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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Touhou fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. You can do it by expanding on the synopsis and/or pertinent tags, or linking similar or related fanfics. Reviews are also encouraged, but please make sure to make reviews have substance; if you simply want to recommend a fic without an extensive review, put your Troper name in the Recommended by line of the fic in question. Please use the discussion page for conversations about fics.

☢ CAUTION ☢ CAUTION ☢: All links to Danbooru are NSFW due to advertisements.

Authors and Websites

Usually Dead's website

  • Recommended by Recon 5, Taker Foxx, Jiven, Selryam
  • Usually Dead's (see below) website, with some truly hilarious, touching or straight out mind blowing insights into the Fantasy Kitchen Sink that is Gensokyo. Also home to other outstanding Touhou fics and a lot of Yuyuko fanboyism in general. Strangely enough, the site is made all the more awesome by the latter.
    • Kimiko Muffin: It's got ... fanboyism. Just about every story contrives to get at least one central character naked. It takes just about every single element of Touhou canon and runs the other way with it (to start with, nobody can fly in UD's Gensokyo except "the most powerful beings," and everyone speaks English), to the point that you might wonder why he didn't just make an original setting. But the important thing is, they are very well written.
    • Taker Foxx: While the fanboyism is very apparent and something toes the line toward Mary Sue levels, this is one of the rare cases of it actually working within the context of the story. And all things considered, this stands as one of the best Touhou fics you will find anywhere.
    • Xavic: Putting aside all the comedy and fanboyism, one powerful point made by Usually Dead is that he throws out some of the stories in a Dark Fic format. They take the scary parts of living in a Fantasy Kitchen Sink and push those limits Up to Eleven, providing some absolutely horrifying and realistic takes or reinterpretations on what would really be happening in a place like Gensokyo if it weren't quite as cutesy. Being beautifully written pushes the point home on a mind-numbingly captivating and terrifyingly accurate site that showcases some of the best work ever seen.
    • Selryam: Very interesting and creative take on the world and characters - there's a huge depth to both and pretty good writing to bring it out. The aforementioned flaws may be a turn-off for some, but the series is absolutely worth a look first.

Kimiko Muffin's website

  • Recommended by Universalperson, Taker Foxx, Balmung, Zudak
  • Why wasn't this here yet? This website has a Touhou fancomic, a few fanfics, and numerous references to this site. Note there is some shipping in his fanfic universe. I personally thinks its all great and well written.
    • Taker Foxx: Seconded. This series is nothing short of awesome. Now features a Homestuck-esque side-story featuring one of the most adorable OC's in recent history.


  • Recommended by Universalperson
  • While not explicitly Touhou related, this site is home to several Touhou flash movies, as well as create.swf, which lets you basically create your own Touhou pictures and/or comics. Also, DEATH BY YUYUKO!


  • Recommended by Vodoka and Kchasm
  • Imageboard that's home to many English Touhou fanfics. This in itself wouldn't be too interesting, but all of the stories on site are written in choose your own adventure style, except that instead of one going through the story alone, readers vote on next action that protagonist should take and discuss the story, so perhaps more fitting term would be Interactive Fiction. This whole deal has been going for some time, and by now the stories on the site cover almost every genre from Slice of Life to murder mysteries. All of this with at least some kind of Touhou undertone.
    • Bit of a background on this whole thing. The first story, Waking up in Gensokyo was started on 4chan's /jp/, but after it turning into too big of a bother and cluttering the board completely, the writer(and some other people) got banned and threads were deleted. After a day of consideration the story moved to with readers following it.
    • Be warned that some of the threads contain NSFW scenes, as whenever they can the players tend to steer stories towards h-scenes. Fortunately outside the clearly labeled 18+ board any NSFW images will be spoilered behind a "NSFW" picture and textual NSFW content will mostly be short scenes that you'll be able to see coming a good ways off.

Touhou Love Stories: The Bad Ends

  • Recommended by Zemyla, Brickman
  • A series of stories of love stories between you, the reader, and various Touhou characters. They're sometimes funny, sometimes heartwarming, and they all end badly. There are seven pages of them as well.
    • Brickman: If you're like me and have trouble getting into something if you know in advance it ends in death, don't worry. The endings range from "The entire thing led up to this" to "A logical conclusion of the story so far" to "a long, self-sufficient happy story followed by a short tragic story" to "a happy story followed by a nearly non-sequitor sentence or two of Diabolus Ex Machina", and that premise just leaves more room to surprise you with an ending besides the one you were expecting (though none subvert it entirely). The quality varies though, with the peak being the third thread. I'd recommend reading the whole first thread, the whole third thread after the first two stories, the very long Sakuya story from the fourth thread, and some or most of the second thread (mostly Aya, Kaguya, Kanako, Wriggle, Youmou and Marisa). In chronological order for best effect. A few of those, such as the third's Mokou and Reisen and the fourth's Sakuya, are truly stunning, and all are quite good. You can and should entirely skip the fifth thread; I haven't yet read the sixth.
    • User:Specialist 290: Seconding the Thread 4 Sakuya story. It's long, heartwarming, heartwrenching, depressing, macabre, and above all a good read. It's definitely my personal pick of the lot.
      • Warning, this story will make you absolutely hate Remilia. Even if you a normally a fan of her. Towards the end, she crosses the Moral Event Horizon with a speed that would make Aya jealous.

Willie G.R.

  • Recommended by P Miller 1, Kerreb 17
  • Synopsis: A good Author who wrote Misplaced Sukima and its spin-off.
  • Comments: I've only read that 1st (and maybe a half of the 2nd) one and all the spin-off, I I have to say it Funny and Awesome at the same time.
    • Seconded. He has proven to be not only a prolific author (currently has 18 completed fics and 4 works in progress) but a proficient author. Most of the 'Sukima' series and it's spin-offs are entertaining and quite funny, not to mention easy to read. In contrast, some of his works such as The Story of a Past Scarlet are much darker and emotional. His ability to play both the humorous and the morose is remarkable. The high level of his vocabulary, grammar, and characterizations continue to prove him to be a recommended author.
    • Selryam: I completely disagree. The writing is so bad, I could only read half a chapter of Undying Gensokyo. While I can't say anything about overall plot creativity, I wouldn't call his vocabulary, grammar, or characterizations anything above mediocre.


  • Recommended by Gunpowder Wizard
  • Synopsis: His works usually takes the form of X vs Y.
  • Comments: This guy's specialty is epic fighting, and he does so with style; every fight is (except for maybe Sakuya vs Youmu) awesome and emotionally charged. Especially recommended is Yuka vs Yukari. Also recommended is Title Unknown, if only for the lulziness of it.

Possibility of Interminable Reciprocity

  • Recommended by Gamerofthegame, Zemyla, Sayonara
  • Synopsis: A Touhou Roleplay forum, with a close adherence to canon (not that there's much of it).
  • Comments: With a warm and friendly player base, and an exceptional quality of writing. Relatively small as Touhou RP groups go, but it's quality over quantity here. It's even got a themed name, too! Highly recommended for more serious and dedicated role-players/writers (that doesn't mean that your character has to be serious and dedicated - after all, it's Gensokyo).
    • Po IR also has an associated IRC channel on the Darkmyst network. Visitors are welcome at any time! More information on that can be found here

Touhou MUCK

  • Recommended by Gamerofthegame
  • Synopsis: A roleplay MUCK based in the Touhou Universe.
  • Comments: While not quite a website, it'll fit here just fine. The player base isn't quite as large as another certain Touhou roleplaying place but Touhou MUCK offers a very similar bunch of pleasant people interested in Touhou and roleplaying. Additionally, Original characters can be created unlike the above example, though it is better received to take up one of the many already established characters and they go through a bit tighter application process.
    • The MUCK also has its own Live journal page, where members are encouraged to put up the logs of the scenes. (The roleplaying) This can be found here.
  • You can input the address ( and port (22069) into your favorite client to get there. Alternatively you can use the Telnet client, which is on most computers, and input this into your favorite browser's url: telnet:// (And you can log in as a Guest for questions about the whole thing, too.)

Patchouli's Scarlet Library

  • Recommended by Moerin
  • Synopsis: The fanfic board of one of the main players in the western Touhou community.
  • Comments: Whilst there is the occasional fic of average or lower quality, most of the stuff here is pretty well written and entertaining. Not only that, but it has its own index, making it easy to find the kind of story you're looking for.

