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File:Incinerator 2645.jpg

First movie:

  • Woody and Buzz revolting against Sid
    • While the Woody doing 360-degree head turn might have been creepy, it was cool when he completely broke his own rule of being inanimate around humans and being nice to children JUST to scare Sid.

 Woody: (through speaker) We toys see eeeeeveryyyyythiiiiing... (actually speaking) So play nice.

 Sid: Let's go home and... play. Heh heh heh heh heh.....

Second movie:

  • Woody's nightmare in the second film once you realize being dragged into a can of dismembered doll arms is Woody's equivalent of being dragged into a grave by bloody, mutilated human body parts.
    • The original Toy Story was supposed to have this scene, but instead of being dragged into a trash can of dismembered doll parts he was EATEN ALIVE BY COCKROACHES.
  • Buzz getting disintegrated at the beginning. Sure, it's a video game, but yeah.

Third movie:

  • The cymbal-banging monkey in the third film: creepy enough already, but things go Up to Eleven whenever he freaks out. And dear God, the scene where Woody and Slinky ambush him.
  • The ending scene where Lotso leaves the toys to die in the trash incinerator, which is a twisted combination of a Conveyor Belt of Doom and Dante's Inferno, and is made more horrifically nightmarish if you saw it in 3-D.
  • The whole landfill scene. First, We get Buzz being squashed by a TV in a garbage truck. He survives, but still. Then, at the dump, the aliens get run over by a bulldozer. Third, we see the crusher and Lotso heading there. Woody and Buzz save him, at risk to themselves, but than Lotso betrays that and leaves the toys to die in the incinerator.
  • Lotso's dragon, Big Baby. Pixar invokes the Uncanny Valley brilliantly with this lazy-eyed Terminator of an oversized doll.
  • Lotso himself. On the outside, he's a caring stuffed bear who looks after the other toys, but on the inside, he's a cold, Nietzsche Wannabe who puts the new toys though hell via lies and abuse, most likely in part in order for them to feel his pain of being abandoned and to make himself feel satisfied with his life. When that doesn't work, you're either thrown out or brainwashed. Even Woody, after he and the others escape from the garbage furnace, considers Lotso too far gone to be worth the trouble.
  • As much of a Complete Monster he was, Lotso is resigned to a Fate Worse Than Death by the end: Being tied to the front of a garbage truck. Doubles as And I Must Scream, though it's recommended he doesn't, given that bugs and mud would fly into his mouth.
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