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  • Fowler's torture by Starscream is horrifying, but his delirium afterwards is hilarious:

 "Grandma? Is it cookie time?"

"The emu says YEAH!"

"I like pie. Can we stop for pie?"

"You, soldier! You're out of uniform! Put on some pants!"

  • In "Masters & Students", Jack trying to build a motorcycle with Arcee.

 Jack: You're a motorcycle, Arcee! Shouldn't you know how to build a motorcycle engine?

Arcee: You're a human, Jack. Can you build me a small intestine?

    • From the same episode, Ratchet hijacking the kids' science projects, which can be seen here.
    • Starscream puts in a deliciously hammy performance: "What use are troops who can't rise to the task of wreaking unspeakable destruction in my name?"
  • From "Scrapheap": The power goes out while Bulkhead and Miko are searching for the Scraplets. Bulkhead screams... in a very high-pitched tone.

 Miko: Did you just scream like a little girl?

Bulkhead: No! Maybe. Can we talk about this later?

    • Bulkhead then freaks out and screams again when a bunch of cables fall on him, much to Miko's disbelief.

 Miko: Okay. Wish I hadn't seen that.

  • Ratchet's reaction to the second party in "Con Job":

 "It's like a recurring nightmare."

    • Also, Starscream's reaction to the bomb attached to Makeshift is pretty funny. "WHOA!"
  • In "Convoy", Ratchet explains the dangers of ground bridging in a moving train to the kids.

  Ratchet: You want me to not only bridge you into a confined space, but one traveling at 90 miles per hour? I can't even count the number of things that can go wrong —- mass displacement trauma, twisted limbs, metal burn! {{[[[Beat]] Kids stare blankly}}] Well, maybe not the last one.

  • In "Deus Ex Machina", Bulkhead randomly shouting gibberish while listening to a rock song is ridiculously hilarious. And Miko joining in afterwards just makes it funnier.
    • Ratchet, upon getting Agent Fowler's answering machine:
  • In "Speed Metal", Bulkhead trying to cover the fact that he knew Jack and Bumblebee were racing:

 Arcee: Did you know about this?

Bulkhead: No. Maybe. A little.

    • In the same episode, Raf and Miko's punitive attempts to lie to Optimus.
      • Optimus' expression selling it for the comedic gold that it is.

 Optimus: Raf, Miko, do either of you know where the others have gone?

Miko: Why, no, sir! We do not know!

Raf: Miko is correct! We do not know!

Miko: Why would we know?

Optimus: Hmm. (raises eyebrow)

    • YMMV on this one, but Knockout saying he's learned his lesson and that he paid for it by losing a car door (he'd lost it when Optimus tore off the car door to get Vince out), but Starscream says, "You have paid when I say you have paid." before he lifts a clawed finger. The look on Knockout's face is priceless when he realizes what Starscream is about to do.
  • In "Sick Mind", Starscream shouts about broken shields on his ship. When a Vehicon starts to explain that the repair crew is working on it, Starscream slaps him in the face.
    • Ratchet does the same with Bulkhead in Stonger, Faster.
  • In "Out of His Head", when Megatron is controlling Bumblebee, and makes him destroy something, Ratchet appears, this exchange ensues:

 Ratchet: BUMBLEBEE!

(Bumblebee looks at Ratchet, not quite sure what's going on)


    • Pretty much any time Ratchet says "I NEEDED THAT!", which has now become a Running Gag.
      • Optimus and Agent Fowler's exchange:

 Fowler: (voice dripping with sarcasm) Prime, you spot any Decepticons wearing hula-skirts recently?

Optimus: (silently rolling his eyes) No, Agent Fowler. Why?

  • Starscream's lies to Knock Out in "Shadowzone", and being attacked by Skyquake's arm.
    • The latter is especially funny, if only for Starscream's reaction (remember that he had lost his arm earlier.)

 (Starscream is attacked by Skyquake's arm and pulls it off)

This isn't mine! Unhand me!

    • Later, when Skyquake finds Starscream's arm, he tries to fit it onto the stump of his own arm. It doesn't fit, and he throws it away and lumbers off. After a perfectly-timed Beat, the arm falls back down.
    • Of special note is Starscream boasting about how his newfound Dark Energon power makes him invincible. Followed immediately by Optimus blowing his arm off. He wisely requested evacuation back to base after that.
  • Also from "Shadowzone":

 Optimus: Ratchet, can you use the cell phone's signal to triangulate the children's location?

Ratchet: In a parallel dimensional plane?! *Beat* Let's find out.

  • In "Crisscross," June doesn't believe Jack's (completely honest) explanation of how he's been spending his free time. After Arcee comes to her rescue later in the episode, we get this exchange:

 June: "Jack? Your motorcycle...?"

