to panic. He probably did this so other Decepticons would take him more seriously as a warrior (Megatron's pretty dismissive of him in WFC, for example) rather than the sort of Butt Monkey he was while the war was still confined to Cybertron.

Silas will use the information received on the Transformers to create the Constructicons

This is more or less a redoing of an older WMG. Consider how that there are plenty of construction vehicles available and with the technology from the Transformers, they would create them and make them even stronger by giving them the ability to combine.

Soundwave's first word(s) will be "NO!" to Megs OR anyone who questions his authority, ala The Starscream or a threat to the Autobots

  • And it will be just as epic as when Caesar did it in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
  • I'm confused: Is he saying "No" to someone threatening the 'Bots, or is he saying it as a threat?
    • My bad, I meant the two as entirely different scenarios.
  • How about this, Megatron has gone insane and has a plan that'll destroy the Autobots along with the Decepticons. Soundwave puts aside his loyalty towards Megatron and tries to stop him. Megatron starts ranting about how he is Soundwave's superior. Then Soundwave responds. "Soundwave: superior. Megatron: inferior."

Soundwave isn't as loyal as he seems.

Maybe the reason why he's so quiet is not just because he can't talk, maybe Megatron did something horrible to him a long time ago that made him so unbelievably enraged, that doesn't bother to dignify Megatron, or anyone else, with a verbal response. Soundwave could quite possibly be keeping Starscream and anyone else from killing Megatron because he's biding his time, and waiting for the right opportunity to kill Megatron with his own hands. And if he does make an attempt on Megatron's life, he'll speak for the first time, and pull off a My Name Is Inigo Montoya.

  • One problem: Why didn't he off Megatron when he was in stasis? Something tells me that if Soundwave decides he wants you dead, he kills you without hesitation as soon as the chance presents itself. 
  • Word of God says he can talk, he just hasn't spoken with his own voice since they came to Earth. Basically, he's taken a vow of silence while they're in exile.

Destruction of the Space Bridge will have radical effects on its users.

...Such as mutation, being sent into a pocket dimension, Being hurled forward or backward in time, or any combination of these.Considering that the last ones to be on board an imploding space bridge were Megatron's undead army, this could come back to bite the Autobots HARD. But Megatron's new space bridge opens up newer possibilities, specifically...

Optimus and Megatron become Primus and Unicron.

In the Grand Finale, Optimus and Megatron engage in battle on the latter's new space bridge,which is connected to Cybertron as per Megatron's Evil Plan. The battle causes the bridge to overload, creating a transwarp explosion, the energy of which they absorb, radically transforming their very being, fusing their their essence to parts of the crumbling Cybertron and hurtling them back in time, creating Primus (Optimus) and Unicron (Megs.) When Unicron is cast out by Primus and the Thirteen, he leaves an agent to gradually corrupt Megatronus and send him down the dark path. And in his last moments, Primus grants Orion Pax the Matrix of Leadership, bringing it all full circle.

Soundwave is Megatron/Unicron's aforementioned agent.

As Optimus/Primus and the Thirteen finally defeat Megatron/Unicron, he creates Soundwave as his Mole, with the intention of corrupting his younger self Megatronus's ideals after ingratiating himself in his inner circle. It would happen, because a), it had already happened, and b) Soundwave had either revealed his dark secret or Megatron had figured it out. Megs/Unicron might have had Soundwave not keep his younger self in the loop for fear of messing up his (Unicron's) victory somehow... or, as of Season One, Unicron might be Not QuiteDead, or maybe Soundwave DID kept Megatron in the know because there's some contrived way to bring Unicron back. This would explain Soundwave's Undying Loyalty to Megatron as well as his incentive, because if Megatron is destroyed before becoming Unicron and creating him,Soundwave will never have existed.

There will be Insecticons in season 2

We have confirmation of Dinobots, and this show is big on the Arch Enemy thing. So it'd only make sense to have a counterpart for them on the dark side. Insecticons are the best bet, because the G1 insecticons were an animal-based subgroup that didn't combine, like the Dinobots, but could also provide thematic contrast in a lot of ways. Besides, there's enough ways to make giant robot insects creepy that I'm sure the showrunners would love them.

  • This could be interesting depending on how in-continuity Fall Of Cybertron turns out to be with Prime, since in Fall Word of God says they're specifically going for making the Combaticons the archrivals of the Dinobots.
    • The Dinobots can have more than one group of archrivals.
  • To go further, they will serve Airachnid and one of them will be this universe's Waspinator.
    • She creates them, but they are loyal to her only for as long as she feeds them.
  • In "Orion Pax: Part 3," An Insecticon has appeared, but is more of an Elite Mook that quickly falls to Scraplets. 
  • In "Crossfire", An Insecticon serving under Airachnid shows up. And while it does get killed in battle with Megatron, Airachnid discovers a whole hive of Insecticons at the end of the episode.
  • As of "Armada", the Insecticons are now officially fighting for the Decepticons, essentially becoming muscled-up Mooks.

Project Chimera will be a transtector

And Jack will become Ginrai

Ratchet will help Optimus regain his memories

The two have been close friends for a very long time, and Ratchet was the only Autobot Optimus/Orion didn't see after his memory wipe.

Team Prime are Assassins

The Energon Harvester episode is the major point in this, but I think its funny that these guys follow the same tenets as the Assassins, and are about as good at upholding them:

  • Don't kill needlessly (in AC 2 and beyond): Broken REPEATEDLY if MECH is involved.
  • Hide in plain sight: Then why are there humans in the base?
  • Never compromise the Brotherhood: A bit more subtle, but Arcee and Ratchet did this in Partners and Stronger,Faster, respectfully and Optimus being unable to kill Megatron is said to be the whole point Cybertron went dark. Well done there pal.

Optimus will get a shard of Dark Energon

Maybe Megatron wants his secret weapon to be as powerful as possible. Maybe giving Optimus some will make him easier to manipulate. Either way, the Dark Energon will react badly with the Matrix, possibly causing some feedback maybe even restoring his memories. Or causing an Opti-rampage. Which would be awesome.

  • Ooh! Or it'll cause this!

Guesses on what roles Dreadwing, Rumble, Hot Shot, and Dead End will play.

Seeing as how Dreadwing will be in the show and how Rumble, Hot Shot, and Dead End have toys might as well guess what roles they will have:

  • Dreadwing: He will probably be a replacement Air Commander for the Cons and might even be loyal to offset Starscream and Airachnid being traitors.
    • Confirmed as of "Crossfire."
  • Dead End: He will probably talk about life being meaningless and be a former teammate of Breakdown as a G1 shout out.
  • Rumble: Will probably be Soundwave's personal spy.
  • Hot Shot: Will most likely show up with Wheeljack as reinforcements.

There will be some friction between Knock Out and Airachnid.

Knock Out seems to like to suck up to whoever's in charge at the moment... He worked for Starscream happily while Megatron was comatose, but once Megatron was back, Knock Out's loyalties changed. As such, Airachnid attempting to usurp power and upset the status quo would probably be a nuisance to him... He'd have to either play both sides or risk burning bridges that, in the off-chance that Airachnid gets lucky, he'd much rather not have to. Plus Breakdown seems to be a little interested in her, and I very much doubt that Knock Out wants to be deprived of his personal brute. And thus, in combination, these things will start to grate on Knock Out's nerves, if they haven't already, and he'll be less than thrilled about having Airachnid as a coworker.

    • Airachnid's gone rogue, and she killed Breakdown in the process. The number of ways in which this would piss off Knock Out is mind-boggling.

Unicron is Lord English


At some point there will be a crossover with a few other Hasbro franchises.

This one may be a bit of a stretch (especially for the former), but considering it's already been pseudo-confirmed that all the G1 universes are tied together, there is a slight possibility of this happening...emphasis on slight.

  • Maybe not a crossover, but a few shout-outs? And if a few of you take the commercial crossover jokes on the Hub seriously, they already have.

In "Operation Bumblebee, Part 2", the demons from Ratchet's past will have something to do with Lockdown.

Just because fans of TFA would rejoice and if Lance Henriksen came back, this would be taken Up to Eleven.