Tired/Warm's Writing

  • Recommended by Strychninepocky
  • Synopsis: A series of stories that seems very inspired by the previously mentioned bad ends threads. The first is ostensibly about coming to Gensokyo, meeting Yuuka, and life with her - but from then on out, things get... Weird. Increasing amounts of Canon Welding and some weird dream(?) sequences abound.
  • Comments: These started out posted on Pooshlmer, where I've followed them for some time, but could never think of anything interesting to say - despite the author seeming pretty interested in feedback. The reason for that is because they start good and get better. The main focus is on Yuuka and the arrival in Gensokyo and their relations to the society of Gensokyo and possibly our world. However, many other Touhous get in on the party, and by the end of the first story we are introduced to some rather surprising Umineko no Naku Koro ni guests who proceed to steal the spotlight, imo. Should that be spoilered? Worth a read if you want something a little different. New stuff is still posted, but with no definite schedule.

General Fics – Visual Medium (doujins, comics, strips etc)

Doujins and comics focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

The 30 series by Wi-Z GARAGE. Translated by Nietz, edited by Arsen and Arrata.

  • Recommended by Ace Of Scarabs and Sect
  • Composed of two parts so far:
  • Synopsis: The girls of Gensokyo mix the plots of 300 and Mountain of Faith, with Suwako providing commentary.
  • Comments: done by the same guy who made Cho-Marisa possible, it is incredibly well-drawn, and reinteprets many famous scenes in 300 with a Touhou twist. No, I won't spoil it for you, read it and see for yourself. Filled with lots of great moments.
    • Sect: Now has Metal Gear Solid elements in it, thanks to Aya and Nitori. It's a pretty awesome and amusing series, though it's intense enough that readers can forget that everything's scripted by Suwako (and that's not a spoiler, it's almost literally the first thing readers find out in the doujin).

Scarlet Devil and Working at the SDM by Asatsuki Dou

  • Recommended by: Kryptik, Acer, Cokerpilot, Gearframe
  • Synopsis: The Scarlet Devil Mansion arrives in Gensoukyou, but who is this mysterious Scarlet Devil already stalking the lake?
  • Comments: While the identity of the "Scarlet Devil" might be obvious, I won't outright spoil it. The art is rougher than the later Asatsuki Dou works (due to being an earlier doujin and a web doujin, respectively), but is definitely a unique take on an origin story for a char that rarely gets one. This one plays with common character personalities a bit more than other Asatsuki Dou works, but definitely memorable, especially for fans of a certain beleaguered gate guard.

Happiness and Happy End by Asatsuki Dou

  • Recommended by Hylarn, Kryptik
  • Synopsis: Koakuma is happy serving Patchouli, but...
  • Comments: Something of a work of genius in how depressing it manages to be, with a follow-up dealing with the consequences of the first part that's definitely worth reading as well.

A Bad End by Doyora

  • Recommended by Kalle, Zentillion, Vrock 8
  • Synopsis: Following after the events of Imperishable Night, Kaguya goes Ax Crazy and wages war against Yukari for leadership over Gensokyo. Meanwhile, Marisa eats some crazy mushrooms and accidentally destroys the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
  • Comments: This is one of the most hilarious things to come out of the Western Touhou fandom. It really is Better Than It Sounds, and while it does lean heavy on the memes at points, it's still good for some crazy fun.
    • Zentillion: Seriously. It's great! Refuge in Audacity and Rule of Cool thrown into one great little comic
    • Kimiko Muffin: This story is one of the most simultaneously grotesque and ludicrous Touhou stories I've ever seen. But that's part of what makes it awesome. There are reasons why I both love and hate Doyora, and this is one of them.
    • User:Jack Mackerel: This is one of the dumbest, grimderpy, completely OOC things I've ever read. READ IT NOW IF YOU WANT TO LAUGH LIKE AN IDIOT THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. Now with cannibalism!

A Bright Future by Uni Mate

  • Recommended by: Ruki Motomiya, User:Mista Smegheneghan
  • Synopsis: A collection of stories around the world of Gensoukyou, primarily focused upon the cast of The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. It explores the relationships of all the characters, the first one and the one linked deals with Meiling taking Flandre out for a night of fun while Sakuya and Remilia are away. Links to the rest of the series can be found in the link above, though note that A Bright Future 3 may be hard to navigate due to it's Choose Your Own Adventure style. You can also find Mountain of Faith based works in that link, set in the same universe by the same artist.
  • Comments: An odd series, with some interesting interpretations of character. Perhaps most notably, the interaction between Meiling and Flandre straddles a certain line of sweetness that makes it very pleasing to read. Some characters featured are downright bizzare, such as Cirno, and some may seem out of character, Sakuya and Sanae, though most of these are given an explanation. The explanation of Sakuya's resolve and reasoning in A Bright Future 6 is especially great. Probably not for everyone, but try it out and see if you like!

Chirei de by karaagetarou

  • Recommended by: Tacitus, Extraintrovert, Shortcake, Mewseeker, Julyjack73, Prime 32
  • Synopsis: A prequel to Subterranean Animism, concerning the Satori sisters and their pets. Witness the light-hearted antics of Rin and Utsuho, before they could take human form... as well as Koishi's self-imposed exile, and Utsuho being placed on the road to disaster. The rest of the SA crew rounds out the cast, as does a certain pair of meddling goddesses.
  • Comments: Yeah, this one has torque: a good mix of comedy and heart-warmers and drama and tear-jerkers, particularly since we all know where the story's going. A warning: there are a few non-explicit hot springs scenes (though since it's on Danbooru, there's going to be worse in the banner ads). Also, don't be disuaded by the cutesy drawing style; it works surprisingly well with the (frequent) emotional scenes.

Because Cirno-chan is the Strongest by Asatsuki Dou,

  • Recommended by Hylarn, Andyzero, Fawriel, Taker Foxx
  • Synopsis: The story of how Cirno and Daiyousei met, and what came from that
  • Comments: Despite the people that translated it, it's only yuri if you really squint. It's a brilliant story with great art. The focus is primarily on underused characters, and it avoid most of the cliches associated with them without being jarringly different from the standard depictions. A great example of how to completely change one's perception of a character or two without straining existing characterization or suspension of disbelief.

Cirno Caught A Cold by Kakushiaji

The End Of The Maiden's Illusion by Kamereon

  • Recommended by: Major Tom, Extraintrovert, Deelles, Gearframe
  • Synopsis: The shrine maiden Reimu passes away leaving her friends to reflect upon their lives together.
  • Comments: Be sure to read from beginning to end. It's incredibly depressing yet heartwarming the whole time. And it's got a killer ending.

The Flower that Revolves with the Sun by yokochou

  • Recommended by: Tacitus, Extraintrovert
  • Synopsis: There's another Yuuka about, and not because of a Dual Spark - a youkai that looks for all the world like a child-sized version of Yuuka Kazami has turned up in the Garden of the Sun, to the bafflement of its inhabitant and the rest of Gensoukyou. Everyone quickly takes a liking to this "Youka", but what's really going on here, and how long can it last?
  • Comments: Features one of the few OCs I've seen to be accepted as enthusiastically as Masha. Also, if you're after pure WAFF then you may want to stop reading once the comic shifts to black-and-white. The first half of the comic contributes to Danbooru's Disgustingly Adorable and Heart-Warming pools, while the second tends towards the Heart-Breaking. But if you're up for some Emotional Torque, forge on.

Gensoukyou Great Sports Day - 200 Yojana in a flash by nanaroku (fortress47), a.k.a. kuroneko1911a1.

  • Recommended by Andyzero, Selryam
  • Synopsis: It began with an innocent question. "Just how fast is 200 Yojana in one second? (Protip: 2808x10 to the 5th power kilometers per hour aka really, really, really fast). It lead to an epic quest for Youmu to go from Kid Samurai to Samurai; and there's more than one hand manipulating things to give her that challenge.
  • Comments: A fascinating look at character development; from diligent child to hero.
    • Selryam: While the story has some truly impressive moments (especially the art), awkward pacing and sometimes questionable character development on Youmu's part bog the story down a little. I note these flaws because they stand out next to the other positive aspects; I still recommend reading it.

Gensoukyou Post-Office by Gensou Koumuten

  • Recommended by Tacitus, Extraintrovert, Deelles, Shinji117
  • Synopsis: In an Alternate Universe where Gensoukyou wasn't alone in its seal; youkai, humans and many, many other creatures live together in harmony, advancing civilisation to unprecedented levels. Amongst this, an elderly postman makes deliveries to other characters, while life happens around him.
  • Comments: Gensou Koumuten is a master of Emotional Torque and character writing, and nearly every page possesses incredible power of one sort or another. It starts deceptively relaxed and slice-of-lifey, but just when you're lulled into complacency some drama happens and wrenches you in deep.

