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  • Vector Prime's enthusiasm for racing in episode 15, and Optimus being kind enough not to tease him about it.

 Vector Prime: YES! Er... I mean he's doing very well.

Optimus Prime: Mhmm.

  • Ransack and Crumplezone almost at the top of the track in "Champion".


  • In episode 42 there's a few great ones.
    • Scourge, the huge dragon transformer, proving to be afraid of the human Lori. Wing Saber is is as well.
    • Thunderblast going after Wing Saber from behind while singing the Jaws theme.
    • Lori and Wing Saber's revenge on Thunderblast.
  • Coby creates a Megatron hologram that orders Sideways to "Hop on one foot and say, 'I'm a pretty lady!'"
  • When Coby and Bud first met Scourge, they got the poor guy so flusterd with all of their questions that he started spitting fire everywhere!
  • I loved how Evac turned the tabels on Sideways in "Invasion".

 Evac: What are you doing here? What do you want?

Sideways: Sorry, if I told you, then I'd have to tell everyone, and it wouldn't be much of a secret!

Evac: Sorry, but you're way off base. What you're looking for isn't here!

Sideways: Then where is it? Tell me!

Evac: I'm sorry, but if I told you... I'd have to tell everybody!

 Starscream: MOMMAAAAAAA !'

  • Leobreaker tries thinking of a way to get to Gigantion, and Snarl preforms a face-fall.

 Leobreacker: ...Or a really big slingshot?

Snarl: (falls over) Will you get serious?!

    • Jetfire's afraid of neddles!
  • Cybertron version of Soundwave is funny!

  Soundwave: He's trippin cause he got served.

  • The bots from the Giant planet are good for a laugh.

  He's got a bee in his bonnet...

  • Sideways is a total Butt Monkey in the episodes "Escape" and "City". First he gets beat-up and embarrassed by some human kids in Escape, then he acts all grumpy in City and has a whole bunch of paint cans fall on his head!

  Sideways: Oui, mon Capitaine!

    • Seriously Sideways?
  • I love episode 42, When Lori and Scourge are reunited after their meeting on Jungle planet. Lori tells Scourge just how disappointed she is in him. "Scourge got told off by his little sister! Scourge got told off by his little sister!"
  • Time to attend the "Bud's School of Painless Leadership"!
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