== Cerebus Syndrome has officially set in. ==  Not to say that the humor levels will go down, but that the drama/tragedy levels will continue to go up compared to previous episodes. At the very least, we'll see a higher ratio of high-stakes adventures to stand-alone episodes.

  • Confirmed.

Unicron can control humans.

Given what he is, it wouldn't be too out of line with his other abilities. It didn't come up the first time because he considered them beneath his notice. Next time he appears, he'll use them as agents to fight and track the transformers with subtlety.

By the end of the series, Earth will be destroyed.

Earth is Unicron. That really isn't a sustainable situation. The question is less whether Earth will be destroyed, but more how it happens, and how humanity handles it.

  • Distant finale. Humanity has time to pack up first and find a new home.
  • Intermediate. Humanity doesn't have the time pack up, but they manage to come up with some kind of plan. Possible involves Space Bridging entire chunks of the planet. May result in relocation to Cybertron, assuming that they manage to make the place habitable.
  • Sudden. Maybe Unicron transforms, maybe the Decepticons cause Unicron to bleed so much that humans can't survive, but they have to leave in a hurry. This results in massive human deaths, with the few survivors being homeless wanderers, and Earth just another casualty of the Great War.
    • Eh ... it is technically a kids' show.
    • "Thankfully, they all managed to evacuate the planet at the last second, just offscreen". Just like in '80s cartoons with exploding helicopters!

The war between the new world order and the newest Silas spoke of is between Mech and Cobra.

Cause it'd be awesome. 

== Jack has made some powerful enemies, and it will come back to bite him. ==  He's been instrumental in thwarting both Silas and Megatron. Both are a little too busy running their organizations for an all-out campaign of personal revenge against one teenager, but if the opportunity for a cheap shot ever presented itself...

  • It's been explored in the comics. In the issue Schoool... Is Out!, Silas went around blowing up schools in an effort to lure Jack out so that he could personally off him.
    • So Jack's trounced him twice, giving Silas double the incentive to really come after him. If this doesn't come up at some point in the series, I will be very surprised. 

Soundwave secretly runs Wall St. and along with the entire world economy, not by Megatron's orders but because he felt like it.

He got bored while Starscream was in charge and decided to screw around with the planet as a whole. The second he feels like it he could bring Earth to its knees with the touch of a button. There is no evidence to prove or disprove this.

  • Even better, the "Cassettes" are not present because he used them to replace every major world leader and is just waiting for the Autobots to be out of the way before enacting his master plan. 
  • Mech unknowingly works for him. He sent them after Breakdown after he decided he was a weak link in the chain of command. 
    • That would be pee-your-pants awesome.
  • The Toy bio of the film version of Soundwave said that if he wanted to end the world, he could just do it. Now, keep in mind which version of Soundwave this is mostly based upon.

== Based on the above theory, Soundwave will (at some point) challenge Megatron directly. ==  For position, for profit or just for the lulz, who knows. The point is ... he'll win.

  • Or in doing that it will be a larger plan to drive Megatron further into insanity causing him to kill Soundwave, thus making him slip even further due to having killed his first and only true loyal soldier. This will cause him to become Galvatron.

Dreadwing is Skyquake's brother.

As a preview for "Operation: Bumblebee" showed, Dreadwing is a Palette Swap of Skyquake, and he declared that "Every last Autobot will pay." Simply put: The Autobots killed his brother and now he wants revenge. Alternately, he's Skyquake brought back to life thanks to MECH and wants revenge.

  • Confirmed. Dreadwing and Skyquake are split-spark twins, and Dreadwing's reason for coming to Earth was to avenge his brother's death.

Dark Energon can be used by humans and give them properties or abilities like that of their "creator" or just make them stronger.

The series has shown that both types of energon can harm humans, but if Dark Energon played a part in the creation of life on Earth then it would make sense that it would benefit Earth based life not harm it. The reason it nearly killed Raf was because it had been tainted by Megatron's "good energon".

  • This was already partially discussed under Headscratchers -- by the time humans developed, Unicron and dark energon had been buried so deep, and for so long, that they wouldn't have had an effect either way on us. 
  • If the two energons destroy/counter each other on contact, there wouldn't be any "good" energon left in Megatron's system to taint the dark energon.
  • Who's to say the whole blood of unicorn legend ain't a misspelling of Unicron?

The concept of "What it means to be a Prime" will be used as a Coming of Age Story.

As early as Season 3, the concept of "What it means to be a Prime" will be heavily focused on. While Optimus Prime is obviously the end-result of what a Prime is, the focus will be the development of an Autobot becoming a prime. There will be two candidates: Sentinel Major (A descendant of the Sentinel line of the Autobots including the previous Sentinel Zeta Prime) and Hot Rod. All season long the show will focus on what one has but the other lacks (Sentinel more experienced, yet arrogant and - to use a better term - a bit of a jerk. Hot Rod inexperienced, yet more compassionate and humble. Not sure if he even wants to become a Prime.) This will culminate in a five-part season finale with Optimus' death (For real this time) with Sentinel, believing that he's "the obvious choice" as Prime's successor, tries to take the Matrix of Leadership, but it has no effect (Or at worst, corrupts him) emphasizing why it is only given to those who are worthy). The matrix will be then given to Hot Rod, but it works. Transforming him into Rodimus Prime. This perceived "lack of respect" will drive Sentinel mad, causing him to desperately absorb Dark Energon, corrupting him. The next season (Or final episode, if not renewed for a fourth season) will have the Autobots, with Rodimus as their new leader, not only focusing on the Decepticons but a now-rogue Sentinel, who has since dubbed himself Nemesis Prime.

There will be an Autobots-somehow-turn-into-humans episode(s)

It's practically a tradition for Transformers. Also, there will be more Ship Tease between June Darby and Optimus while he is human and *ahem* compatible with her.

  • Would Optimus even go for that? He seems like he'd be completely oblivious to any romantic possibilities. Although the one-sided flirting (and Jack's subsequent embarrassment-related aneurysm) would be hilarious. 

The Insecticon that Starscream and Airachnid fight over in Crossfire will become the Prime version of Waspinator.

Chances are by the end due to damage the Insecticon will reformat himself into Waspinator. Then he will get blasted every episode.

Agent Fowler and Silas will have an epic gun/combat knife duel on a rooftop or airborne vehicle toward the end of the series. Fowler will pull a Heroic Sacrifice to end Silas for good and will be missing until the next season where it turns out he survived but is in a coma.

Because it would be awesome.

  • They do fight one-on-one in "Nemesis Prime." But it's Silas who ends up almost dead.

Sierra is a Pretender.

The same kind as Alice from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, though she may not be necessarily evil.

  • Just for the hell of it, I'm saying that she's Silas's kid. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that the Decepticons would be aware of and would have taken full advantage of a loyal soldier taht could seamlessly transform into a human. Megs already knows Jack's face. If she works for him, then I'm pretty sure we would have gotten a "kidnap the kid or something" at this point.
  • Jumping in here: She's just a regular, oblivious human girl. Jack will take her out on a date, and hilarity will ensue. She will either a) decide Jack's secret life is awesome and want in; b) decide Jack's secret life is too dangerous and want out; or c) leave with the masquerade intact, but thinking Jack is a flaky weirdo for his efforts to cover it up.
    • According to what I've seen, C is generally how they write off a one-shot love interest, and Sierra has been presented as a legitimate Love Interest for Jack. 
      • Oh, and bonus WMG: Airachnid shows up and Hilarity Ensues as she and the Autobots go at it and the latter attempt to prevent their battle from ruining Jack's date. 
      • Bonus bonus WMG: Airachnid shows up because she's jealous
    • Sierra gets mad at Jack due to his seeming lack of interest and starts dating an odd bad boy at their school by the name of Ron Tagem(Megatron in a pretender shell).

The reason Breakdown is brave and not anything like his G1 self is because Prime-verse Motormaster is dead.

Think about it, MM is a bully and a jerk, Breakdown was a wuss because he was constantly knocked around even when MM wasn't around (due to the gestalt link). When MM died Breakdown was free of him and the Prime-verse Breakdown is Breakdown's true personality finally able to come out and express itself.

    • Having Knock Out to pal around with may have helped too.

