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Toy Story

  • "This isn't flying -- this is falling, with style!" Call it what you want, it's awesome.
    • Especially when Woody spreads his arms and shouts Buzz's catchphrase
  • Woody's plan to save Buzz and help all of Sid's toys.

 "From now on, you must take good care of your toys. Because if you don't, we'll find out, Sid. We toys can see everything... So play nice."

  • Using perfectly executed teamwork to get Sid's dog locked out of the house.
  • Heck, Toy Story in itself is a Moment of Awesome. It revolutionized animation and cinema, put Pixar on the path to becoming a household name and a cinematic Seal of Approval - and it did so with wit and heart. Walt would be proud.
  • Buzz saving Woody from Scud. Especially counts after Woody hopelessly saying "Take care of Andy for me!" while being dragged out of the moving truck.
  • Shortly afterwards, Slinky attempting to pull Woody and Buzz up, at great risk to himself. Seriously, the guy could have snapped in half if he'd held on any longer.
  • CAN!
  • "YOU! ARE! A! TOOOOY!!!"
  • Is the entire concept that Woody, a cowboy, is just about as awesome as a SPACE RANGER incredibly awesome?
  • A strange one, but Woody smacking Buzz over the head with his own arm. How was he able to do that whle keeping a straight face? (Especially since he's hated Buzz since day one.) Easy-he's sorted out plenty of disputes and fights among Andy's toys, possibly using the same method.

Toy Story 2

  • "Woody's Finest Hour" escaping from the plane.
    • The true crowning moment comes from Bullseye, who managed to keep pace with a jet liner. Bear in mind Bullseye is 50-60 years old.
  • Buzz talking some sense into Woody, reversing their roles in the first movie.
  • Buster breaking his record for finding Woody. It might be a minor one, but still.
  • Jessie's final scene where she demonstrates Buzz's favorite method of crossing the room (flying) just to open the door. And obviously has so much fun doing it.
  • Woody's rescue of Wheezy.
  • Buzz and the toys driving the Pizza Planet truck to rescue Woody.
  • Buzz and co. blinding the Prospector with cameras to save Woody, then proceding to dump ol' Pete in the backpack of an "artist".
  • The battle between the other Buzz and Zurg. To the audience and the other toys, they look like idiots. To the two of them, it's a battle between a Space Ranger and his Arch Enemy The Emperor, with laser shots and ion blasts filling the air.
  • This one is subtle: Other Buzz works his way rung-by-rung up the elevator shaft, so to speak, dragging the other toys below him. He visibly struggles with each inch when he see him later, then we see he'd gotten about halfway between the 22nd and 23rd floor. Let's go over that again... he'd scaled the elevator shaft, from the ground floor, all the way up to in-between the aforementioned floors. And this was while burdened with the other toy's weight. That deserves some props for that level of strength and endurance.
  • Woody riding Buster into the yard sale to rescue Wheezy.