Girl Of The Dusk by Gensou Koumuten

  • Recommended by: Major Tom, Andyzero, Deelles, Extraintrovert, Shinji117
  • Synopsis: Humans that can't have children often adopt child-like youkai, treating them as their own. One couple adopts Rumia and they live together peacefully for many years, but neither are aware of the darkness she carries within...
  • Comments: Gensou Koumuten's mastery of Emotional Torque is nowhere more evident than here, beginning as a Slice of Life short doujin with adorable Rumia and wonderful original characters, but swiftly escalates into probably the best depiction of EX-Rumia ever with tension thick enough to be carved.

Days Woven with Illusion ~Tiny, Tiny Daiyousei by Gensou Koumuten

  • Recommended by: Shinji117
  • Synopsis: Another story set in Gensou's Gensokyou, this has Daiyousei trying to save a nearly drowned dog and nearly drowning herself. Includes one OC and Keine.
  • Comments: Gensou plays the emotions of the reader like an instrument. As normal for his works, expect smiles, tears and both.

Days Woven From Illusion ~The Wind Charmer Shrine Maiden by Gensou Koumuten

  • Recommended by: Shinji117
  • Synopsis: Set in Gensou Koumuten's Gensokyou, developments have lead to the development of the electric train. Unfortunately, this means the steam train is no longer needed. Sanae, having grown up with the old train, is torn.
  • Comments: Gensou Koumuten's done it again (making it five for five of his works recommended), and has made me care about a train. Many sad and heartwarming moments, in a doujin where a TRAIN is a prominent character. Damnit, Gesou...

The Iron of Yin and Yang's fancomic by Mr. Pavlov. Based on the 46 episode (+extras) video series by hiro.

  • Recommended by Andyzero
  • Synopsis: There's a new visitor to Gensoukyou; not from Earth, but Vana'diel. Buront the Elvaan Paladin Knight is full of himself, is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, has a number of odd anachronistic quirks and an obsession with Ninja, but is skilled enough to barely match his ego. Other than one small difference, he fits in fine.
  • Comments: I know, I know. A male Original Character in Touhou is blasphemy; but it's fun. Despite some shipping pictures out there in the Image Boards, he hasn't been paired in anything translated as of yet. Manly Tears are shed with the scene with Alice and Shanghai. You'll know the one. Has its own page.

The King of Moriya by GIGAMEKA

  • Recommended by: Person With Many Aliases
  • Synopsis: An origin story for Suwako and Kanako, set in the far past.
  • Comments: In four parts, with great art, characterization, Tear Jerkers, and Heartwarming Moments. PREPARE YOUR HEARTSTRINGS.
    • Both Cokerpilot and Acer recommend this as well. It is one of the few stories that actually depicts Suwako as she would have been as an Ancient god in Japan both feared and loved at the same time. Also the minor curse gods are depicted wonderfully as well.
    • Sagus also recommends this one. Although Suwako and Kanako have their personalities kinda swapped (with Kanako being the Red Oni and Suwako the Blue), the story still works great, with their relationship being very well depicted. Suwako is also pretty badass here.

Koishi the Loving Gourmet by Haijindeath

  • Recommended by Hylarn
  • Synopsis: Koishi goes around Gensoukyou eating food without people noticing. A pastiche of the manga The Lonely Gourmet by Jiro Taniguchi.
  • Comments: ...It doesn't really grow beyond that, but it is funny in an understated way, features good art, and is quite close to canon.

Life of Maid by Colonel Aki

  • Recommended by Pancake Mix, Tacitus, Extraintrovert, Taker Foxx, Deelles, Brickman, Selryam
  • Synopsis: A terrifyingly cute Slice of Life look at Gensoukyou from the perspective of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, usually Sakuya, with many other characters making appearances.
  • Comments: Highlights include the artist's Puni Plush cutesy style, particularly the heart attack-inducing Chibi Yuyuko (seriously, she uses it as a weapon), character driven humor, and length, having passed the 200 comic mark. What little dialogue or text there is, being mostly silent with the action dictated by well-indicated gestures and expressions, has been helpfully provided by the Danbooru community. Now indexed on this site.
    • Tacitus: If "hilarious chibi Touhou" doesn't sound interesting, let me add that there is an Original Character, and she's a cow, and she is The Best Goddamned Cow Ever.

Manga of My Memories of Playing Touhou by Shino

Mamange by Kogama Shigeru

  • Recommended by: User:Major Tom, Kryptik, Selryam
  • Synopsis: In an alternate universe of sorts this is the story of Reisen Inaba (the eponymous 'Mamange') raising the Eientei crew as her daughters.
  • Comments: Ridiculously adorable and loaded with copious amounts of truth. Later chapters feature guest appearances by other 'families' with similar character dynamic twists.

Mistress' Home Party Epic Battle The Young Mistress' Epic Homestay Battle, and Young Mistress' Big Homework Battle by Shino

  • Recommended by: Extraintrovert, Sonic GTR, Brickman, Gearframe, Selryam
  • Synopsis: While there are other stories occurring simultaneously, these three works mostly follow the growing friendship between Flandre and Moko-Moko Onii-chan Mokou and the situations in which they find themselves, from a party at the Scarlet Mansion to a disastrous playdate to Flandre's first day at school.
  • Comments: By the same author as the Self-Insert Fic above, it continues Shino's skill at irreverence mixed with excellent character writing. Mostly delightfully funny and fluffy, the few serious moments are all the more powerful for their rarity.

At The Moriya Shrine by Gensou Koumuten

  • Recommended by: User:Major Tom
  • Synopsis: A view in the daily life at the Moriya Shrine.
  • Comments: Gensou Koumuten hits 3 for 3 in this largely silent doujin, proving that he still has what it takes to make an adorable and heartwarming Slice of Life story set in the same Alternate Universe.
    • The art style is rather rough, though, and it's hard to see what's going on in some panels.

The Advent Cirno series by One Night Stand (Yoshitaka Ushiki)

  • Recommended by: Gunbazca, Hylarn, Gearframe
  • Synopsis: Ever wonder what will happen if Touhou happened in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children world? Well, this is what will happen.
  • Comments: This fic is one of the proofs that Touhou can mesh well into other settings and still appeal to people better acquainted to one of the two fandoms. A Lighter and Softer adaptation of Final Fantasy VII (although stylistically closer to Advent Children), it features our lovable Baka Cirno as Cloud, Meiling as Tifa, and Reisen as Vincent, but other characters play their AC-inspired universe roles too (most notably Marisa as Yuffie, Yukari as Shinra's President, Ran & Chen as a duet of Turks (Reno & Rude ostensibly, but the characterization is a bit mixed), Letty as Zack, and... Reimu as Aerith), with a few characters donning original, more minor roles (Mystia sings at Meiling's bar, while Keine teaches the local school and Mokou being Letty and Cirno's rival). This fic is also loaded to the brim with Shout Outs (in-joke or otherwise), to the point that the translators feel the need to do additional 1-2 pages just to explain them. It is also quite popular, to the point that characters from Advent Cirno are one of two sets of fan-made characters featured in Touhou Puppet Play/Touhoumon.
  • Pairing(s): None on the main characters, although there are some MariAri later on.

Spring Snow and Flowery Winter by Colorful Cube

  • Recommended by Pata Hikari
  • Synopsis: Spring is coming. Sadly, for Cirno, that means Letty must leave.
  • Comments: Heartwarming tears will be shed.

Tag Dream by dei shirou

  • Recommended by: Andyzero
  • Synopsis: Yukari discovers the classic wrestling manga "Kinnikuman" and decides to host a tag-team wrestling tournament. The residents of Gensokyo begin to pair off and train.
  • Comments: What medium can possibly match the drama, battles, and lunatic characters in your average Touhou day? Professional Wrestling; oh yeah. Watch as Gensoukyou discovers the joys of Tag Teams, Special Moves, and Ham-to-Ham Combat through Kayfabe.
    • That said, be prepared for fight scenes that drag on so long they put DBZ to shame. And Stripperific outfits everywhere.

Touhou Journal by Sora no Amagumo

  • Recommended by: Tacitus
  • Synopsis: A 4koma series centered around Reimu Hakurei, with a twist - she doesn't have a single line of dialogue. This turns out to work out really well, with this incarnation of Reimu being hailed as one of the most adorable in all the fandom.
  • Comments: No epic action scenes or deep plot to be found here, just Slice of Life stuff that may leave you with a lingering idiot grin.

Touhou Adventure by pageratta

  • Recommended by: User:Major Tom, Selryam
  • Synopsis: The sukima monster has come to claim Gensokyo's youth! Will our band of brave heroes rise up to defeat it?
  • Comments: Quite honestly one of the most hilarious RPG Episode parodies on the Internet. And yes Marisa wins the game at everyone else's expense again.