Starscream is either the SG Aligned Starscream who got brainwashed by this universe's Shockwave when he traveled here, or is this universe's Starscream who is in the SG Aligned Starscream's body.

Explains why Starscream has the red insigna worn by the Shattered Glass Decepticons.

Bumblebee will have a new voicebox built for him.

As soon as the Autobots manage to retrieve the Hammer of Solus Prime from the Decepticons later on in the season. This will also be the ONLY thing they use it for before they put it away for safekeeping, recognizing the danger of abusing its power recklessly to create superweapons that could destroy the Decepticons, but also cause great damage to humanity and earth, thus also explaining why they never take advantage of its ability to create superweapons.

  • Right now -- emphasis on the "right" and the "now" -- I think giving 'Bee a speaking voice would mess with the audience's relationship to the character. 

Dreadwing and Wheeljack will kill one another at the end of "Loose Cannons".

I just wonder how they would keep Wheeljack on the roster without a serious Game Breaker, unless Dreadwing is as strong as Megatron.

  • -- Tony Todd has already recorded at least 12 episodes as Dreadwing, so he's sticking around, at least for a while. 
    • OK, then what about Wheeljack?
    • Maybe he'll get Put on a Bus Tigatron-style and set out to explore Earth for Decepticon activity...specifically, try to find the Nemesis. That way he could also commute when the situation calls for it.
      • He could just stick around to help even the numbers.
    • Bulkhead gets blown up and Wheeljack takes his place on the team. Also, I hate myself for even suggesting that. 
      • Hooray, I was totally wrong! 
    • The Tigatron-thing ends up happening pretty much exactly, aside from the part about the Nemesis. Dreadwing, on the other hand, had a bout of Genre Savviness and decided to cut his losses and run, so as not to end up like his brother. Either way, both of them survived. 
    • I bet Wheeljack pulls a Depth Charge.

The relationship between Wheeljack and Dreadwing will be like Depth Charge and Rampage.

It would go great with the Evil Counterpart thing the show has.

== About the Forge of Solus Prime ... ==  Mr. Chekhov, your office is on line one; Mr. Chekhov, line one.

Cross-Posted from the Fringe page: The entire show is set inside one of Walter Bishop's drug trips.

John Noble plays both Walter Bishop and Unicron. Wouldn't it make sense (and be absolutely hilarious) for a guy on LSD to hallucinate that he's a giant robot that comprises the core of the earth?

Nemesis Prime will break the Masquerade wide open.

Given the trailer shows him shooting up American military personnel, it is almost certain. And the summary for the following episode is "Agent Fowler has some explaining to do under the threat of military tribunal and Team Prime's termination."

  • Where can I see this trailer?

Airachnid will finally make her last attempt for freedom, though it will be Starscream who takes her down.

She's clearly not happy being a lackey to Megatron after several thousand years out of the loop and working alone, plus the trailer shows her attacking Breakdown. Not sure how Starscream takes her down, but it would be a fitting way to end a storyline -- Screamer left the 'Cons after Airachnid betrayed him, after all.

  • I'd be surprised if they wrote her out without involving Arcee or Jack in some capacity. Or, better yet, June.
  • The betrayal part is more or less confirmed by the trailer, after further analysis and the Hub's official description: "The Decepticon ranks start to splinter following the loss of a key member." So she's either killed someone or done a runner.
    • As of the episode airing, it's both, and she got away for now.

The Masquerade will break open, and Miko's parents will demand she come home to Japan.

Which will make little to no difference, because she can just ground-bridge right back to Jasper. Hilarity will ensue.

At one point, Megatron had to spend an extended period of time with a damaged Transformation Cog.

Since then, he's made sure that he can use his gun without having to transform.

Breakdown used to be a Wrecker.

In Operation: Breakdown, Bulkhead told Miko that he and Breakdown went way back. Maybe the two used to be pals during their time as Wreckers, but then Breakdown turned evil and led Megatron's forces straight to the Wreckers' camp, leading to the deaths of Roadbuster, Pyro and the other Wreckers that Wheeljack mentioned in Loose Cannons.

The Insecticons are the Spawn of Unicron or a genetic experiment of Shockwave's.

It would explain why there are so many nesting on the Earth.

  • The novels and FOC explain that they are, indeed, creations of Shockwave's.

Airachnid was an Insecticon.

Once mindless and boorish she developed a self-awareness and her intellect increased. Combined with the WMG above, Airachnid might have been one of Shockwave's more successful experiments. It would explain her "We are almost related" speech. They are -- she's an older generation.

  • I think she was referring to a common evolutionary ancestor, not her personal history.
    • Given what we know about the aligned universe so far, I'm willing to bet that said "ancestor" is the unnamed Prime with the beast mode.

Dead End will appear.

And he will be Knock Out's new partner and an in-universe Replacement Scrappy for Breakdown. It would just seem natural to intoduce him now that the Decepticons are down two members.

A new Breakdown will be built by MECH.

Following MECH's discovery of the original Breakdown's remains, they will use said remains to construct a new version of Breakdown, who, following the show's core rule that "dead characters stay dead" will NOT be the original Breakdown, but a whole new character with his own personality and no memories of the original. And unlike the original Breakdown, he'll be paranoid, and cowardly just as the G1 Breakdown was, and will be used to create the Stunticons (perhaps Nemesis Prime will be rebuilt into Motormaster?). BUT, in an added twist, because the new Breakdown is built from the remains of the old, the new Breakdown will sometimes receive flashes of the original Breakdown's memories and life, and over time, this will cause him to become more like the original, making him, in a way, an Expy of Dinobot II, albeit rebuilt from someone who, while honourable, was never actually on the good guy's side.

  • Or, more likely, it'll be completely devoid of a personality and operated by remote control. MECH has no way to give the thing a spark, and even if they could, why would they want to when doing so might give their creation a nasty independent streak. They'd probably opt for a heavily-armed corpse instead. And it'll be every bit as disturbing as what's basically animatronic taxidermy.
    • Apparently, they have a different plan for Breakdown's remains. It looks like they're going to upload Silas's mind into it.

Soundwave will have another fight with Airachnid.

After a season of trying to kill Megatron, Soundwave will have enough of her plotting and go after her himself, during which he will say "Soundwave: Superior, Airachnid: Inferior" and promptly pwn her and kill her/or fatally wound her so she'll go missing for a good couple of episodes.

  • After she leaves and insulted Soundwave, he played a recording of Airachnid planning to abandon Megatron and become leader. We may get a chance to see this battle happen when/if Airachnid attacks the base.

There is an epic Enemy Mine situation in the works, everyone but MECH against Airachnid and her Insecticon army.

A rogue Decepticon who's backstabbed Starscream, killed Arcee's partner, as well as Knock Out's partner and Bulkhead's Arch Enemy, denying the latter closure, schemed against Megatron, and could, at any time, start hunting humans for sport out of sheer boredom? Backed with an army of Elite Mooks -- which a single one of nearly gave Megatron a run for his money? When she resurfaces, she'll officially be in everyone's crosshairs... with good reason.

  • Hmmmm... depending on what happens between then and now, MECH could well be in on it. Unless the MECH storyline turns out to be a huge distraction from Airachnid's activities.

Knock Out will exact vengeance upon Airachnid.

It seems fitting that the partner of the Decepticon she offed should get a shot at her. In order to preserve his villain cred, however, as well as to humourously snub the fangirls, he'll say that the reason he wants her dead is not because he misses his "friend", but rather, because she didn't let him salvage the remains.

  • Perhaps he and Arcee team up to get some payback.
  • Knock Out has purely pragmatic reasons to be mad at Airachnid for killing Breakdown. After all, if he needs any heavy lifting done now, he has to get Dreadwing to do it. Good luck with that.