Jack: "I can explain, Mom... Wait, I already did."

  • In "Metal Attraction", there's Miko continually misreading Bulkhead and Arcee's interactions as romantic and trying to stop it.

 Miko: Ugh! They are not attracted!

    • Also, June's... interesting remark on wanting to see Optimus Prime.

 June: And I wore heels and everything.

Jack: Mom!!

    • After Arcee tells Miko she has to return to base, Miko complains that Arcee is just as bad as June (if not worse). Everyone at base is listening in on this, including June.

 June: Is that such a bad thing?

Jack: I'm... gonna go over there.

*Jack leaves his spot. June looks at Raf, who just smiles nervously*

    • After Arcee sends Airachnid flying during the first fight, Breakdown gets back up after being trounced by Bulkhead only for Airachnid to immediately bounce off of him and knock him to the ground again.
  • Starscream has a really bad day in "Rock Bottom".
  • In "T.M.I.", Knock-Out's reaction to a rambling Bulkhead painting a symbol on him.

  Knock-Out: You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!

    • "I'm sure one hasn't truly lived until one has beheld Bulkhead's take on 'Still Life with Lug Nuts'."
  • In "Stronger, Faster", Ratchet hitting on Arcee and Breakdown talking to a Vehicon about how he finds himself intrigued by Airachnid.

  Ratchet: Hoooah!

  • In "One Shall Fall", Raf replaced an online photo of Bumblebee (Phantom Car!) with a Lolcat. I kid you not. Optimus's deadpan reaction is gold.

 Jack: Hey, Optimus, wanna see something funny?

Optimus: (calmly) No.

    • Ratchet's laugh.
      • And his look of absolute horror moments later.
  • In "One Shall Rise, Part 1", Miko makes the first canon Unicron/unicorn joke in twenty-five years:

  "The ‘Cons killed a unicorn?" (Awkward silence) "White horse with a horn on its head... prances around all sparkly?"

  Bulkhead: It's for you.

    • Just the way he says it makes this really funny.
    • Another funny commercial had Megatron being in Hub High School's detention hall due to him having "anger issues". He then immediately blasts a hole through the front of the room!
  • Megatron, after the awesome slow walk and dramatic moment of him being invited to the Autobot base peacefully to work with them, looks around...

 Megatron: So this is where the magic happens. Quaint.

    • Miko threatening Megatron while he's in the Autobot base hilariously and concisely sums up her character.

 Miko: If you double-cross anyone, mine is the face you'll never forget! NEVER! *Fowler drags her off*

 Knock Out: Scrap.

  • Starscream returning to the Deception ship and taking out two guards to basically raid the fridge.
    • The way he carries his loot off is an amusing visual gag as well. Even better is his reaction when Orion Pax asks if he's truly suggesting that Megatron could possibly speak a falsehood.
    • When the Autobots interrogate him for the location of the Decepticon base, it leads to this gem of a line.

 Starscream: "Well I don’t know where it is now! It’s a ship, it moves!"

  • Megatron: "...and the first to address {{[spoiler| Orion}}] as "Optimus Prime" will have their voice box torn out." It's the completely deadpan way he says it that makes it all the more hilarious in a dark humored way.
    • "Warlord Ratchet, the doctor of doom."
  • The "status report" scene, especially Bulkhead trying to disguise his voice and Fowler's Star Wars Shout-Out. The look of panic on his face is pure gold.
    • Even more hilarious is Breakdown's reaction to Fowler asking how he is. He's actually momentarily rendered speechless by it.
    • There's also Arcee figuring out who gave Ratchet and Bulkhead the information about the second Space Bridge's location.

 Arcee: (Crouched behind a pillar watching the Space Bridge with Bulkhead) Thank you Starscream.

(Bulkhead looks down at her in surprise.)

Arcee: Who else could it have been?

  • YMMV, but the way Orion dispatches the Vehicons in "Orion Pax, Part 3" could be this. To summarise, he's being kicked around while trying to preach to the Vehicons doing it to stop. He yells "ENOUGH" and whips out his guns, only just realizing they're there, then kills the Mooks while firing blindly.
    • The complete confusion in his voice when he realizes he has guns is pretty funny on its own.

  "Ah... I'm... armed?"

  • "It won't just change your life, it'll transform it." What are the odds they'd see that commercial, right then?
    • Not to mention their expressions immediately afterwards, including the Oh Crap on both the kids.
      • Continuing on with that, when Raf tells Bumblebee that he's still awesome and speed isn't everything, in comes Jack and Arcee:

 *Jack rides in on Arcee, popping a wheelie*

Jack: "Personal best Arcee! You hit 120 easy!"