Touhou Battle Royale by pageratta

  • Recommended by: User:Major Tom, Selryam
  • Synopsis: A Touhou parody of Battle Royale.
  • Comments: Hilarious and loaded with all sorts of references Reimu as Light Yagami that frankly a copy and pasted synopsis fails to do justice. If you value things funny, you must read this one.
    • This should not be confused with the much, much more depressing Battle Royale, where all the cast are forced to non-humourously kill each other off. This one is silly and funny, the other is...not.
    • Selryam: Over-the-top expressions and great comedy. Pageratta is a personal favorite.

Touhou Mahoudan, by mewarrow

Touhou Mecha: Hell's Rising by Graph

Touhou Mother by S, translated by vgperson

  • Rcommended by Universalperson, Deelles, Selryam
  • Synopsis: Actually a fangame, and not a fanfic, this RPG Maker 2000 title crosses over Touhou and Mother, with hilarious results.
  • Comments: I can't comment on this. It is incredibly awesome. It makes references and borrows elements from Metroid, Metal Gear, Pokémon, numerous Touhou memes, whatever happened to the Starmen and the PC-98 characters. Best part? Mima is the fourth playable character. And she is awesome.
    • Deelles : I really wasn't expecting that a game crossing Touhou and Mother was available, and in English to boot. What makes this game memorable and particularily recommended is that unlike most Touhou fangames, there is a good plot, in the veins of the Mother series, with its unique humor, Breaking the Fourth Wall moments, various references, awesome music (in MIDI, mind you), gorgeous graphics (extremely Mother-like) and weird enemies. The game is a bit hard, but it is without doubt a memorable experience that any Touhou and Mother fan should try.
    • UPDATE: There's apparently a sequel in the works. There isn't much to go on right now, but the amount translated into English can be found here.
      • ANOTHER UPDATE: vgperson has started to post videos for the sequel, however he only has the beta and it only goes up to Chapter 5. Here's the first video.

Touhou Tonari Two by this side, three by the other side by Personal Color (Sakuraba Yuuki)

  • Recommended by: Septette, Matteste, Selryam
  • Synopsis: A story focused on Yuyuko, Youmu and Yukari, expanding on the events known from the game Perfect Cherry Blossom and their aftermath.
  • Comments: A thought-provoking story of Yuyuko's back-story and her relationship with Yukari.

Touhoumon Nuzlocke Challenge by Leo Modesto

  • Recommended by: raigakuren, Brickman
  • Synopsis: A twist on the (in)famous Nuzlocke Challenge but with Touhoumon.
  • Comments: A hilarious and entertaining twist on Nuzlocke. Many references to the memes and fandom as well. Reisen and Meiling are badass.
    • Brickman: A good story even if you've never touched a Pokemon game in your life or even heard of a Nuzlocke comic, as the story requires no Pokemon foreknowledge except that he's playing with permadeath. Mixes comedy, drama and action well, both in the plot and the treatment of violence. The Anyone Can Die adds a lot of suspense (though there's a few bits where you can tell from the approach that noone's going to die). Your favorites will die probably.

Though the Wind Cries (first volume) by Iyokan

  • Recommended by the Ace Of Scarabs, Matteste
  • Mature content rating warning
  • Synopsis: A very in-depth look at Suwako's backstory, and why Kanako ultimately let her stay in Moriya Shrine despite her defeat.
  • Comments: Amazing story, with powerful Tear Jerker and heartwarming content. This story really does a lot for the Moriya Shrine backstory, and adds depth to the relationship of the two Goddesses. The Mature Content warning is due to story elaborating exactly how the divine bloodline that resulted in Sanae's heritage came about. I wish to give Suwako hugs after reading this.
    • The Blank Mage: The art is also very detailed, particularly in facial expressions, and fits the mood of the story incredibly well.

Yakumo-ke by Mori no Hon

Hang in There Kogasasan By Mizuki Hitoshi (Link)

Elemental 8 Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 By Kemonomichi

  • Recommended by Doc Astaroth and Two Gun Angel
  • Synopsis: A beautiful drawn story about Patchouli Knowledge and her familiar Koakuma dealing with a literal Bookworm in the Voile Library.
  • Comments: Kemonomichi's artwork is top-notch, and the spell card battle between Patchy and Marisa is not one to miss.

The Flying Dutchman by Chihiro (Kemonomichi)

  • Recommended by Two Gun Angel
  • Synopsis: Another beautifully drawn story about Sakuya being drawn into the old tale of the Flying Dutchman and dealing with its undead crew as only Sakuya can.
  • Comments: More beautifully-drawn work by Chihiro of Kemonomichi.

So Tonight, I'll Overlook It By Tozawa

  • Recommended by Doc Astaroth
  • Synopsis: Something is strange with Sakuya´s eyes recently. What could be the reason and what can the chief maid do against it?
  • Comment: Beautiful drawing. The atmosphere is somewhat dark, but not grim. The ending is quite heart-warming.

Sengoku Gensokyo By Coolier

  • Recommended by Mirrinus, Brickman
  • Synopsis: Another well-made fangame, this time a conquest simulator RPG along the lines of Sengoku Rance (except family friendly). Reimu and Marisa are roped into Yukari's mysterious competition between the many factions of Gensokyo.
    • A text-based Let's Play of this game, which more or less includes the game's script in its entirety, can be found here.
  • Comments: Mirrinus: The game's story is pretty much a long visual novel, filled with character growth and discovery. Every Windows Touhou character up through POFV is represented, and are treated with dignity and tact. Dispersed throughout the game are dozens of great cutscenes exploring character depths, such as Alice's reasons for giving up her humanity, Reisen's guilt over deserting her lunar allies, Meiling's personal pride despite being ordered around by Sakuya, Medicine's growth under Yuka's tutelage, and much more. Make the right choices, and you'll even see the game question just what it means to be the infamous Hakurei shrine maiden.
    • Brickman: Surprisingly good plot given its genre of videogame. At the very least, read through the Let's Play until the first army is defeated for the hilarious team 9 shenanigans.

Udongein vs. Remilia by Imizu (Nitro Unknown)

  • Recommended by Two Gun Angel, Selryam
  • This doujin comes in three different parts, the first of which is unaccounted for:
  • Synopsis: On the selfish whims of Kaguya, Princess of Eientei, Reisen Udongein Inaba is sent to search for a certain book. Reisen gets her master Eirin involved and heads for the Scarlet Devil Mansion. After infiltrating the mansion, she meets up with Marisa, entrusts her as a guide, and arrives at the Great Library of Voile, where she obtains the book with the permission of Patchouli. Just when she thinks she's completed her mission in secret, however, she is discovered by the mistress of the mansion and her chief maid, and a battle of awesome proportions is about to commence...
  • Comment: Oh. My. God. If you have not seen Imizu's work, do yourself a favor and do so now. Imizu's artwork is incredibly detailed and beautiful, there are plenty of humorous elements throughout, and his battle scenes are incredible. Both Reisen and Remilia are nothing less than badass here, with Remilia in particular reaching Alucard levels of awesome and being a very Large Ham.

Youmu vs. Udongein by Imizu (Nitro Unknown)

  • Recommended by: Recon5
  • Synopsis: Youmu gets a day off and decides to go shopping in the Human Village. She runs into Reisen and they fight over something. That's about all there is to it but it's more than enough!
  • Comment: Another seminal work by the master of mindless awesome. This is another spectacularly choreographed long fight with eye-bleeding quality artwork (sharper and cleaner than in Udongein vs. Remilia but with arguably simpler shading) and copious quantities of Gun Porn, along with several laugh-out-loud moments. Well worth your time, if only for the art!

White Summer by Nightmare

  • Recommended by Shinji117
  • This comes in three parts: first, second and third
  • Synopsis: A Yuuka-focused comic that takes a less Axe Crazy portrayal of her, showing her interactions with an ordinary human.
  • Comment: Anyone who likes Yuuka/Yuka-focused works should read this. It's drawn rather well, the OC human is a well-written, and he has just enough quirks to make you have grown a little attached to him by the end, which is what makes the last bit something of a Tear Jerker. My main complaint would be that it ends quite abruptely.