The writers are messing with the fanbase

Ok, this is way out there, but from reading online comments and observing different episodes, it seems the writers might be purposefully annoying reviewers and messing with expectations for a transformers series. They force humans into the story, but make them likable to work on. They bring up plot points, only for them to be short term many times. They take predictable situations like Starscream wanting to rule, and turn them on their head. And more recently, they take beloved regulars, and kill them off without mercy. Either the writers are really trying to write something new, are making poor story choices, or they are seriously messing with everyone's heads with the way they're handling the series writing. (This is parital offense to how the story is, and partially a WMG to allow tropers to start complaining or posting their thoughts on the story so far)

  • This troper agrees with this; what a great way for the writers to make the show stick out and say "This really is the best we've got" to all the Geewunners.
  • Season One was (mostly) one-shot episodes; season two is much more arc-centered. We're only about a quarter/third into the season, so all they've done so far is plant Chekov's guns and lay groundwork. If standard storytelling structure applies, the next ten+ episodes will escalate and elaborate on the arc(s), and everything will come together with the last chunk of episodes being a multi-parter (that will probably run over into season three, like last time).
    • TL;DR version: The writers are definitely messing with us, but the payoff will be awesome.

Unicron physically embodies each of his Mooks

It explains why he can have a conversation, and seriously hurt Optimus with one, yet speaks in unison after spawning many, with the army dying with single hits. If Unicron really is putting himself under strain to do this, it explains why his giant mooks are merely hulking brutes, so his power IS in fact finite!

A female member of MECH will appear at one point.

And she'll be a ninja as well as The Dragon to Silas.

What do you think will happened if all of humanity knows that Unicron is God

Theologically speaking, Unicron is a god, not the God (who, most religions will tell you, exists outside the physical universe as we understand it). The planet may have formed around him, but that doesn't make him the progenitor of all time and space.

Silas will become a Brain In a Jar.

"Nemesis Prime" ends with him on heavy life support, with the MECH doctor commenting that he's beyond human medicine... but that they fortunately have other means, at which point the camera panels to reveal Silas is hooked up to Breakdown's remains. It seems apparent that they're going to stick Silas in Breakdown's body, which would make his earlier comment about "the perfect melding of man and machine" Foreshadowing.

Silas will infiltrate the Decepticons... the guise of Breakdown. He'll claim that he somehow survived Airachnid's assault, and try to integrate himself into the Decepticon ranks, so as to gather more intelligence about Cybertronians and formulate a plan to get both factions out of the way. Bonus points if he befriends Knock Out and makes use of his knowledge as a Cybertronian medic to learn more about their bodies.

  • Hm, that'd make them look really gullible. Explaining away why he disappeared for however long it was since between his death and the time MECH uploads Silas would be difficult. Second, given how Breakdown seems to be a pretty decent guy towards his subordinates, and Knockout's friend, they might notice a dramatic personality shift. Granted, it is within the realm of possibility, but I'd argue it'd make them look as inept as the G1 Decepticons.
  • I can't see the 'Cons being infiltrated, but if Megatron's first contact with MECH involves a human inhabiting the body of his fallen warrior, things could get really messy, really fast.
  • While other problems with this theory have been pointed out, both Dreadwing and Megatron are very much aware that Breakdown is dead. In any case, the 'Cons are much more aware in this show than in G1.

We've not seen the last of Nemesis Prime.

After Optimus defeats his doppelganger, the duplicate, while damaged, doesn't seem ready for the scrapheap just yet. Granted, the controls were pretty slagged, but given how often Killed Off for Real characters still manage to bite the Autobots in the ass, I'd say we haven't seen the last of this war machine just yet. Theories, anyone?

  • An agent of Unicron and some Dark Energon; Given that at least Megatron showed the ability to control Terrorcons, it stands to reason that an actual, willing agent of the big U could instil some degree of sentient malevolence into Mr. Nemesis.
  • I bet the military keeps Nemesis Prime in their back pocket, should they ever have reason to wish the Autobots' destruction. Which, of course, they will.
  • Call and raise. I bet his body will have Optimus' Spark transplanted into it following a near-death in which Optimus' body is irreparably damaged.
  • Nemesis will be brought to life, with a spark of his own, and think he is Optimus Prime (his look even changing to appear to be him), but when Optimus meets Nemesis, things will go downhill for Nemesis as his life as Optimus falls apart.
  • One of the kids will pilot Nemesis Prime to distract one of the enemies of the Autobots.
  • Optimus will need to fake his death (or someone else will need to fake it) and Nemesis will be used as his corpse.
  • Nemesis is rebuilt by the government and they give Fowler control over it, renaming it Ultra Magnus and painting it red, white, and blue. We then get a Back-to-Back Badasses sequence of the gods as Fowler and Prime take on the 'Cons.
    • But whenever they need him, there will be frequent plots to make sure he can't deal with that now.

Knock Out will eventually be forced to take Silas down.

Let's face it, the guy now resides in the body of his best friend and Knock Out will decide this is too far, feeling that Breakdown should get the chance to R.I.P.

MECH will construct this continuity's Menasor.

Realizing that Breakdown's body isn't a strong enough body for Silas, they build the other Stunticons to form Menasor. Also, this could be the final version of Project: Chimera, since Nemesis Prime was the prototype. I mean look at the name Chimera, what would be better name for a project to create a Combining Mecha? And because the others could just be drones, it gets around the "shared consciousness makes the big robot dumb" problem.

"Grill" will be a Clip Show.

The premise is a government hearing regarding whether the Autobots are a threat, and the bulk of the promo clip on the Hub's website was recycled footage. The hearing will probably be a review of Autobot/Decepticon activity on Earth using flashbacks.

Megatron wanted to get rid of Skyquake.

First he sends him to assassinate Optimus Prime, while we all know how personal he gets when it comes to Prime, then he isolates him on Earth and does not even consider putting him out of stasis lock... I tell you, Megatron really IS a Bad Boss.

  • When Megatron first got to earth, he was busy with the whole "reanimate Cybertron's dead as an unholy army" thing, and then he got blowed up, and by the time he got better Skyquake was already dead. Starscream, however, was on Earth the whole time. This one's more on him than anyone.

There will be a MECH mole (or perhaps several) in Fowler's agency.

"Grill" alluded to the existence of MECH agents who are actually currently enlisted US military personnel in disguise; it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to suggest that they may have infiltrated the ranks of various government agencies as well, including Fowler's.

  • And if it's Jack's dad, we can all die happy.

If Silas does take Breakdown's body, he won't last to the end of the season.

Cybertronians on both sides already have good reason to take down MECH, with organ theft, kidnapping, and torture on their list of grievances. Silas' inhabiting a dead 'Con's body will just add fuel to the fire. Especially since Ratchet implies that MECH's nasty habit of taking apart Cybertronians is something even Megatron wouldn't do. So he'll have a target painted on his back for however long he lasts.

Cliffjumper was the first and only Autobot Starscream ever killed

If he'd, say, bombed a city on Cybertron and killed all the Autobots in it, wouldn't he brag about that instead of going "GUYS. GUYS. I TOTALLY KILLED AN AUTOBOT ONCE YOU GUYS. SERIOUSLY GUYS. SERIOUSLY."?

  • Given that the Autobots are now basically a long dead faction, with the exception of Team Prime (and Wheeljack) the bots are basically the factional equivalent of an endangered species. Granted he did kill him brutally and somewhat unfairly.
    • There are probably more Autobots out there, roaming around like Wheeljack was doing. Although I doubt there's a fully staffed Autobot warship or three going to show up in high Earth orbit anytime soon.
  • That "GUYS. GUYS." thing may be the best summation of Starscream's character I've heard yet. You get a cookie.
  • I think he keeps bringing up Cliffjumper's death for two reasons; one, it was more recent than any Autobots he might have killed while the war was still confined to Cybertron, and secondly, Team Prime is a small unit of True Companions. Starscream keeps busting out how he killed Cliffjumper because his death is more likely to still hurt, and especially hurt members of Team Prime, who were Cliff's friends and even surrogate family, more than any Autobots he may have killed millions of years ago that none of Team Prime actually knew. When he boasted about it to Airachnid back in Partners, he was trying to assert his dominance since Airachnid had had several run-ins with Arcee before rejoining the Decepticons, and continuously failed to scrap her. He was trying to keep some measure of authority. But yes, the "GUYS. GUYS." line was pretty hysterical. XD
  • As of "Triangulation," Starscream reveals that he enjoyed killing Cliff. Which leads me to think that, yeah, maybe 'Scream's killed Autobots, but maybe Cliffjumper's the only Autobot he's killed personally.

Soundwave completes project Iacon, but the 'Bots get a copy of the information.

