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As Dark Energon rains from the sky and Megatron prepares to deliver a killing blow to Optimus Prime, a Ground Bridge opens and Bulkhead tackles Megatron. While the big guy keeps Megatron busy, Arcee and Ratchet pull Optimus through the Ground Bridge. Arcee calls out to Bulkhead, who races back through the Ground Bridge just before it closes. Megatron, left alone, realizes he now has all of the Dark Energon he needs.

Back at base, Optimus is glad to see that Raf is OK, but June reminds him that Raf's lucky to be alive. The Autobots discuss why so much Dark Energon is on Earth, though Ratchet is sceptical that it's literally the blood of Unicron. Sick of the kids being endangered, June decides to take Raf to a real hospital, and announces she's taking the other kids as well, since they don't belong in the Autobots' war. Miko refuses to go, and Jack decides to stay too. June takes off in her car with Raf. No sooner has she left than Agent Fowler contacts the Autobots to report that earthquakes have occurred simultaneously worldwide, and other disasters are springing up as well.

As June drives away the base, lightning begins striking the ground near her car. She swerves to avoid it, and crashes into a power pole, though neither she nor Raf are hurt. The danger is not over, however, as a tornado begins bearing down on them. June tries to escape from it, but it begins to lift the car off the ground. Help arrives in the form of Bumblebee, who grabs the car's front end and prevents it from flying off into the storm, while Raf climbs onto him over the hood. There's a moment of alarm as the car is ripped away, but June manages to survive clinging to the hood which Bumblebee is still clutching. Bumblebee drives the relieved pair back to base.

Back at the volcano, the Decepticons are busy gathering up Dark Energon and loading it aboard the Nemesis. On the ship's bridge, Megatron is suddenly seized by a vision of the Earth exploding.

Bumblebee arrives back at base, and everyone's relieved to see Raf and June safe, though she grounds Jack for disobeying her orders of going home with her. At roughly the same time, Fowler arrives to find out if the Autobots have made any progress in finding answers. Ratchet has traced the source of the earthquakes to the Earth's core, and when he plays the tiny tremors as sound, everyone present hears a heartbeat. Meanwhile, Soundwave plays the same sound to Megatron, who feels it resonating through his head.

Deep within the volcano, Unicron awakens.

Realizing that Unicron is at the Earth's core, Optimus explains to the humans present about the age-old war between Primus and Unicron, the creation of the Thirteen, the Well of All Sparks, and the defeat of Unicron. Fowler thinks they should find the hole Unicron crawled into the Earth through and fill it with explosives, but Optimus believes that the Earth formed around Unicron as he slept. Everyone wonders what will happen next.

Airachnid reports that the Nemesis hold is full of Dark Energon. Megatron places her in command while he goes to talk to Unicron. As the ship moves away, Megatron flies down to the lip of the volcano and beseeches Unicron to speak to him. Unicron is unimpressed with Megatron and senses the taint of Primus. Unicron is shocked that the last of the Primes still lives and tells Megatron he'll deal with it himself.

Optimus scouts one of the locations where a quake has struck and confirms that, like the others, it's rich in metals. Ratchet warns him of an increase in spark activity, and a few moments later, Unicron himself appears to Optimus as a huge, stone being. Optimus asks Unicron to consider the many humans inhabiting Earth who rely on Unicron, but Unicron considers them parasites and opts to strike Optimus with lightning instead. Optimus retaliates, blasting Unicron until the stone golem falls and crumbles into the ground. Optimus has not won, however, as more Unicrons burst out of the ground all around him.

To be continued...


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