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Agent Fowler calls the Autobots, furious about another fight with possible collateral damage. Though all of them are present at base, Ratchet posits that the fighters may be infighting Decepticons. However, a video feed shows otherwise, for the two are an unidentified Skyquake-like Decepticon—and Wheeljack ! Though Bulkhead is thoroughly excited, Fowler demands that the situation be handled pronto.

Outside of Omaha, Wheeljack battles it out with the 'Con. Agent Fowler hovers over the scene and demands stoppage, but is fired upon by Wheeljack. The 'Bot is hit in the shoulder, and falls back as Agent Fowler supplies suppressive fire. A Ground Bridge opens up, and the Autobots step out. They aid Wheeljack, and fire upon the Decepticon, who takes cover. Agent Fowler flies overhead, and the Decepticon seizes the opportunity to scan his vehicle. He runs toward a gas station, and Wheeljack aims his blasters at him. Despite Optimus and Bulkhead's cautioning, he fires, and the station explodes as the Decepticon transforms and flies off. Though Wheeljack believes that the 'Con—revealed as Dreadwing—rigged it to explode, he is informed otherwise. Though the Wrecker is eager to give pursuit, Optimus tells him that, while on Earth, it would be wise to respect his authority.

Back at base, Ratchet repairs Wheeljack. He apologizes for the collateral damage, but says that his pursuit of Dreadwing warranted it. He starts into the story of his pursuit. Originally, he was looking for Autobot refugees, but when the one he had found— the former Wrecker Seaspray—is blown to bits by one of Dreadwing's bombs, he made it his mission to track the rogue 'Con down. After several solar systems worth of pursuit, Wheeljack caught up with him on Earth. Optimus recounts his own knowledge of Dreadwing—he was a captain of a Seeker armada, and Skyquake's twin. He also infers that Dreadwing's mission is to pay allegiance to Megatron. Wheeljack is eager to get out and kick Dreadwing's tailpipe, but Optimus reels him in, saying that any action taken against the Decepticons must be carefully planned on this foreign planet. This infuriates the Wrecker, who can't fathom the idea of doing nothing. Agent Fowler walks in and admonishes Wheeljack for nearly blowing their cover, and demands that Prime keep a closer watch on his troops. Wheeljack doesn't take well to being called part of the team, and walks off, followed by Bulkhead. Optimus explains Wheeljack's disregard for authority by his inclusion in the Wreckers, a unit that operated outside of normal command.

Somewhere mountainous, Dreadwing holds a laser beacon that continues into the sky. The Nemesis arrives, and he boards. Megatron welcomes his loyalty, but Dreadwing reveals that he was brought to Earth with another purpose as well. He says that he and his twin, Skyquake, shared a split spark, and that he could feel across the galaxy when his brother was released from stasis—and when his spark was extinguished. This information is confirmed by Megatron, and Dreadwing vows to make every Autobot on Earth pay. Megatron avows that they will—eventually, under his terms. He advises the Seeker to obey him, for his best interests.

As Wheeljack works on his ship, Bulkhead attempts to change his mind about the planet. Wheeljack lists the comrades they'd lost in battle, but Bulkhead takes is as all the more reason that they must stick together. Wheeljack doubts Optimus's integrity, but Bulkhead stands firmly by him. Inside the Jackhammer, a challenge comes through over the commlink from Dreadwing. Wheeljack straps in to meet the 'Con, and Bulkhead gets in as well. They jet off to meet their challenger.

Dreadwing faces off against Wheeljack, both determined to finish their business. They exchange fire, and Dreadwing runs and jumps into a crevice. The Wrecker gives pursuit, and Dreadwing avails him of the "surprises" he's left—proximity bombs, scattered all throughout the crevice. He dodges them with ease, and pins the 'Con against a dead end. Bulkhead reveals himself atop the crevice, preventing Dreadwing from flying off. However, he has one last trick up his sleeve—one last bomb, placed meters from Bulkhead's position. It explodes, burying the two under the exploded cliff face as he flies off.