Toy Story 3

  • The adorable little green aliens saving Woody and friends from a fiery fate with THE CLAWWWW!!
  • Barbie gets one as she interrogates Ken to find out how to restore Buzz. Her method of interrogation: forcing him to watch as she rips all his clothes. "No, not the Nehru Jacket!"
    • Also, before it happens, she gets him into a lockdown and snaps his neck. BARBIE.
  • The intro sequence. Basically it's Andy's playtime in the toy's eyes. In other words, it's cranked up to eleven.
    • Three Words: DEATH. BY. MONKEYS.
  • Jessie's "The Reason You Suck" Speech: "This isn't a family, it's a prison! You're a liar and a bully! And I'd rather rot in this dumpster than join any family of yours!"
    • Which is then followed by Barbie's hilarious epic Kirk Summation: "Jessie's right! Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from threat of force!"
  • The toys' plan for escape from The Alcatraz.
  • Big Baby channeling Darth Vader killing the Emperor when throwing Lotso into the dumpster was pretty hardcore.
    • The audience burst into applause at that part.
    • Not to mention the epic raspberry that followed.
  • Andy giving Woody to Bonnie at the end.
  • A tad meta, but Pixar definitely deserves one for doing what many movie franchises have only dreamt of doing: creating a third movie that's as good as, if not better than, the second.
    • Which is doubly awesome when you consider that the second movie is as good as, if not better than, the first, which is trebly awesome when you consider that the first movie is considered a modern-day classic.
  • Another meta-level one goes to director Lee Unkrich who spent the better part of the first few days after the movie's release on Twitter reading fans' reviews and in many cases, directly responding and thanking them for the support.
  • Yet two more meta-examples can be found in the film's box office performance. Yes, it sounds funny, geeky, and a bit stupid. Yes, we know filmmaking is more about entertainment than the money. But, Toy Story 3 becoming the highest grossing animated film of all time and the first to exceed one billion U.S. dollars is something that Pixar -- Pixar who we all know and love, and contributed so much to many people's childhoods -- really, really deserve, as their own Moment of Awesome, isn't it? It's a perfect cap to the last fifteen years of win after win after win, and we all want to see Pixar do well because they are awesome. Plus, the film just shows how brilliant they are. Don't deny it -- you were a little bit happy when you heard the news. After all, they've earnt it.
  • Woody's "Shut UP, Hannibal" to Lotso definitely counts.

  Woody: She replaced YOU. And if you couldn't have her, no one could!

    • Even more awesome when you consider that Woody's actions in the first film could have ended with him going down the same dark path.
  • While in a bit of a different theme than the other examples here, and to continue with the meta theme, Pixar gets another for their depiction of the Incinerator, which genuinely feels scary for both the toys and the audience. Pixar, by terrifying moviegoers, continues to prove that they know what they're doing when it comes to making movies.
  • Another meta-example: realizing, halfway through the landfill scene, all the effort that went into building and rendering EVERY SINGLE piece of trash.
    • A lot of the trash was probably built for Wall-E.
  • The moment Chatter Telephone starts to speak through his receiver in his Film Noir esque voice, you know he's the Ensemble Darkhorse of the movie.
  • When Woody and Buzz go back to save Lotso in the Garbage Magnet scene. But it's not just because they're successful at it and it's also definitely not because he lives. No, it's because they actively knew at that point that he was the villain and he had tried to kill them, and yet they still risked their lives to save him with NO hesitation at all. That kind of heroism deserves a spot on this page.
    • Woody and Buzz, full stop. Their development over the previous two films culminates into two concentrated beings of pure awesome by the third.
  • Spanish Buzz braving falling garbage to save Jesse in the garbage truck, even more impressively than Buzz normally does everything.
  • Lotso. It's a Moment of Awesome in itself that Pixar managed to make a cute pink teddy bear of all things truly menacing.
  • Spanish Buzz opening the garbage chute by running in circles up the corner of the wall, leaping to the handle, hooking it under his legs and then falling backwards, all in about five seconds.
    • It's even better than that. The reason he did it? He thought Woody was flirting with Jessie and he wanted to impress the Cowgirl. Give that man a cigar.
  • Bonnie owned a Totoro doll. It highlighted that Bonnie's world would be a good home for toys...
  • Still another meta example: Toy Story 3 is now the THIRD animated motion picture to get an Oscar nomination for BEST PICTURE!!!!!
  • Two minor examples: I had never seen the Toy Stories when they came out--I was too occupied with other youthful things and actually might have fallen asleep through it; (or so I thought) when the two came out in 3D I thought they were cheap gimmicks. So when Disney Channel decided yesterday, an offhand Friday to show Toy Story...I was finally converted into a believer. How? From the warm atmosphere of the film, of course. It presented itself like a closed package, waiting for me to open it. From the opening song until the end, something told me Pixar was happy to see me. Giddy with delight, I had the heart to record it--significant because I usually leave movies sitting doomed to unwatchability on my DVR. If it can coax me to watch Toy Story twice on TV and one more time on my DVR, this company isn't just serious about its work, but warmhearted too.
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