Moriya Family Cosplay Theater by Adonmaru

  • Recommended by Sparrowhawk
  • This is a series of comics presented as Fan Vids by the mysterious and elusive Adonmaru (he doesn't even have a pixiv page).
  • Caution: No English translation exists. I'd do it myself, but my Japanese is half-baked at best.
  • Rating: YMMV on whether this is SFW. There's no nudity and no overtly sexual situations, but there are a couple of Furo Scenes and characters occasionally wear swimsuits/revealing outfits.
  • Synopsis: The series consists of semi-self-contained comedic Slice of Life stories which usually revolve around the Moriya Shrine gang. Various other characters appear, and occasionally guest-star.
  • Comment: This series is really popular on Nico Nico for a reason. Sanae's thoughtlessness is played for some utterly hilarious moments, usually at Kanako and Suwako's expense - meanwhile, Kanako as depicted here is absolutely, absolutely adorable while never being unrecognizably OOC. But of course, the three of them do genuinely love each other in the end... sort of (hint: whenever the series gets too heartwarming, expect a comedic Mood Whiplash). Oh, and the artwork, while sketchy, is quite lovely.
  • Bonus: Embarrassed Kanako in various cosplay outfits.
  • Adonmaru's Nico Nico mylist can be found here, and contains all the videos.
  • For those without Nico Nico accounts, the first in the series, "The Twilight Of The Gods", can be found on Youtube here.

Touhou Festival Report Manga Series by Warugaki

  • Recommended by Sonic GTR, Selryam
  • Synopsys: Follow the serendipitous misadventures of Warugaki, one of the Touhou fandom's best new artists, on his trips to Touhou doujinshi conventions with his doujin circle, Drill Secret Affair. However, instead of drawing himself, he uses Remilia Scarlet as his avatar and his friends as Yuuka, Aya, Nazrin, Ichirin, and Jagi. Celebrating Making the Daily Ranking is included because it is more or less the same thing but having to do with Pixiv.
  • Comments: Warugaki is a mind-blowingly versatile artist. While his personal style is up there with the rest of the best, he pulls off numerous other artists' styles with aplomb -- using nothing more than a pen, by his own admission. If you're reading on the 'booru, try clicking on the artists' names in the TL notes or searching for them, and prepare to be amazed. He's also extremely humble and much of the humor in his signature series comes from self-depreciation, even compared to other doujinka.

Fairy Ring by Sixten

  • Recommended by: User:Major Tom
  • Synopsis: A children's book story about Cirno and Suwako forging the strongest bond of all: Friendship.
  • Comments: A delightfully refreshing take on the whole Suwako vs Cirno "conflict". Miracles abound and heartstrings will be tugged gently in the right ways.

Kuvalauta / Apokalauta Touhou 4-koma strips[1] by Anonymous

  • Recommended by: User:Dracula On A Bike
  • Synopsis: A Yonkoma Gag Series originating from Finnish imageboards, featuring puns, references to Internet memes (not only fandom-specific ones), running gags, sight gags, and amusing character interactions.
  • Comments: The drawing style on these improves considerably over time (particularly in regard to the coloring), yet maintains a highly distinctive style throughout. Some memorable gags include Marisa trolling the Prismriver Sisters with an Iconic Song Request, Rinnosuke's bird feeder causing Furry Confusion, Marisa accidentally encountering Pocky and Rocky (and an amusing Call Back in a later strip with PC-98 Reimu and Mamizou Futatsuiwa in place of those two), the emblem on Yuyuko's hat changing into various Sega-related things from one panel to another[2], Cirno being punished by being turned into Fairy Liquid[3] or Keiju[4] margarine, and Remilia making a prank call to a quiz show hosted by Sakuya and pushing her (Fanon) Berserk Button[5]. It's also notable for popularizing "Sirkku" as a Fan Nickname for Cirno.

Gensokyo USA by drsunshine

  • Recommended by: Gunbazca
  • Synopsis: Imagine Gensokyo. Then imagine that it's not located in Japan, but in the United States (ostensibly the Pacific Northwest), with all of its implications. Then you have this comic series.
  • Warning: Very, very Love It or Hate It. The art is rough, and has that unpolished webcomic-y feel. There are NSFW ads.
  • Comments: What can i say? This is a very, very polarizing work. The work, which originated in Something Awful, transplants Touhou characters into an all-American setting and plays it around to make it work. Here's a rundown of the characters: Reimu studies Liberal Arts and drives a Prius. Sanae is a Jew and spoke Yiddish as a Second Language. Marisa works in her family's diner and drove a Humvee around generally acting Jerkass. Alice is a Mormon Crazy Cat Lady. Both Remilia and Yukari are Corrupt Corporate Executives (with Sakuya and Ran being friends, despite working to opposite sides). And the best part? Aya is a Spider Jerusalem Expy.

Miracle China Day by tima

  • Recommended by: Gearframe
  • Synopsis: A comedic day in the life of a humble gate guard after she eats a strange mushroom.
  • Comments: It's a rather short doujin that could easily be read as a pass time. Well drawn and comical, this doujin is a good way to get in a few laughs during your day.

Gensou Liar Game by Ponjiyuusu (shino)

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Recommended by: Gearframe
  • Synopsis: From the person who brought us Manga of My Memories of Playing Touhou and Mistress' Home Party Epic Battle. Hell is at risk of going into bankruptcy and everyone's favourite Enma tries to throw the girls of Gensokyo into the Liar Game. The story's atmosphere is rather serious, but it retains that Touhou charm.
  • Comments: Sadly, there are only two parts I could find, but it's still worth a read. It'd be greatly appreciated if someone could help me find the third part.

Omoito by Mori no Hon

  • Omoito Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier.
  • Recommended by: Person With Many Aliases
  • Synopsis:
    • Eins: Marisa finds out that Hourai isn't just an ordinary doll...
    • Zwei: As winter closes in, a certain anonymous friend struggles to make the best gift for Alice...
    • Drei: Things seem to be normal, until Yuuka sends a certain someone to Alice's household, causing the fragile house of cards to collapse...
    • Vier: In a grand finale, Alice sets out to right things once and for all, and remember what "Friendship" means...
  • Comments: What begins as a charming comedy surrounding Alice's household becomes an emotional tale full of epic battles, heart wrenching drama and really cute new costume adaptations. Superbly drawn, hard hitting by the second half, and having a little something for everyone in this adventure.

Kamen Rider Decade VS Touhou Project by 投稿者:矢太倉 さん (I can't give a proper translation)

  • Recommended by: Keimarios
  • Synopsis: During his travels Decade stumbles upon the magical land of Gensokyo after an encounter with the Youkai of Boundaries, Yukari Yakumo. Unsure of his purpose in this magical world he sets off to explore. Somehow in the process he undergoes a genderbender. With new friends, enemies and powers what will happen to Kamen Rider Decade?
  • Comments: The link to YouTube provides a link to the original poster on niconico douga. The premise looks quite enticing and the artwork has got a webcomic feel to it. Unfortunately this work has not been translated, but the visuals give a good grasp of the situation and awesome fight scenes.

General Fics – Written

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

A Wizard Is You by Demetrious

 Thread 2, Thread 3, Thread 4, Thread 5, Thread 6, Thread 7, Thread 8, etc... (the next Thread link is provided at the end of each Thread).

Archive of threads 1-16

  • Recommended by: Shockz, User:Jiven, Shinji117
  • Synopsis: "One morning you abruptly appear in Gensokyo, 357 feet above the ground, along with half of a flaming airship, the better part of a clock tower, three wyverns, four giant eagles and a gigantic red dragon." So begins A Wizard Is You, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story featuring a high-level Dungeons and Dragons wizard with far more spells than common sense as its protagonist. Thankfully(?), he's landed in one of the few places in the Planes where the average resident has even less common sense than him, and he ends up making fast friends with a local were-hakutaku and her ice fairy student. Now, if only he could figure out how the hell to get home...
  • Comments: Shockz: One of the funniest stories I've ever read. No, not one of the funniest Touhou fanfics. Not one of the funniest fanfics. One of the funniest stories. Half the fun is seeing--and helping to decide!--what Wizardnon (the unnamed protagonist) will do next. The other half is seeing the inevitable fallout from his often less-than-wise decisions. Oddly enough, despite (or perhaps because of) Wizardnon's Crazy Awesome tendencies, most characters are written as being surprisingly down-to-earth. Even Cirno.
    • Jiven: recommended, althrough Keine seems a little... blank, out of character, passive ? There isn't always a link to the next thread before Thread 8. Threads 6 and 7 are missing.

Alice's Glorious Homestead Defense by X to the Zoltan

  • Recommended by: Selryam, User:Jiven, Vrock 8
  • Synopsis: A look into Alice's mind and life when she has to put up with playing hostess to Marisa for a day.
  • Comments: An excellent fanfic that really captures the essence of the characters (if such a thing is possible in this fandom). Exciting and creative, with very nice characterization.

Gensokyoland Saga by Norseman

  • Recommended by Chronopolize
  • Synopsis: Having been unwillingly transported to Gensokyo, our warrior-bard Viking weaves both his weapons and his words as he embarks on an great quest seeking his revenge against Yukari.
  • Comments: The author uses Norse mythology and poetry more deeply than seems possible, to great effect. As the epic swings into full gear, the decisions are both meaningful and difficult. To their credit, the audience rises up to the challenge; the speculation and theory-craft is almost as engaging as the story itself.
  • Note: Here is the full Chapter List.