At base, Ratchet finds Bulkhead's transmission over a thousand miles away. At Optimus's inquiry, he says that no response has been made.

In the crevice, Optimus helps Wheeljack out of a pile of boulders. Though Optimus acknowledges that he cannot force Wheeljack to obey his orders, he reprimands the rebel for endangering the safety of one of his troops. Ratchet informs Optimus over comm that Bulkhead's signal has moved.

Wheeljack and Optimus fly to Bulkhead's location, a shipping depot. They find him in an unfortunate predicament, strapped to a crate with a bomb wired into his chest. Wheeljack gets to work defusing the bomb, but it proves a challenging prospect, as it is laced with all sorts of failsafes.

Dreadwing looks on, with Optimus in his sights. He receives a transmission from Megatron, and tells his leader that he is pursuing his destiny. Megatron responds by saying that Optimus is not so easily beaten.

Bulkhead tries to stop Wheeljack from continuing his attempts to defuse the bomb. He notices that Optimus is gone, and Wheeljack again deprecates Optimus for fleeing when the situation gets hot.

Megatron allows Dreadwing to continue his plan, out of respect for his deceased brother. He disconnects, and muses to Soundwave that he does not expect him to come back. Dreadwing notices that Optimus is not there anymore, and Optimus chooses to announce himself. He appeals to the Decepticon's sense of honor, saying that his master does not respect chivalry and honor as he and his brother did. Dreadwing refuses the offer of defection, and fires upon Prime, who escapes into the maze of containers.

Bulkhead pleads with Wheeljack to leave, but it falls on deaf ears. He says that the only bot who knows how to defuse the bomb is Dreadwing. Wheeljack remarks on the encroaching blaster fire, when he is delivered an uppercut by Bulkhead. The big bot tears out of his restraints, and runs away from his friend.

Dreadwing continues to spar with Optimus, but loses him from his sights.

Bulkhead runs toward the water, apologizing in advance to the sea life, when Wheeljack jumps out and tries to stop him. He is no match for the huge 'Bot, and is pushed along with him. He appeals to Bulkhead, agreeing with the fact that only Dreadwing can defuse the bomb—and that Optimus knows it as well.

The Seeker slowly searches the dock. Suddenly, he hears a scream, and above him, Optimus comes crashing down on top of him with a shipping crane. Pinned, Dreadwing is forced to listen again to Optimus's proposal to defuse the bomb, which is now standing right beside him. Dreadwing is unfazed, saying that he would rather destroy himself and all three Autobots to avenge his brother. Optimus calls his bluff, and says that they too will die in fire with their brother. He grudgingly accepts, and defuses the bomb. However, not about to leave empty handed, Dreadwing sets off the many bombs he had placed throughout the port, and flies off. Wheeljack wonders who will clean that up.

On the Nemesis, Megatron gloats about Dreadwing's defeat, but seems mildly surprised that the Seeker still lives. Dreadwing, in the wake of his defeat, pledges his total loyalty to Megatron.

At the base, now addressing Optimus as "Commander," Wheeljack apologizes for his misjudgment about him earlier. All the Autobots, sans Ratchet, try to convince Wheeljack to stay. He says he'll explore the planet, to see if it's right for him. However, Bulkhead tells him that he has to have an Earth alternate mode.

Outside, Wheeljack transforms, and drives off into the distance.



  Bulkhead: Sorry, fishies!

  • A Father to His Men: Once again, Optimus shows he cares for his team when he repriminds Wheeljack for endangering Bulkhead.
  • Cool Car: Wheeljack's new alt-form.
  • Genre Savvy: Megatron is doubtful that Dreadwing would come back after getting in a fight with Optimus.
  • It's Personal: Dreadwing arrives on Earth to avenge his twin brother Skyquake.
    • And Wheeljack pursues him to avenge the other Wreckers.
  • Wire Dilemma: The bomb attached to Bulkhead has to be disarmed this way, just like movie bombs.
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