The episode description for "Flying Mind" suggests the kids spend some significant time on the Nemesis (and Bulkhead is supposed to spend a good chunk of "Armada" in the same place). At least two episodes after that deal with the Autobots searching for artifacts from Iacon. Hence, it follows that the good guys somehow get their hands on the files. How they get around Soundwave, and why Soundwave lets them get away with it, I have no idea.

  • The Autobots do have some of the files now (post-"Flying Mind"), but the project is far from finished.

Conservation of Ninjitsu will certainly apply in "Armada."

Yeah, so one Insecticon was almost enough to bring Megatron down in "Crossfire". Who's to say that one wasn't just particularly sturdy?

  • Airachnid jammed Megatron's gun early in the fight. The Insecticons are unlikely to fare as well against bots that can just shoot them.
  • Not clearly confirmed or jossed. The Autobots fare well against about five Insecticons, and the Insecticons don't wipe out the Decepticons, but the Decepticons were in the Nemesis and most of the Insecticons survived the episode.
  • Was it me, or when the all started landing, were those insecticons much smaller than Megatron, while the earlier pair were even bigger than Megs?

Silas will infiltrate the Autobots using Breakdown's body

Megatron's figured out that Breakdown is dead, and the other Decepticons know this too. Silas!Breakdown won't be able to join the 'Cons, but the Autobots don't know he's meant to be dead. He'll pretend to have had a change of heart and join the 'bots for some nefarious reason.

  • Given the long and involved history between Breakdown and Bulkhead, this seems unlikely to succeed.

The true purpose of Grill....

Was twofold. It was a Clip Show foremost to save budget. Why? Because the next episode is definately going to be a HSQ from the trailers. Second, because from a storypoint point of view, it acts as a handy use of foreshadowing. Several interesting plot points are brought up including

  • The question of whether Starscream really wants to have Megatron's respect or his leadership role.
  • The idea that the next time Arcee and Arachnid lock heads, only one is going to come out. (or Megatron will do it)
  • The instability of the Con ranks.
  • The question of Dreadwing.
  • The question of how the military will engage with the Autobots from hereon out.
  • The possibility that MECH has infiltrated the military.
  • And a restatement of what the 'Cons will be doing in searching for more relics.

Alltogether, this is a necessary budget saver to show how the series has changed, what might happen later in the series, and save money for the Insecticon attack next time.

Bulkhead's days are numbered.

With Breakdown dead, he no longer has an arch enemy to oppose, and TF Prime does so love its opposites. Adding fuel to the fire, Wheeljack is waiting on planet but out of sight, and he brought his own nemesis with him. Goodbye Bulk, we'll miss you.

  • You shut your mouth. Shut it right now!
  • Plus, they said Miko would get some character development this season. With all she's already been through without learning anything, that's probably the only thing that could actually shock some sense into her.
  • Now that Arcee's also missing her opposite, the show's creators could be moving away from the one-on-one dynamic to focus on the major conflict. Plus, Bulkhead's the heart of Team Prime, a role that Wheeljack just can't fill.
    • Arcee has two opposites, and Starscream is still at large. As for Airachnid, putting her into stasis instead of killing her practically screams that she's going to come into play later. Wheeljack trying to take over as the heart of Team Prime would give him some character development, or at least shake up the team dynamic.
  • Considering the relic hunt that's going on has Arcee and Bumblebee go against Knock-Out and an Insecticon, Optimus goes against Dreadwing (with Starscream tossed in for fun), Ratchet and Wheeljack are going to go against Soundwave, Bulkhead has no named opponent... Unless it's Megatron.
    • End of Triage has Bulkhead coming through the Ground Bridge smoking and laying unconscious on the floor of the Autobot Base.
  • In Toxicity, Bulkhead is attacked by a group of Insecticons and has to deal with prolonged exposure to toxic energon. We get a montage of all the dangerous situations he has been in over the course of the series, and he mentions it's the worst situation he's been in. Then he's shot in the back by Hardshell, hard enough to send him flying through the groundbridge. The episode ends with no word on whether or not he survives, but it doesn't look particularly good.

Starscream will take the T-Cog from the last clone in order to fix himself up.

He has the scientific knowledge of how to clone himself. Is this really so implausible?

  • AW SCRAP, THIS IS GOING TO HURT!! (Bites down on crowbar and cuts himself open)
    • Confirmed, then subverted as he gives up to try and seize a relic, but probably confirmed later on.

Unicron is a Cybertronian magnet.

It seems a very odd coincidence that dozens of artifacts that were jettisoned at random from Cybertron all end up on one particular ball of dirt on the other side of the galaxy. Unless Unicron's presence was somehow calling them and pulling them there, either consciously or unconsciously.

  • The artifacts/weapons weren't jettisoned randomly, they were deliberately delivered and hidden. Earth (presumably unoccupied at the time) was already an Energon storage planet and battleground.
  • Still, it doesn't necessarily preclude the notion that Cybertronians being drawn to store their energon and artifacts there subconsciously by Unicron.

Season 2 finale and hook for Season 3.

Season 2 final, Optimus and Unicron team up to stop an out of control power tripping-over powered Megatron and a dark energon zombie Primus in order to save Earth (Unicron). Team up is caused by the kids talking to Unicron and convincing him to help (they play the "you're our daddy" card better then Optimus did). Megatron wins, Optimus is near death. Autobots use the space bridge to evacuate Earth. Unicron transforms and starts owning the hell out of Primus, Unicron then cures Primus by removing the dark energon. Primus and Unicron revive Optimus. Megatron is destroyed but season three teaser shows him being rebuilt or reanimated as Galvatron. Unicron becomes Earth again and Primus (as Cybertron) goes back into stasis on the outskirts of our solar system.

  • Among ... other things, why would Unicron cure Primus if he had the chance to destroy him?
    • This also goes against the policy of Anyone Can Die and Killed Off for Real. Unicron does not care for humanity.
      • Maybe we will grow on him eventually, I mean by an evil god perspective think about it; Humanity is a army capable of reproducing at an alarming rate, we have an ungodly amount of ingenuity, and we are in vast enough numbers (not to mention small enough) to take down a Transformer given enough prep time. For Unicron its the perfect army, with a few upgrades, to utterly devastate Cybertron and the Transformer race.
      • Maybe change it to Primus being killed and Optimus being almost killed, then we'll talk. Though the idea of Unicron going good sounds off it would still be badass.
    • And how would you evacuate 6-7 billion people through a single portal roughly the size of the Lincoln Tunnel? And where would they evacuate to?
  • Unicron's spark chamber maybe?
    • ... would hold the population of, oh, Hoboken. Maybe.
      • Ever stuffed a turkey...yeah like that. Now apply on planetary scale.
      • Ever seen a war refugee camp...yeah like that. Now apply on planetary scale.
  • Leaving aside all other considerations, I can't imagine the show's creators going for the "destroy Earth" angle. As dark as this show gets, that's one line I just don't see them crossing.
  • Unicron's more likely to cause Third Impact and turn everyone into dark energon for fuel
  • What if Unicron's spark is our equivalent to a Well Of Allsparks? And there is a Allsoul (our version of the Allspark)? When the Decepticons finally go do invade a lot of people will die (offscreen) what if the sheer number of human souls returning to Unicron's spark temporarily makes him "good" just long enough to use his powers to revive several dead Cybertronians in new techno organic bodies. Those Transformers will be the Dinobots.
    • Alternatively that many people dyeing has the same effect mass genocide on Cybertron would on Primus, it hurts Unicron badly enough to warrant making Megatron his new target and giving Prime the edge he needs. After that its back to square one and Unicron will target Prime again, but with an extra bit of caution not to kill humanity just yet until he figures out how to get around the whole "Creator Agony" thing.

Starscream is immortal.

But it will only come up in ways that prolong his suffering. Obviously, he doesn't get enhanced healing out of it, and if he can possess other bodies after his gets destroyed, he'll be stuck with the most worthless ones around.

Optimus will die.

I know this show operates on a Killed Off for Real principal but Optimus is a weird mix of Jesus, Kenny and Leomon, it's inevitable.

Optimus will have a crisis of conscience.