Average Joe in Bullet Hell by Magnificent Sasquatch

  • Recommended by Flash Of Sonic, Kerreb 17, Nightmare Syndrom
  • Synopsis: Follow the misadventures of a shameless semi-self-insert as he attempts to make heads or tails of this new crazy world and its even crazier inhabitants! There is fantabulous adventure to be had! (From author's description)
  • Comments: Far, far Better Than It Sounds, even considering that it doesn't sound that bad to begin with. After being pulled into Gensokyo by a strange woman floating outside the window of his apartment in Tucson, Arizona (guess who) and getting his bearings, Ryan Randa is instructed in the ways of this new world and steadily grows in his abilities. This story contains its fair share of funny moments, serious moments, plot, character development, and awesome fight scenes. It's well worth a read, and it's still being written, so there's more to look forward to as well. Has a tropes page.
    • Seconded. I cannot even begin to recount the number of moments that made me pelt my screen with water danmaku. This is a very entertaining read, with (as noted above) interesting plot topics, respectable character development, and above-average fight sequences. Throw in some pop-culture references and you have a wonderfully 'hip' story that's sure to make your day that much more exciting!

Dolphin Rider Koishi by Roukanken

  • Recommended by: GuyYouMetOnline, User:Banjo 2 E
  • Synopsis: An AU story staring Koishi as a dolphin-riding Magical Girl. One hell of a lot Better Than It Sounds.
  • Comments: This, plainly and simply, is how you do an AU fic. the story is set in 'Gensouto', a modern-day city in the outside world. Almost everyone there is magical in some way, but only a very few people are aware of it. Many different characters have both major and minor roles, and the interpretations have a tendency to fit the characters perfectly while at the same time being not really what you were expecting (I love this story's interpretation of Tewi). There's some heavy emotional stuff and some lighthearted stuff, and it all fits together extremely well. It's a bit heavy on the cliches, but then, it is a Magical Girl story. Plus, the writing is simply excellent. Whether you're into Magical Girl stuff or, like me, not so interested in it, this is still well worth reading.

Human of the Other Side by Heraklinios

  • Recommended by kiriakoen
  • Synopsis: A normal male human arrives to Gensokyo. At the beggining, it seems like a regular self-insert, but avoids being a Marty Stu by being almost automatically hated by everyone. Plus, he's really unlucky and tends to snark a lot, making him likeable. He manages to get their trust with time, but still behaves like a jerk. After some chapters, it starts getting influences from Shin Megami Tensei.
  • Comments: A slow start, but it is still a good read after all. The Reveal after some episodes is confusing (well, it is Louis Cypher that tells him) but it gives it a strange charm...even though it's creepy and funny at the same time.

Imperfect Metamorphosis by Taker Foxx

  • Recommended by Makuta 9999, Extraintrovert, Guy You Met Online, Zudak, Jiven, Rena The Archmage
  • Synopsis: It's the first day of spring, and Cirno and her friends are once again up to no good! But after stealing a strange box from Marisa's house, they soon find themselves over their heads as they discover some things are meant to remain locked up.
  • Comments: In the words of the author on the original site it was put up, 'Team nine fucks up. Hilarity Ensues.' Includes severe Mood Whiplash at the end of the first chapter, and by the end of the third it goes into Dark Fic territory, though with the occasional funny moment. It also uses the unused character from EoSD, but not in the way that you might originally think.
    • Sect: Now has a sidestory featuring Kaguya and Mokou as they navigate a dream world.
    • Thirding the rec. This story is excellent, although it should be noted that this is not a comedic fic. Not that I'm complaining, since it's easily the best fanfic I've ever read. In particular, the characters are all portrayed extremely well, especially Rin, who happens to be the second fictional character ever that I've truly cared about. My only complaint so far is the unambiguous evil of Ex-Rumia, especially since without her there'd be no true 'bad guy' in the story. It's clear who the protagonists are, but aside from Ex-Rumia, there's no clear villian (although Yukari's starting to come close), but even that works all right, and I have no other complaints. I highly recommend this fic; just don't go in expecting much lighthearted fun.
    • Lunaoh: Fourthed. This is by far one of the best Touhou fics out there. The prose and characterization are highly enjoyable and the plot is great too. My only complaint is that there isn't enough of it: every chapter leaves me waiting for more.
    • An amazing interpretation and my personal favorite. The author has decided to employ a few common fanon characterizations that normally irk me rather badly, but gets away with it because every single character is so goddamn well-written. The atmosphere is definitely on the darker side of things but the tone is not too unbearably bleak and there's always an undercurrent of hope and humor. Highly recommended.
    • This is, without a doubt, one of the best things of its genre I've ever read, Touhou or otherwise. The characters and relationships develop very naturally, and Taker takes his sweet time letting it all unfold. Though the story isn't filled with action-packed, epic chapters throughout, the early chapters do much to hook the reader in, sinking its claws in and compelling them to read through the long haul. Even in its quieter moments, the story is rife with gambit after gambit several new or forgotten-about characters, and... well... Read for yourself. Words fail me when describing a story of this caliber. -Rena The A Rchmage
    • This Troper found it to be untrue to the spirit of the Touhou series in general. Everyone knows that they resolve disputes through danmaku, danmaku! Not through arguing, emotional tension and slapping each other! The fic is just far too dark for me, especially since Touhou mostly lacks real villains as a whole.

I Negative Bullet by Sorrowful Reincarnation

  • Recommended by Patcheresu
  • Synopsis: Awaking without memories,neither of who he is or what he is, a youkai tries to find his lost past in the land he awoke in.Doomed to be a walking enigma,he roams Gensokyo for his past, present, future and purpose...
  • Comments: A youkai with a power as vague as Yukari appears, long ago corrupted by an ancient style of life called The Path Of Nihilism. It starts at the beginning of the Windows series of games and despite the short chapters, is quite a long read despite being up for 2 months. The author shows talent and power for writing scenarios and adding onto characters. Cirno is not depicted as a bundle of mass stupidity, and merely acts headstrong and silly. Beneath the guise, however, is a tactical fighter with sharp skills and sharper ice. Reimu is now a master of sealing, and several other characters are given massive powerups that stay true to the canon personalities. -Patch

Touhou Ibunshu by Usually Dead

  • Recommended by Kalle, Rena The Archmage, Extraintrovert, Selryam
  • Synopsis: A collection of stories, including retellings of the games (from tEoSD to IaMP) and side-stories, told from differing points of view as the writer slowly exposes the reader to an Alternate Universe Gensoukyou.
  • Comments: Wonderfully well-written throughout, with excellent fighting scenes, a fair bit of violence (that never crosses over into Gorn territory, thankfully enough) and some of the most emotional scenes that really, really would not be out of place in the games themselves. It's a Dark Fic, but that doesn't prevent a lot of Earn Your Happy Ending. Has a tropes page.
    • Recon: A bit of a warning, though. The author himself admits that his portrayal of one particular character is a bit of a Author Tract, but in this troper's opinion the quality of the work is not compromised.
    • That... was absolutely beautiful. This troper was on the verge of tears when he finished... Although now I can't stop seeing the characters in a whole new light. At least half the characters were given chilling new ways of looking at them.

The White Rose of Chireiden, by Sakura Rurouni

  • Recommended by the Nolrai.
  • Synopsis: The Ancient City being recast as an rebellious former client state of Makai. It tells the story of Makai's failed attempt at reconquest and the after affects.
  • Comments: Think Touhou meets Machevielli's The Prince. In the authors words "Now, REHASH TIME! But first, I shall advertise. Allow me to use the worst of it to advertise this story: THIS FICTION FEATURES KOISHI SPEAKING ITALIAN AND ORIN WITH A HEAVY YIDDISH ACCENT. OH NOES!" The world building and characterization in this fic is magnificent.

The Shrine of Gensokyo series by wrathie.