  • Bumblebee looks at them dumbly for a second, before promptly giving them both a Death Glare*

Jack: "Oh."

Arcee: "Uh Oh."

    • They say that last part at the same time too.
    • "For Primus' sake, will someone keep him occupied?"
    • Ratchet, after picking up Raf after school: "You want to ride with the siren on?" (Also a heartwarming moment considering the circumstances.)
      • "Thank you, friend of Jack's mom! Who is a nurse! Who works at the hospital!"
    • Bumblebee riding the pick-up truck like a skateboard is both hilarious and tragic.
  • Megatron demonstrates the Cybertronian shield by shooting at Knock Out. "I think I leaked a little transmission fluid."
  • "Better at breaking things." (Bulkhead lets out a sigh of relief that he won't be doing the T-cog transfer)
  • Everything Ratchet says while under the influence of anesthesia/stasis.

  "What's that? Do I hear a Fuzor in need of voice box repair? [...] I am able! Just ask Bantor! He was all mandrill before I put a tiger in his tank!"

  • Fowler: "Oh for the love of... get me someone who speaks something other than bleep!"
    • Before that, Fowler speaks slowly to Bumblebee as if he can't understand English. It's funny, if somewhat jerk-ish.
  • The Laser-Guided Karma involving Starscream at the end of "Operation Bumblebee, Part 2".
    • "Do you ever not speak?"
  • "And the award for best use of a shield generator in a supporting role goes to: Knock Out!"
    • Which leads to a funny bit of Fridge Brilliance, as the joke itself was an obvious reference to the Academy Awards. Aside from the knowledge of how to avoid drawing attention to themselves and the occasional human but of technology that may come in handy to them, most Decepticons have been shown to be rather oblivious to human society and culture due to the belief that humans are primitive and inferior to Cybertronians. Knock Out, on the other hand, actively sought out a unique human automobile that suited his tastes despite being fully capable of taking an alt-mode with flight as an added bonus, and also took place in street races orchestrated by humans.
  • Megatron's extremely Genre Savvy response when Dreadwing declares that he'll kill Optimus. Megatron, knowing that 'Cons not named "Megatron" who try that tend to end up dead, wishes him luck, cuts the comm, and mockingly muses to Soundwave: "I will be quite surprised if we ever set eyes on Dreadwing again."
    • The awkward moment of the HUGE Optimus sitting cramped inside Wheeljack's (comparatively) tiny ship.
      • It's the look on his face, coupled with the impatient (for Optimus) way he drums his fingers on his knees, that really does it.
    • The 'Bots' threat to Dreadwing at the end basically boils down to, "If we all die, we're going to haunt you."
    • Bulkhead apologizing to the fish.
  • The first time Agent Fowler gives Skyquake his alt mode, it was an accident. When he gave Airachnid her alt mode, he's an idiot. By the time he gave Dreadwing his alt mode, it's priceless.

  Agent Fowler: Oh, not THIS again!!

  • From "Crossfire", this gem of a taunt from Airachnid to Breakdown: "I know we've never seen eyes to eye, but I hope we can 'patch' things up."
  • From "Nemesis Prime", right after Bulkhead manages to catch Fowler in his car which was falling, he seems a little delirious for a second... then his airbag goes off.
    • Earlier, Fowler turns on his radio to reveal he is a fan of The Touch and hums along in an off key manner.
  • From "Grill", the whole episode is basically a recap episode and Fowler's superior is doubting a lot of what Fowler is saying, including that Optimus is still alive. Eventually, Fowler just calls Prime to let him know that the General is concerned about his health and well being. Prime promptly shows up right next to the building with:

  Prime: "I am fine, General Bryce. How are you?"

    • Not to mention the way the camera angle jostles and changes, indicating the poor private tasked with recording the session has staggered backwards and is now on the floor.
    • This exchange after Fowler details the Unicron incident.

 General Bryce: You're telling me you believe in magical horses, with horns on their heads?


Fowler: What?

General Bryce: You just told me the Autobots defeated a unicorn?

Fowler: No, Unicron. The Ultimate Evil. You know what, let's strike that part from the record.

    • The fact that Fowler flies a jet without a flight suit is finally lampshaded and justified. Apparently, Ratchet installed some tech in his plane that allows him to survive the g-forces while just wearing his normal suit.

 "I like to feel comfortable."