I feel Megatron hinted at this in the promo for Flying Mind, when he said, "Optimus has grown ruthless since I last encountered him." Now, "ruthless" and "Optimus Prime" are two things you never see together, but in the past few episodes, he's shown himself willing to shoot Megatron in cold blood. It may be wise and even necessary for Optimus to kill Megatron, and the audience would certainly sympathize with that, especially since Megatron nearly killed Raf. But at some point, he may cross the line while trying, and someone's going to call him out on it. My bets for that someone are on Ratchet, which is especially ironic given his tirade in "Stronger, Faster".

  • After rewatching "Grill", I'm convinced this is exactly why they included that particular clip.

Keeping Airachnid in stasis inside the base will turn out to be a really bad idea.

Because keeping a psychopathic killer inside your home is a totally risk-free scenario even if said killer really has it in for you and your squishy human friend.

The Decepticon position of second-in-command is a sham.

Think about it. Soundwave has time and again shown himself to be Megatron's most competent and loyal henchman, and yet Megatron continuously leaves people like Starscream and Airachnid in charge. Nothing ever, I repeat, ever goes their way. Megatron and Soundwave are probably Dangerously Genre Savvy enough to set any over-ambitious underlings up to fail, humiliating them in front of the troops and damaging their certainty in their own leadership abilities. Hell, it's even possible that Soundwave only informs them of situations that will end poorly should they choose to get involved, while he himself discreetly deals with important assignments, such as locating Energon deposits. Keep in mind that Starscream gets much of his intel from Soundwave... and it's entirely possible that Soundwave could be filtering the transmissions picked up by the Nemesis.

  • Actually, I think this can be explained if you use a military analogy: the Second-In-Command position is a First Sergeant, while Soundwave is an Executive Officer. The First Sergeant is the one who runs the day-to-day of the unit, and so is the second-in-command under the Commander. Also, unlike the Commander, the First Sergeant is much more involved in the frontlines, with the Commander delegating his authority for such unless necessary for him to handle things personally. Then we have the Executive Officer(or XO), who still outranks the First Sergeant, and serves the Commander by handling administrative duties, effectively being the Commander's right-hand man. Also, an XO is sometimes derisively called a "snitch" by NCOs, since he also serves as the "eyes and ears" of the Commander, which is EXACTLY Soundwave's function. Finally, the position of Second-In-Command is used by Megatron to put a formidable Decepticon in a position of authority while still maintaining full control. This allows him to gauge said Decepticon's performance and loyalty(which he does not need to do with Soundwave since his loyalty is absolute). Thus, we break it down like this:
    • Commander: Megatron
    • Executive Officer: Soundwave
    • First Sergeant: Second-In-Command, currently Dreadwing

In "Flying Mind", the bots were aware while they were stasis locked.

It would explain why, when Knock Out unfroze and saw Jack on the control panel, it was more "Now I gotcha" than "What is that doing here?"

  • Now consider that Knock Out wasn't the only bot the kids were climbing all over...

We will get a June centered episode in which she and Knockout get captured by Mech in order to complete the resurrection of Silas in Breakdown's body.

And it will be one hell of a jarring episode since MECH will not be nice to either prisoner.

  • It will end with a dramatic rescue by Dreadwing or Optimus, likely Dreadwing though just to get some character development.
  • Better yet it's Soundwave (not without a fight mind you) who gets captured with June, and its Megatron who does the dramatic rescue to save Soundwave. Soundwave groundbridges June home, which is both freaky and a nice act at the same time, cause it's Soundwave and he knows where she lives.
    • I can't see Soundwave getting captured, or needing someone else to rescue him. I can, however, see him rescuing Knock Out behind Megatron's back, and sending June home while he's at it.

The Nemesis will become Trypticon.

The ship wasn't built from Trypticon's body as Exodus would suggest, since none of the Decepticons ever seemed to twig to the fact that the ship could be Trypticon (and this was common knowledge in the books), which suggests another divergence from the novels. I'm going to say that the Nemesis isn't built from Trypticon, but it will BECOME Trypticon at a later date. Megatron could probably see value in having a transforming warship, but first he'll need to find a way to bring it under his heel before he allows the ship to regain sentience. Copious amounts of Dark Energon will most likely be involved.

Megatron will pull a You Have Failed Me on Knock Out.

I hate myself for saying this, but he seemed very mad at the end of Flying Mind for Knock Out's failure in stopping the humans from escaping and them getting project Iacon. Megatron might just decide to kill him.

  • Happily, you appear to be totally wrong.
    • Knock Out might fail in getting the weapon and report back to a very angry Megatron.
      • That still leaves three more weapons. Lather, rinse, least until Megatron decides he's had it.
    • I might be wrong. He lives for now.
    • As of "Tunnel Vision", he's almost certainly lost favor with Megatron, having lost the Phase Shifter to Bumblebee and Arcee. Though it's unknown whether or not Megtron will kill him.
      • My guess: Megs lets him live, but doesn't let him repair all that cosmetic damage.
  • As of "Triage" Megs is allowing Knock Out to live, but he's treating Knock Out about the same as he was treating Starscream. Knock Out was visibly upset about it.

So, what did happen to the Spark Extractor?

There's at least two possibilities: 1. Ratchet made sure to recover it when he was rescuing the other Autobots, and it's sitting safely at the base. However, there's no footage that shows him taking care of that. So... 2. Ratchet didn't recover it. It's back on the Nemesis, because it was picked up before the ship started a road trip to North America. I'm personally inclined to go with the first option, since the Nemesis started leaving right away, but the fact is, we've lost track of a Cybertronian weapon of mass destruction. It's a plot point ripe for the picking.

  • Megatron was steering the ship to pick up the Extractor when the Nemesis took over and changed its course. Hence, Ratchet probably tossed it on the handtruck (figuratively or literally, take your pick) when he took Optimus & co. back to base. (That image of a stasis-locked Optimus being wheeled around on a dolly like furniture? You're welcome.)
  • With bungee cords and everything? YES. That would be hilarious. Thanks.

Green Kryptonite is a variation of Dark Energon, therefore Unicron may be responsible for all human "copy-cat" alien life.

Think about it, Kryptonite looks almost exactly like Energon and Dark Energon (though more like the latter). Whose to say Kryptonite and all its variations are a mutated form of Dark Energon? And it would make sense in the context of the latter part of the subject, Primus makes mechanical life and Unicron makes organic life.

  • They are both bad for humans to be exposed to, Kryptonite just takes longer.
  • If Kryptonite and Energon look alike, it's because there are a limited number of possible crystalline molecular formations.
    • On the other hand, Tox-En is basically Cybertronian Kryptonite, so there may be life in this one yet.

Soundwave has a face behind his mask.

But he keeps it obscured behind that Faceplate-like screen to inspire fear in the ranks, much like how Megatron wears gladiatorial armor. We'll get to see it when he speaks... if any such opportunity demanded or could withstand epicness of that magnitude.

  • Would Triage qualify?
  • This troper guesses that Soundwave will have quite a big involvement in second season's finale. He's way too "below the radar" while not being against showing how awesome and calculated he is. Either that or he'll finally speak.

Megatron frequents TV Tropes, is aware of the fourth wall, and can see us.

This is why he is more ruthless. He considers us his spectators and thus his world is nothing more than a drawn out gladiatorial match to him.

The next few episodes will break The Masquerade wide open.

The promos for "Tunnel Vision," in particular, have a ginormous Decepticon warship flying over New York City. There's no way anyone's going to miss that.

  • It's likely the ship is shielded from conventional detection. Megatron may look down upon humans, but an idiot he is not. Add to that it's cloudy...
    • It is shielded; it was explicitly mentioned in the last episode and at least one other (I can't recall which) that the Nemesis is always cloaked, which is why it surprised them in "Armada" when it suddenly wasn't.
    • Cloaking refers to things like radar invisibility, which doesn't protect the ship from random pedestrians/passing pilots looking up/around and going, "Hey, whazzat?"
      • Regardless, judging from the preview clip, it seems Knock Out will be leading a team of Vehicon miners to the artefact site, so the Nemesis itself doesn't need to come anywhere near the city; they can just drive in unnoticed in vehicle mode. The big question is instead how they manage to get the Insecticon in there...
      • Groundbridge.
  • For what it's worth, the Guide advises aliens visiting New York City to "land anywhere".

