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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red is a silly fancomic about Touhou Project, made using create.swf, a character creation tool, and created by Kimiko Muffin. It also has associated prose fiction, as well as Create.swf Adventures, an Interactive Comic heavily influenced by MS Paint Adventures.

Originally tried to follow the game continuity a minimum, but ended up throwing this idea out the border. This came to a head with the fanfic Redefined Fantastic Object and the Story Arc Rethinking the Natural Law, which respectively retell Undefined Fantastic Object and Touhou Hisoutensoku with readily-apparent changes.

Tropes used in Touhou Nekokayou include:

  Gengetsu: Mu... all of us know all that.

  She was tall, limber, and positively reeked of strength. Not power: strength. She wasn't very imposing as far as musculature went, nor did she radiate magical force, but she seemed to have nerves of steel, an iron will, a grip that could crush titanium, and a chest which, um, actually, let's stop that metaphor right there.

 Utsuho: Well, if you don't leave me alone, I'm gonna go and be cute with Cirno!

Yasora: ... I'm impressed. Not only is that the most ridiculous threat I've ever heard in my entire existence, it's also one of the most effective in my circumstances.

 It's good for two things: sacred rituals, and bapping supernatural heads. And you're all out of rituals! ... uh ... and heads.

 Meimu: Maybe you're the strongest fairy there is. Maybe. But you're still weaker than even a human, and all your opponents will still very easily outwit and curbstomp you, especially with that stupid "Icicle Fall" Spell Card.

Cirno: Hey, I haven't actually used Icicle Fall in like months.

Meimu: Oh, so you admit that the rest of...?

 Sakuya (with Slasher Smile): "Hello. You have committed a fatal exception error."

Meimu (sweatdropping): "W-what!? Isn't that a computer thing?"

Sakuya: "Well, I meant that my lady and I take exception to trying to kidnap Meiling like that. It was therefore a fatal error."

  Wriggle: (after Mokou has just been defeated by Tenshi) "Yeesh ... never send a lesbian to do a bisexual crossdresser's job."

  • Schedule Slip: The comic's main page says "updates Sundays and a few Thursdays" but lately it's become (early Mondays, sometimes up to a day later). Actual missed updates are rare, but they do happen.
    • As of April 1st, 2010, Muffin's updated the comic's main page to this:

  ...updated whenever I feel like it (generally ends up being around Monday-ish, though the original intended time was Sundays and occasional Wednesdays or Thursdays, but ultimately "when I feel like it").

    • That's nothing compared to the prose fiction. Of the five multi-chapter fics, only one is finished and only two of the other four have been updated in the past 12 months.
    • As of October 2, 2010, the comic was officially on indefinite hiatus, although Muffin was still doing Create.swf Adventures. It came back on the 10th of April, just a few days after the end of CSA: Shenanigans in a Magical Forest.
  • Schizo-Tech: They've been in Medieval Stasis since 1884, but the Moriya Shrine and Yukari have started bringing in electricity and computers (Yukari even brought in television and computers before Subterranean Animism), leading to this.
  • Schmuck Bait: Referenced by name in one of the supplemental fictions.
  • Screw Yourself: Oh Yuka.
  • Seinfeldian Conversation: Mika and Midori tend to have these while fleeing in terror.
  • Self-Deprecation: In "Ask Masha":

 Anonymous asked: Do you read Seihou Nekokayou? If so, what do you think of it?

Masha: Eh, it seemed to me to be kind of overrated when I went through it. It wasn't always that original, it kept using the "just as planned" joke, and it used OCs a little too much...

 Sanae: Excuse me...


Sanae: (skeptical) A what?

Cirno: Um, n-nothing, I definitely didn't see any big shadows anywhere.

  Cirno: This is still gonna hurt so much I'm going to be feeling it next week, isn't it?

  • Time Skip: The "Fate of 60 Years" line, which takes place at the end of the 60-year cycle which began in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.
  • Tom Swifty: Create.swf Adventures has a triple-layered example without any actual dialogue:

 You quickly bring her up to speed, in the manner of Tom Swift.

  Marisa: "Looks more like ... uh ... I can't think of a good comeback that makes sense in English."

  • Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: Muffin has created a short bit of code which generates links to TV Tropes and appends a disclaimer to that effect, and uses it whenever linking to TV Tropes.
  • Unsound Effect: to compensate for the Virtual Paper Doll limitations, and sometimes for exposition. But mostly they're rather silly in general.
    • "Baboon" almost sounds like the SFX for an explosion. "Gorilla," not so much.
    • As well as "BOOMIES" (for fire) and "SPOOOOOOON" (for the "death" SFX from the Windows games, plus in #95, when it is used for ... yeah).
  • Unusual Euphemism: "SON OF A DUCK!"
  • Visual Pun: IT'S SPRING!
  • Watsonian Versus Doylist: Occasionally, Muffin explains discrepancies and plotholes ("How did Koishi immediately steal Red The Nightless Castle from Remilia? According to Grimoire of Marisa, Satori needs to use Terrifying Hypnotism first!") with both forms ("I haven't read all of Grimore of Marisa/she got it from Flandre earlier").
  • Webcomic of the Game: There was a Story Arc which parodied Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, as well as comic adaptations of each of the 12.X storylines.
  • Wham! Episode: Create.swf Adventures had a relatively tame one: It takes place 10 years into the main comic's future.
  • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?: Among the original characters, Mika has the ability to manipulate wind in leaves, and Midori can manipulate flavors. Although Tewi was clever enough to come up with a simple prank using them ...
  • The Worf Effect: Parodied in the out-of-continuity "it's really epic!" comics, which are a reaction to several fanfics Muffin read which, in order to take on an "epic scale," killed off major characters just to show they mean business!
  • Yandere: subverted when Yukari and Tewi tried to pull a prank that involved manipulating the Border of Tsundere and Yandere, only to discover that Alice wasn't an actual tsundere anymore - she was all out of "tsun".
    • The prank was supposed to work like this:
      • Step 1: "Manipulation of Luck" No matter how viciously Alice Margatroid attacks Marisa Kirisame, she will not be able to kill her or give her any injuries more severe than a light scratch.
      • Step 2: "Border of Tsundere and Yandere"
      • Step 3: "Border of Situation where Yandere Would Go Nuts"
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Pretty much all canon; explained for the human characters by way of Gensokyo's naturally-high magical energies (i.e. Sanae had black hair before, but entering Gensokyo turned her hair green), and for the youkai characters by the fact that, well, they aren't human, so obviously the rules are different. Muffin also created a version of KirbyM's Daily Flash characters with more realistic Japanese hair colors after previously depicting them and Sanae straight-up in an Original Flavor comic as a birthday present for KirbyM.
  • Yuri Genre: There is more emphasis placed on romance in this comic than the original games (which is to say, there is some emphasis placed on romance in this comic), and so far all of it is female/female except for Rinnosuke/Tokiko.

...And a lot of other tropes present in the original material.

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