    • The Running Gag about Fowler accidentally giving Decepticons their flight modes also pops up, as we see clips of all three instances so far back to back. It actually makes them even funnier.
    • Fowler trying to explain the kids' involvement, without letting on that they are, in fact, minors.
      • Especially describing Miko's skill as "Communication."
      • Followed by a series of the most memorable Miko quotes of the series - which are even funnier back-to-back.
  • In "Armada" when Starscream finds out just how unfair the cloning process went for him: The clones got Transformation Cogs (which he lost), and he feels their pain. He doesn't discover that last part until one of them has a fatal confrontation with Bulkhead.
    • Also, just listening to all the clones talk with each other was pretty funny. I hope Steve Blum had fun recording this episode.
    • The reaction of an Insecticon right before flying into a tree and crashing into Airachnid.
    • The back-and-forth between Megatron and the clones:

 Clone 1: No, you're trying to trick us!

Megatron: Am I?

Clone 2: Is he?

    • Bulkhead, upon returning to base.

 Bulkhead: Guys, you are not gonna believe the day I had! (Beat, Bulkhead notices Airachnid in stasis) Oh, you too, huh?

    • The fact that the only person to do real damage to Megatron (or his ship) in this episode was Bulkhead, the least stealthy, bulkiest Autobot in the main team--and none of the Decepticons ever knew he was there.
      • Plus his constant mantra of "Stealthy, stealthy... " while he tiptoes around. Bulkhead. Tiptoeing.
    • Megatron's This Is Gonna Suck expression when announcing that the ship was going to crash is just hilarious, especially given how uncharacterstic it is.
    • After Starscream kills his last clone:

 Starscream: I feel your pain. Really, I do... *clenches teeth and aims; screen goes to black as he fires* AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGHHH! Scrap, that hurt!

  • From "Flying Mind" we have Fowler proving once again, he's the master of the Non Sequitur Thud.

 Miko: On your feet soldier!

Fowler: And beavers, and ducks, and walnuts, and grandma! *Thud*

    • At the end of the episode, Knock Out is waking up after being hit with a stun beam and sees Jack. He takes out his drill and threatens Jack, but then Ratchet shows up and floors Knock Out with one punch, making this scene hilarious (and awesome).

 Knock Out: Say ahhh...

Ratchet: I'm here to offer a second opinion! *punch*

    • When Ratchet questions the kids' idea to contact Megatron to see why the ship is out of control, the kids reply by doing a shrug. He then turns to Fowler who shrugs in the exact same way, which looks a bit silly.
    • There's something very funny about how realistically the kids and Fowler are climbing up Knock Out in order to use the data upload.

 Miko: Looks like Doc Knock is knocked out.

      • I've been waiting awhile for that one.
    • I ask you, what could be more funny than using a frozen Megatron's own weight as he's falling backwards to pull a lever?
  • From "Tunnel Vision", more of Fowler's delirium talk.


  • From "Triangulation" we have Starscream... on a Cybertronian scooter or moped.


    • Starscream learns about Dreadwing's promotion.

 Starscream: "First Lieutenant!?!?! That's my post!

(the Vehicons all cock their guns at him)

Starscream: ...Eh, was my post.

    • Despite how Badass it was that Starscream escaped with the Apex Armor, it's still pretty funny that he now has to walk all the way back from Antarctica in order to repair himself.
    • This bit, as Starscream is being taken down.

  Starscream: You will not escape my might! Wait... You two are up to something.

    • Starscream and Optimus

 Starscream: If you would kindly remove my shackles, I will lead you to the relic.

Optimus charges his cannon.

Optimus: You will lead me there regardless.

    • Starscream tries to sweet talk both Prime and Dreadwing, frequently switching to whoever just showed up. Neither of them even pay attention to him.
    • Optimus, of all 'bots, manages to trash talk Starscream when he brags after obtaining the Apex Armor.

 Starscream: Not only am I intellegent, I am invincible!

Optimus: Yet, you cannot fly.

Starscream: Nobody's perfect.

  • From "Triage", we have Knock Out's reaction to finding a bomb strapped to Laserbeak.
    • Megatron's reaction to the ensuing explosion makes it doubly hilarious -- he listens for secondary explosions, hears none, and goes right back to what he was saying like nothing happened.
      • Megatron and Soundwave in that entire sequence. Soundwave just looks on with his usual indifference, while Megatron calmly looks to admire the Autobots' ingenuity. Both are hilariously in contrast to Knock Out, who freaks out and ducks for cover.
    • Knock-Out ranting to Megatron about his paint job being damaged:

  Knock-Out: Can you believe what the Autobots did to me?!

    • Raf comparing Soundwave to a turducken.
    • During the dogfight with Soundwave and Laserbeak, Wheeljack's ship almost collides with the side of a cliff until he pulls up at the last possible second. Ratchet's reaction to this? To scream like someone riding a roller coaster.
    • "Whatever you say... Sunshine."
  • From "Toxicity", Fowler, before recovering, makes a Shout-Out to LOLcats.
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