At least one of the Iacon artifacts will be a Transformer or group of Transformers

My money is on the Dinobots.

  • Shockwave. Because he is going to be in the show. My money is on him being the last one.

We will get a Jack and June centered episode somehow involving Megatron.

Megatron will use an avatar, sort of like what Arcee does, to impersonate Jack's father just to be a jerk at a parent-teacher conference. Hilarity ensues.

  • I've been rooting for a Jack vs. Megatron episode for a while now. What's it called when you're a shipper, but with fights instead of romance?
    • Epic Rap Battles of History. But in all seriousness, how would he keep the masquerade up? He barely succeeded to hold it long enough with an amnesiac Orion Pax.
      • Thats the point, he wants Jack to know its him and June knowing is inconsequential to him since she is part of the Team Prime cheerleading squad anyway. This situation would be specifically designed to break the masquerade and put the kids in the spotlight at the same time, Megatron is a bastard like that.
  • Megatron's a real jerk and he'd certainly love the chance to mess with the good guys' heads, but I really don't think that he'd be the type to fraternize with humans in any way, shape, or form. Pissing of the Darby family isn't going to give him much of a tactical advantage, and he's so unfamiliar with human customs that he'd probably mak a total fool of himself if he ever were to attempt to pretend to be one. Although I would love to see him go at it with Jack in a way where they're evenly matched.

Fowler and Silas will once again fight.

Though this time, Fowler will remotely control the Nemesis Prime body, because Silas will be using Breakdown's body this time.

  • OK, that would be awesome.

Guesses on Iacon Macguffins

Transmetal Driver

  • Because the Autobots are sevearly outnumbered, out-informed and outgunned. The transmetal driver would give them a new edge.

Soundwave and Nemesis Prime both have unpleasant things under their masks.

Nemesis has a half-built mess of machinery, while who knows what Soundwave's hiding under that screen...

The 'Cons or Starscream will get a The Bad Guy Wins moment during the multi-part story. Or possibly both.

This would not only raise the stakes in the 'Cons case, it would also even the playing field for Starscream, who presently is not at his best. Even if the clone attack did come close to succeeding.

  • Confirmed. Starscream manages to make it out of Triangulation with one of the Iacon Relics, the Apex Armor which he managed to steal away from both Dreadwing and Optimus himself!
    • In Triage, there is a Bittersweet Ending. Soundwave gets the Resonance Blaster, but all the Project Iacon data has been sent to the Autobots.

Insecticons are tougher in robot mode than in insect mode.

Megatron barely held his own against a single Insecticon in Crossfire, but in Armada, they get shot down like cannon fodder. Perhaps their robot mode is a lot more armored, or they have shields that cannot be generated while they are in flight because they don't have the power to be both flying and shielded.

Soundwave is Megatron's best friend.

Though he wouldn't call him such, let's look at the facts:

  • Soundwave is probably the most loyal to Megatron.
  • They were gladiators together.
  • Soundwave is almost as strong as Megatron.
  • Megatron trusts him more then his various Dragons.
  • Everybody needs a friend.

Vogel's going to be Wheeljack's human.

If he joins up with the Autobots permanently, I can't see him going with a kid.

  • I can't see Wheeljack going with anybody, kid or adult. If he did, it'd have to be another cynical loner. Plus, the whole "don't call us, we'll call you" bit pretty well writes Vogel off as a one-episode wonder.

Vogel's sweeper train will be replaced by Astrotrain.

Because there are few iconic trains in Tranformers, and his name does mean bird.

There are hidden messages in what Fowler says when he gets electrocuted.

Those random phrases and words have a deeper meaning, even foretelling future events in the show.

  • When he says "The emu says YEAH!" if you switch out to U for an O in Emu it makes it emo. Miko is the opposite of emo, but looks the part. Another word for yeah is yes. Miko yells "Yes!" at one point in a future episode.
    • Or the Maximals could appear with a guy who turns into an emu whose first line will be "Yeah!".
  • "Bananafish!" Fish live in water, bananas are yellow, Bumblebee is yellow. Bumblebee will have a run in with water.
    • And in that water will be Sharkticons.
      • With banana yellow eyes!

Airachnid will be accidentally freed, ironically by either Jack or Arcee.

And Miko will lampshade on how ironic it is.

At the end of the series, the Decepticons will be defeated by none other than... Miko, Jack, and Raf

  • That would be delicious, delicious Irony. Especially given the Decepticon attitude towards our race.
  • They wouldn't use any mech's or stuff, they'd be able to defeat them because of how "puny" and "tiny" they are! Their tiny hoo-man size gives them the advantage of sneaking on the Nemesis and going inside the cracks and destroying it from the inside out while the Autobots keep the Decepticons busy!

Knockout will end up like Starscream.

It's bound to happen, considering all the stuff he lost in "Tunnel Vision". Either Megatron badly scraps him (but keeps him alive), or he ends up just running away in fear. He'll end up working along side with Starscream for vengance against the Autobots.

Soundwave will talk in Triage.

Well, he's actually going to be doing something other than chilling aboard the Nemesis, and it looks like he and Wheeljack are going to have a fight, so who knows, maybe he'll actually get a line of his own?

  • We may also get a glimpse of what (if anything) is under his faceplate, given how prominently it gets cracked in the trailer.

Humans are evolved from Cybertronians.

Think about it. We share unmistakable similarities to Cybertronians: Bipedal appearance, eyes, mouths, hands, and they've been around for much longer than we have. Airachnid and the Insecticons have to have some correlation to earth creatures...could it be that Unicron somehow unintentionally created carbon-based life-forms out of existing templates?

Starscream's not going to transform.

Since he got a Transformation-cog from a Starscream clone, he hasn't installed it, for fear of the painful operation. With the Apex Armor he boasts power, and dismisses his lack of flight. Perhaps Starscream is so arrogant as to believe that he does not need his Cog, nor the ability to transform, now that he's invincible.

  • Alternatively, he installs it and becomes a bulky superjet. That would be awesome.
    • Something like that would reverse his Villain Decay quite well.

The Phase-shifter will be used to defeat the Apex Armor.

Just pass through the armor and defeat Starscream. Though, it seems kind of obvious.

The Star Seekers (from the novel) will come to Earth.

Animal alt-form Transformers (that are not Insecticons) will appear.

  • Bantor, a fuzor, will be one of them.
  • Battle Unicorn will be another.
  • Dinobots?

Combiners will appear.

  • For the Decepticons:
    • Devastator.
  • For the Autobots:
    • Defensor.

Triple-Shifters will appear.

They would have a hard time blending in most of the time.

Minicons (other than Laserbeak) will appear.

Either the ones that powerlinx or the ones who turn into weapons or both.

Head/Target/Powermasters will appear.

Junkions will appear.

Wrek-Gar will be one of them, still holding a grudge for the destruction of planet Junkion.

Velocitronians will appear.

  • Knock Out may be one due to his love of racing.
  • Override and Blurr could show up at one point.

The tradition of Starscream becoming a ghost will be maintained/homaged via the Apex Armor

He'll either be put in a state of And I Must Scream, where the armor keeps him alive but incapaticated enough to effectively be dead, or he'll actually die and the armor will keep his spark from passing.

Quintessons will appear and invade Earth.

This will cause the Autobots and Decepticons to begrudgingly work together to repel them.

  • Alternatively, it'll be the Vok.

Gigantions will appear.

Miko will eventually go to another planet like she wished.

Once in Breakdown's body, Silas will go stone cold crazy.

It's not as though it hasn't happened before: In G1, when the same thing happened to Spike Witwicky, it didn't end well. Turns out the human consciousness isn't suitable for digitizing. And for all we know, the technology used to upload Silas could still be experimental or even theoretical - I wouldn't put that past MECH, given what they're capable of.

Silas will become a cyborg

  • I think this is pretty much a given at this point.

A Mauve Shirt will appear.

Perhaps a Vehicon will be distinguished, recur, or be named (ST-3V3 would be a nice Fandom Nod).