  • Recommended by Slain, totlmstr
  • Composed of three parts:
  • Synopsis: Reimu has left Gensokyo, leaving behind her memories. Now, as an adult, she must return, and not only face off with her own past, but the consequences of leaving the youkai and humans of Gensokyo without the Hakurei maiden for so long.
  • Comments: It's one of the few fanfics that actually goes into the "shrine" part of "shrine maiden," and Reimu herself has practically taken a whole 180 from what she is generally depicted as in fiction. Just going into the main story, late in the game, there's a huge battle between most of Gensokyo and the machinations of a certain Yukari Yakumo that is a gigantically epic scale. If anything, though, I recommend it solely on the basis that it's just plain awesome (if slightly hard to read due to the formatting), and cuts almost everyone in a different light. Sadly, it's still not complete yet, but with the amount of Crowning Moment of Awesome moments flying around, I'm not complaining. Hell, even EX-Rumia joins in on the fun. IIRC, both the prequel and sequel are in progress.
    • totlmstr: Seconded. Your Mileage May Vary as to how well Reimu holds her light to the "shrine maiden" actions, but it's well worth a read as an AU-like atmosphere. The idea behind the fic is whether Reimu should act like a proper shrine maiden, but it gets to where Reimu becomes self-sacrificial during the middle of heated battles, like those with Yakumo and Remilia while her shouting out The Power of Love during these battles. Moments in the spotlight for the other characters, like Sanae and Hong Meiling, are very well done in this fic.

Touhou Chronicles by Etherdrone

  • Recommended by Nightmare Syndrom
  • Synopsis: Actual Summary: A newcomer arrives at Gensokyo after a great battle. Damaged, with low reserves of power, he tries to find his place within this strange, new world he has been introduced to.
  • Comments: An enjoyable read once you get used to the authers unique writing style. It is probably one the best OC center stories I have ever read.

The Gold, Blue, and Red-White by Einhalden

  • Recommended by Cirno
  • Synopsis: An "origin story" of Gensoukyou - why it was separated from the rest of the world and by whom.
  • Comments: The barest synopsis I can give without thoroughly spoiling it. The story has a very natural flow. Tt runs an impressive emotional gamut, from loneliness to heartwarming, and the action moves from calmness all the way up to epicness and back.

Unparalleled Ayakashi Incident by Xavic

  • Recomended by Bstarman
  • Synopsis: A centuries-old evil is stirring, and Yukari is worried about the poison it's beginning to spread. When a teenager with no memory is thrust onto the front lines, how will he fight it?
  • Comments: A great story, but be warned, this fanfic may invoke feelings of hatred and indigence that may force you away from the screen for a while. A nice story, but turns a bit dark in the later chapters, Especially when the demon of the Ayakashi corrupts, body and soul, Mystia, Wriggle, Rumia, Tenshi, Cirno, Yamame, and Medicine.

Exciting Investigation of Eastern Mysteries by Nathan Huss

  • Recommended by 71TheRoman
  • Crossover with: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Synopsis: The SOS Brigade makes a field trip to a remote Shinto shrine said to be haunted by mysterious spirits. Upon arrival, they discover too late the shrine has been abandoned, and Haruhi nearly blows a fuse at the seemingly wasted time until the bizarre disappearance of Koizumi grabs everyone’s attention. Add to this two college students suddenly showing up, talking about a dream world called “Gensokyo”…
  • Comments: Rewriting this section because my last effort at showcasing this underrated chestnut came off as desperate and preachy, two qualities I dislike. Instead, I’ll keep it short by saying that it amazes me how the author can so causally and effectively take two seemingly incompatible franchises and merge them in a way that makes perfect sense. The Brigade crew behave as they do in their own story, and the Gensokyo denizens are written smartly and with character. It may be shorter than other nominations, but don’t let that act as a dissuading factor.

Undying Gensokyo by WillieG.R.

  • Recommended by Makuta 9999, Kerreb 17
  • Synopsis: A selfish experiment works only too well and Aya and Satori find themselves surrounded by those that cannot die. Can they solve this incident on their own before losing their minds?
  • Comments: Marisa tricks a few of her 'friends' to help her create an immortality potion for herself. Turning undead counts as being immortal, right? Well that's what ended up happened to nearly all of Gensokyo. A Dark Fic like Imperfect Metamorphosis, but with more Resident Evil than Anti Christ Blob Monster.
    • The zombie incarnations of our Touhou characters is a--dare I say--pleasant sight. What might normally be shown as simply a brainless mass of rotting flesh is given a character each to her own, making her a part of the horde but not necessarily all one in the same. Also, the Aya and Satori combo was an interesting pair, each of which work well as the protagonists. I would definitely say to check this story out, but I should mention that it's not for the faint of heart.

Functioning Alcoholic by Solblight

  • Recommended by Big B, 71TheRoman, Spiri Tsunami
  • Synopsis:Ibuki Suika is a permanent guest at the Hakurei Shrine, but does Reimu know exactly what Suika does when she's not around? Or even when she IS around? Join Suika on her misadventures as she uh... she uh... Hic! What was I doing again...?
  • Comments: A humorous fiction following the misadventures of Suika Ibuki, residential drunk at the Hakurei Shrine. The author is a very talented writer, able to spin a web and captivate you from beginning to end. The story arcs are both humorous and suspenseful, in the perfect moderation. There is mild shipping, but is not all consuming, and some of it is played for laughs. All in all a good story deserving of a good read. -Big B
    • The Roman: Indeed. Identifying myself as a Suika fan, I can lament the lack of quality stories centering on her. This most certainly fills that void. It's every bit as interesting as the above contributor describes and more. Need a little more incentive though? The underground cast (well, a couple of them) show up from time to time to aid Suika in her (mis)adventures, adding additional angles from which one can enjoy the ever-expanding nature of the plot. Do make some free time for this one, if you're genuinely interested.
    • SpiriTsunami: I actually just finished re-adding this...under the shipping fics section. Didn't notice that it was already up under general, even though I was considering putting it there myself. The shipping does start to consume more of the story as it goes on, but it's very well-done and mainly serves to further enhance Suika's characterization.

A Scarlet-Stained Memoir by U. N. Owen

  Full chapter list, Q&A thread made after the end (contains much information not in the story, including the meat of the epilogue). Threads do not contains links to each other.

  • Recommended by Brickman, Chronopolize
  • Synopsis: An ordinary peasant farmer stumbles not just into Gensokyo, but to the gates of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The mistress invites travelers in and offers hospitality, but once inside it's not easy to leave. Can such an ordinary man hope to uncover the mansion's mysteries? Can he even survive them long enough?
  • Comments: Was a Choose Your Own Adventure which is now completed. A very dark fic by Touhou standards, and very long, but well written. The setting takes on a feel of being quite dangerous, one in which almost nobody can be trusted (save for Cirno, who becomes a friend if not an outright ship). The main character is incredibly limited in what he can accomplish as an ordinary human, even when he obtains the ironically fitting power to see through others' eyes, which mostly just serves to turn his caution into inaction. Many of the mansion's mysteries and problems are never solved, and several apparent "plot hooks" are left dangling simply because he doesn't risk them (or never gets the chance to try; though a few are also dropped because the author changed his mind). Even the Q&A thread leaves many questions unanswered. Also contains pages on pages of debate by the players as they themselves try to make sense of it and make their decisions, interesting to read in its own right (though you may want to just skip between author posts instead). Sadly, thanks in part to having underestimated how deep a character the players would expect Remilia to be, it takes a turn for the Diabolus Ex Machina near the end, and has a completely inexplicable second one in the epilogue.
  • Notes: Contains three original characters including the Audience Surrogate main character. Of the other two, one feels fairly at home in Gensokyo and the other seems to be written to be as jarringly unfitting for Gensokyo as possible (for good reason).

Touhou Doujin Dawitsus folly by Duwee Davis II

  • Recommended by Patcheresu
  • Synopsis: Flandre's Laevateinn has been stolen! A mysterious pair of newcomers seem to be to blame- and Reimu naturally is picking up the pieces. But, there's something unique about one of the newcomers... A fanfic conversion of my hand-drawn doujin.
  • Comments: Let's face it, we all know who stole it. Dawitsu is an Outsider youkai brought into Gensokyo, and an avid fan of Japanese media. So, being the Gary Stu he is, decides to greet the heroines via Incident. The humor feels forced, but still enjoyable and the OCs mesh well with the normal denizens. The only discrepancies are the purposeful OOC characteristics of Yukari and Remilia. A light-hearted and above-average story that also includes an interpretation of almost all touhous. Trope Page here

Vintage by Logan not here

  • Recommended by Selryam and Two Gun Angel
  • Synopsis: Sakuya and Murasa discover they have a common love of the fine and well-aged. "Even if that sounds a little gushy for me, I hear ya, Izayoi."
  • Comments: Short, humorous, then a little sweet and shippy. Loud, raucous Captain Murasa Minamitsu and Perfect and Elegant Sakuya Izayoi, despite the difference in their personalities, have a short conversation about individuals they care about.

Between Life and Afterlife by Snail-Ice-Cream

  • Recommended by Selryam
  • "Synopsis": A bright red higanbana was blooming at brink of the Sanzu River. /one-shot/
  • "Comments": Short, thoughtful piece on Komachi and the job she does and the Yama. Well-written, pleasant.

