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With their chores done, Miko is looking forward to "dune bashing" with Bulkhead, but he'd rather check out the monster truck rally in town. Their plans are interrupted when Ratchet receives a signal from a starship headed for Earth. Arcee wonders if it might be a Decepticon trap, but Bulkhead identifies the incoming Autobot as his old friend and Wrecker pal, Wheeljack. Optimus sends landing coordinates for Wheeljack's landing the next day, and Bulkhead is excited to see his old friend.

On the Decepticon ship, Soundwave has monitored the conversation and it gives Starscream the chance he needs. He orders Makeshift to prepare for a mission.

The kids are excited to be getting to meet a new Autobot. Ratchet has problems getting the Ground Bridge working, due to the damage sustained during the Scraplet infestation. Their instruments pick up Decepticon signals closing on Wheeljack's ship. Indeed, the Vehicons manage to shoot down the ship, but Wheeljack emerges from the wreckage and starts smashing the tar out of them. Ratchet finally gets the Ground Bridge operational, and Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee storm through to find Wheeljack finishing off the last of the 'Cons. Bulkhead greets his old friend with a massive bear hug, and the four Autobots return to base. Wheeljack hits it off with Miko right away, and checks in with Optimus. Ratchet's not as enthusiastic as the others are about Bulkhead's friend, as he senses impending destruction.

Starscream discusses their success in getting a spy into the Autobot base as he and Soundwave pay a visit to their prisoner — the real Wheeljack. Now that he's inside the Autobot base, Makeshift -- disguised as Wheeljack -- will be able to activate the Ground Bridge and reveal the base's location so Starscream can send the troops in. Wheeljack mocks Starscream, who's prevented from killing the prisoner by Soundwave since Wheeljack may yet be of use.

The Autobots and kids celebrate Wheeljack's arrival, Miko by breaking out her electric guitar and Bulkhead and "Wheeljack" by engaging in some Lobbing. After some encouragement by Miko, Raf busts some dance moves by doing The Robot, and Bumblebee joins in. Makeshift takes some time to fish for info on the Ground Bridge from Ratchet, who says it's in the middle of defragging and can't be used for a few hours.

Starscream wonders why Makeshift is taking so long to get the Ground Bridge activated, since he won't be able to keep the Autobots fooled for long.

Bulkhead tells the kids about a battle he and Wheeljack took part in, and Makeshift barely covers for his lack of knowledge. Bulkhead observes that his old friend seems different, but Makeshift writes this off as jet lag, and asks Miko to show him around the base. However Bulkhead's suspicions have been raised, and Arcee's suggestions don't allay them.

On the Decepticon ship, Wheeljack manages to kill his guard and free himself from his bonds.

Miko wanders the base with Makeshift, and the 'Con manages to get a rough location of the Autobot base out of her. Miko promises to show him the way out, and they return to the control center, where Bulkhead asks his "friend" to tell the story of the Battle of Darkmount Pass. Makeshift tells the story, but manages to get one crucial detail wrong — Bulkhead wasn't part of the battle. Realizing that his cover's blown, Makeshift takes Miko hostage.

Starscream and Soundwave hang out on top of the Decepticon ship with a bunch of Vehicons, waiting for Makeshift to open the Ground Bridge. They're confronted by Wheeljack, who fights his way through a bunch of Vehicons and pounces on Starscream. As more 'Cons rush towards Wheeljack, the Ground Bridge activates, courtesy of Makeshift. Makeshift's ready to enter the Ground Bridge at the Autobot end, when Wheeljack comes flying through it and lands on him. Ratchet shuts down the Ground Bridge before any Decepticons come through. The two Wheeljacks draw their swords and fight at length while the Autobots fail to keep track of who's who. The real Wheeljack, of course, triumphs.

Starscream is pleased when the Ground Bridge opens again and orders the Vehicons through, however it's only been reopened so that Bulkhead can throw Makeshift through. The 'Con lands on Starscream, who asks if Makeshift has obtained the location of the Autobot base. Makeshift's in the process of telling him when Starscream realizes that the grenade Makeshift is wearing has been primed and is about to explode, and he and Soundwave retreat, leaving Makeshift and a number of Vehicons to die in the ensuing explosion.

The Autobots have another party, to Ratchet's pain. Bulkhead suggests they pick out a vehicle mode for Wheeljack, but Wheeljack says he's not staying now that his ship's fixed. The next morning, he offers to take Bulkhead with him, but Bulkhead's too attached to Earth and Miko to leave. Miko snaps a picture of the two Autobots with her cell phone before Wheeljack leaves.



  It's like a recurring nightmare!

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