  • A MECH agent might take off his mask.
    • Maybe Private Daley will do something important.
      • Toxicity shows an Insecticon being named: Hardshell, the copyright friendly name for Bombshell, a G1 Insecticon.
  • Confirmed in the comics. A MECH agent is given a name and a sympathetic story: Novo, who winds up in the body of a Cybertronian before Silas does.

Each faction will end up with one of the four new relics

  • Autobots- They already found the phase shifter.
  • Starscream- He now has the Apex Armor.
  • Decepticons- The artifact in Triage. Come on, Soundwave's the one going after it, there's no way it won't end up in Decepticon hands. Confirmed
  • MECH- Toxicity's the only one left. Will be used to speed along Silas's recovery.
    • The last one was jossed as no one got it.

Wheeljack will die by the end of Season 2.

Just guessing.

The "relic" in Toxicity will turn out to be Shockwave in stasis.

Based entirely upon how the creators have been intentionally hush-hush about just what's going to happen in Toxicity, as well as their recent comments hyping up the end of the current "T"-tetralogy of episodes and the recent revelation of TFP Shockwave at Botcon.

  • However, Shockwave may well turn out to be a We Hardly Knew Ye or a guardian of a relic himself. He might stay onboard the Nemesis, but how much he'll do will be seen later.

== The virus in Triage will come back to haunt the Autobots ==. So Ratchet uploaded a virus into Laserbeak, which got transferred to Soundwave, and now the Autobots have the full Iacon archives. Somehow it just seems set to backfire on them; perhaps the Cons will use it to figure out the location of the Autobot base by looking where the files were downloaded to?

  • Maybe Soundwave is aware of the virus, and is actually setting up a Xanatos Gambit in which he utilizes Optimus' knowledge of Iaconian to break the code and find the relics before the Autobots do.

Starscream will use the Apex Armor to fight Megatron one-on-one.

Humans are immune to the artifact found in Triage.

We've never seen it give an organic a pounding headache, have we?

  • To be fair, we've never even seen it used on an organic. Given its name, the Resonance Blaster, it would possibly still affect the humans (loud noises do hurt), but perhaps it uses a special frequency that only Cybertronians can pick up.

Hardshell will be a Mauve Shirt.

He could join the Decepticon Five-Bad Band as a new brute.

  • Or he could die by the end of the episode (channel some Makeshift/Skyquake in this late into the show).
  • He was exposed to toxic energon and thrown into a volcano, but managed to climb out of the lava. So he may return...

At the end of Triage, that is actually an ally on the other side of the Groundbridge

The show is dark, but I don't think dark enough to have a fun character like Bulk killed and his corpse unceremoniously tossed into the base like garbage by his killer. I'm betting another Autobot (Grimlock, Ironhide, Jazz, etc.) threw him through first and comes in himself a moment later. Call it a hunch (and a lot of hope)...

  • Jossed. We don't yet know just what lies ahead for Bulkhead, but Hardshell was anything but an ally.

Bulkhead will end up dying at the end of "Toxicity". However...

His ghost will appear and hang around the base. Miko will be the only one able to see him and talk to him and a second sub-plot story-arc will focus on Miko trying to figure out a way to bring him back to life.

  • Seriously hope this one's Jossed. I'm ok with Bulkhead going Megatron and be in stasis for much of the next episodes, but reviving the dead is something the creators have specifically stated they have absolutely no intention of doing and I seriously hope they abide to that rule.
  • The body can be beyond repair as long as the spark survives, all they would need is a new vessel for his mind. Hey this has potential making it into it's own WMG at the bottom.

Skyquake as a zombie will confront Dreadwing

And one will kill the other.

  • Or Skyquake will show some sentience.
  • One problem: Zombie!Skyquake is trapped in that weird alt-dimension thing. The 'Cons don't know he's there, and the Autobots aren't likely to try and get him out.
    • He'll show up, somehow, the bridges might cross streams again, so it would be easy to set up a scenario. I find it unlikely that they'll forget about him completely.
      • Conversely, he'll only partially cross the dimension, becoming a !Zombie Ghost!

"Toxicity" will end on a massive cliffhanger.

It probably won't be a "To Be Continued" ending, but my money's on it being a major game-changer. It also seems to be the last episode before the mid-season break. Cue flailing.

  • Confirmed.
  • Kind of a moment of awesome for the writers -- how many shows can use the exact same cliffhanger twice in a row? Also, sometimes I hate it when I'm right.

Megatron knows about Ratchet's virus in Laserbeak.

It doesn't seem like Megatron to foolishly play into the Autobots' hands like he did when he had Soundwave go back to work on Project Iacon. My guess is he wants the Autobots to get the information because Optimus can crack it easier then have the Autobots lead him to the remaining relics.

  • Note how he not only seemed oddly calm throughout Soundwave's ordeal with the grenade, but he also spoke in what sounded like an oddly confident tone, almost as if he knew something the other Cons didn't...

Tox-N is actually Tiberium.

Glowing Green rock that can be refined into Weapons of Mass destruction and which causes deterimental effects?

Bulkhead will get a Disney Death.

And it will be full of Narm. Phrases such as "Don't die on us!" and such will be used. They'll be crying, but he'll be fine, and then they'll be crying happily.

  • Or conversely, he could be Killed Off for Real. Building up character and giving him sympathy before offing that character, to the audience's surprise. Though Breakdown already did that, so it's probably unlikely.
    • Or alternatively, he'll get a Fate Worse Than Death that renders him pretty much useless to the team. Possibly his mind will be completely wiped this time, with no way to recover it. If that doesn't work, he'll be left comatose to the point that he might as well be dead, meaning Wheeljack might take his place.
      • Or the opposite: His mind is fine, but his body's completely wrecked. (Which could be the trigger pull needed for several Checkov's Guns set up this season, such as the Forge of Solus Prime.)
  • I doubt it would be narmy though, since the writers could possibly find a way to avoid said potential narm.

Silas will become a Headmaster.

Who will Nolan North voice?

According to the Transformers Wiki, Mr. North will be voicing a character. So, let's take some guesses as to who he'll voice:

  • Brawl
  • Sideswipe
  • Cliffjumper-- simultaneously reprising his role from Fall of Cybertron and taking over for the most likely unavailable Dwayne Johnson. This appearance would probably take place in the supposed flashback scene with Cliff, Arcee, and Shockwave that was shown at Botcon.

Breakdown's gun has a name.

  • Whether it's the comic's gun, or the shoulder-cannon in the show. Why? Firefly, that's why.
    • This guess came a little too late.
      • Also, Vera would fit better.

Bloodless Carnage

  • Specifically in the case Breakdown. Aside from the obvious censorship reasons, maybe Airachnid drained all of the Energon. She was bleeding a lot from her wounds, so she needed the boost.
    • Perhaps her predatory traits allow her to do that because it would fit her character.
      • Or the Insecticon consumed it all.
  • Should this be moved to the Headscratchers page?
    • It's already under Fridge Horror.

Bulkhead will become Ultra Magnus.

After Toxicity, Bulkhead seems to be dying, so they need to act fast. Fowler has the body of Nemesis Prime brought in (which the government has given a red, white, and blue paintjob for some reason) and Ratchet moves Bulkhead's spark from his dying body into Nemesis's. Some identity issues and a chat with Miko later, he becomes Ultra Magnus.

  • The Aligned continuity already has an Ultra Magnus, from the video games. But TF Prime uses Broad Strokes a lot, so it's still possible.

Silas will lose his hair.

  • His body is already severely damaged, so maybe they shave his head for surgery, or he loses his hair to the damage. Bald of Evil would suit him well.


  1. the bully at Jack's school
  2. this is why the Vehicons and human mooks all look identical
  3. I don't remember him seeing it being used
  4. Killatron, Gigatron, Teratron
  5. by fan voting no less
  6. as of Sept 2011
  7. In Dark of The Moon, Sentinel Prime ultimately turned out to be a traitor to the Autobots, and was only turned into a traitor because Hasbro didn't want Ultra Magnus's name to be tarnished as a traitor
  8. Note: Killing Tailgate, almost killing Jack twice- then almost killing June- after almost doing the same to Arcee at least three times now, backstabbing Starscream, trying to take over the Cons and as of recently, killing Breakdown.
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