Trans Arts was an Anime studio first established in 1967. Since then, they've worked on almost 200 different Anime and Western Animation series as either a support studio (usually in the photography area) or as main animation provider. On May 8th, they declared bankruptcy.

See also TMS Entertainment, a studio that was likewise established in the 1960s; Group TAC, another studio done in by bankruptcy; and Nakamura Productions, another studio with a boatload of credits. Don't confuse for the Transformers franchise.

For the sake of simplicity, not every show they've had a hand in will be listed (for a full credits list, see here).

Projects that Trans Arts has made

With Production I.G


  • Ar tonelico (Anime Adaptation)
  • FireStorm (With Madhouse)
  • Gokudo
  • Government Crime Investigation Agent Zaizen Jotaro
  • Idaten Jump
  • The Ping Pong Club
  • Sisters of Wellber
  • Tensai? Dr. Hamax
  • Vampiyan Kids (With Xebec)

Other projects Trans Arts has worked on.

Photography (Work alongside Photography also listed here)


Tropes Associated with Trans Arts


  1. and other companies
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