A New World by Iced Fairy

  • Recommended by mysterykcad
  • Synopsis: Set 300 or 500 years (the author says 500 years, but all in-story references say 300) after the events of the main Touhou games, time has changed Gensokyo for the worse. The boundaries within Gensokyo have become more difficult to cross, as has the Hakurei border. In addition, the Lunarians have been growing tense due to human colonization of the false moon.
  • Comments: A very well-written and creative three-part story that pulls the two outsiders Renko Usami and Maribel Han into the middle of the action. Includes a few OCs on both sides of the conflict (most of the heroic OCs are descended from characters that have already been established), but they feel just as natural in the story as the ones that have been there since the beginning. Even a few of the PC-98 characters make an appearance in this epic tale. Though it's possible to read with only a basic knowledge of Touhou cannon, I'd recommend keeping the Touhou wiki open to familiarize yourself with some of the lesser-known characters and events that appear or are mentioned.

Shipping fics: Visual Medium (doujins, comics, strips, etc.

Doujins focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Touhou - Days Woven From Illusion ~The Unmoving Great Library by Gensou Koumuten

  • Reccomended by Andyzero
  • Pairings(s): Patchouli/OC
  • Synopsis: Even in the bright world of gensoukoumuten; there are perceived dark parks of the worlds. In the violent slums of Makai; Patchouli meets a demon doctor who runs a clinic for anyone. A shining light in the darkest pit; he's there for two very important reason. Because he can and because the need is great.
  • Comments: May not actually be a shipping fic per se; but can easily be seen this way.

GERANIUM by Can't Fix the Helmet, translated by Pilpsie, edited by Rukaroa.

  • Recommended by Sleeping Doom
  • Pairing(s): Marisa/Rinnosuke
  • Synopsis: Rinnosuke and a young Marisa discuss what they want to do in the future. Rinnosuke plans to write a book, and asks Marisa what she wants to be. Many years later, neither of them have changed their minds.
  • Comments: One of the more well-known translated doujinshi. Although the ending of this doujin is an absolute Tear Jerker, it still ends on a very heartwarming note.

Fujiwara no Mokou, Who Lives a Million Times; and Kamishirasawa Keine's One Happy Lifetime by ichikai

  • Recommended by: Noxshade
  • Pairings: Mokou/Keine
  • Synopsis: "Hey, Keine. I wonder how long we will be able to pass through the same time. I wonder when the end comes." "On that day...Fujiwara no Mokou wept just as many times as she had died and returned to life." Presented mostly as a flashback, it begins with Mokou discovering Keine having passed away in her sleep; and then shows all the happy times they had together.
  • Comments: The Tragedy of Long Life at it's finest. With an adorable style and believable characterization, this story hits the trifecta of heartwarming, funny and tear jerker. Highly recommended. And if you can't be bothered, the condensed form is here.

Cirno and Reimu's 1 2 3 by Kamo Nari

  • Recommended by: Troublethecat
  • Pairings: Reimu/Cirno
  • Synopsis: Presented in a semi Anachronic Order, starting with a botched love confession after a prank gone wrong, before showing what lead up to that point (And possibly a little of what came after), this doujin tells the story of how Gensokyo's Strongest Fairy and Gensokyo's Laziest Miko became friends, and how Cirno became much more than that for Reimu. Funny, Heartwarming and sometimes Heartbreaking.
  • Comments: Kamo Nari writes the characters well, and makes you want to smile whenever the main pairing interacts with each other (when he's not making you want to hug them both). It's not finished yet, but what's written so far is definitely worth reading.

Eastern Starlight Romance by Dai-Sukima Dan

  • Recommended by Sect
  • Pairing: Marisa/Alice. Or Marisa/Reimu. Or Marisa/Patchouli. Or Marisa/Flandre. Or...
  • Synopsis: A currently incomplete visual novel. Marisa's father passes away, which forces Marisa to confront her own mortality. She resolves to discover a way to become immortal, and begins researching seriously. Meanwhile, her relationship with several of her friends begin to change...
  • Comments: This is a remarkable piece of work: though it's only in a demo form, it's pretty well polished and well written.

Chiisana Koi No Uta/This echoing love song, Subbed by Ragnarok DS

  • Recommended by Maria Holic
  • Pairing: Keine/Mokou
  • 'Synopsis: A cute story about Keine and Mokou's relationship developing.
  • Comments: Beautiful vocals, even during the small Take That to Kaguya x Mokou at the end. The pictures are really cute, and the story is really touching. If you have time, also check 'Laugh Maker' and 'Double Scarlet' in the related videos -- they have a similar artstyle, and all of the P Vs have really cute stories.

Keine, Mokou and the Students! by karaagetarou

  • Recommended by Tacitus
  • Pairing: Keine/Mokou
  • Synopsis: Mokou gets browbeaten into attending Keine's class alongside Team ⑨ and Akyuu. Can she withstand the antics of Gensokyo's childish youkai, Keine's teasing, and Akyuu's relationship advice? Will she finally spit it out?
  • Comments: A lot to like about this one - karaagetarou has a distinct and enjoyable art style, is deft at managing humor and Moe, yet can also write scenes with surprising depth. This 'fic is also noteworthy for its portrayal of Akyuu, which may leave you wondering why more authors don't use her.

Locked Girl, Song by COOL&CREATE, Animation by AniPix, Art by Noya, Subs inserted by SkyWitches, Lyric Translations via Touhou Wiki.

  • Recommended by: Kryptik
  • Pairing: Marisa/Patchouli
  • Synopsis: Marisa, sick of Patchouli continually keeping herself locked in, despite how much it hurts both of them, decides to take matters into her own hands the only way she knows how.
  • Comments: A surprisingly heartfelt "Locked Girl" remix/homage to Bump of Chicken's "Laugh Maker" sung from Marisa's perspective, the Fan Vid for the song takes things up a notch by demonstrating the lengths Marisa is willing to go to help Patchouli open up. Aside from some eye-color issues, Noya's art adds immensely to an already powerful song. Quite faithful to "Laugh Maker" both in style and in subject, it shows that Marisa isn't joking about The Power of Love as far as she's concerned.

Night Sparrow Love by Mitsumoto.

  • Recommended by Sonic GTR, Extraintrovert, User:Citizen, User:Jiven
  • Pairing: Mystia/Mokou
  • Synopsis: Mystia, who runs a grilled ell cart, and Mokou, her coal supplier, are Twice Shy for each other. Keine sees what's going on and decides to give them a push. Marisa and Reimu also get involved. Emotional Torque ensues.
  • Comments: Completed. This story has proven to be popular enough to warrant its own pool for fanart. There's also a prequel, First Love Sparrow, but it was pulled from Danbooru at his request (NSL is an internet release, but FLS wasn't).
    • Recommended. An heartwarming and cute story. Come on, you can't let loose a Squee or two when reading it.

S Complex, Song by COOL&CREATE, subs inserted by riicien, translation acquired from the Touhou Wiki

  • Recommended by the Ace Of Scarabs
  • Pairing: Shizuha/Minoriko (Unrequited)
  • Synopsis: Shizuha has feelings for Minoriko, but Cannot Spit It Out. She feels lonely as Minoriko is invited to a lot of Autumn feasts, and harsh words are said. Heartbroken, Shizuha sinks into despair and leaves, and Minoriko regrets their last big argument.
  • Comments: Sister/Sister Forbidden Love aside, this takes their symbolism further, all the way to the tragic conclusion. Shizuha as the Goddess of the dead coloured leaves of autumn, is the Symbol of Loneliness and Death, and is jealous of her sister's popularity as the Symbol of Abundance and Plenty, as well as lonely, as she's never invited to the feasts. The comments in the unsubbed version really get into the analysis of this Fan Vid, one of the comments implying that Shizuha is Driven to Suicide.

Maiden Illusionary Funeral: Before and After and Maiden Illusionary Funeral: Phantasm by VISIONNERZ

  • Recommended by Prime 32
  • Pairing: Yukari/Yuyuko
  • Synopsis: Long before the creation of the Great Hakurei Barrier, Yukari is a savage human-killing youkai hunted by the Saigyouji monks. But one of the Saigyouji is a little more hesitant - after all, she knows what it's like to be feared for your power...
  • Comments: A prequel to Perfect Cherry Blossom that tries to explain a number of things like how Yuyuko died and why Yukari sleeps so much. Contains both Tear Jerkers and badassery.

Various works by Nakatani:

  • Spectral Feelings, Tsukinaki, Unfair Randomizer, and Melting Gensoukyo.
  • Recommended by Person With Many Aliases
  • Synopsis:
    • Spectral Feelings: (Yukari/Reimu) A jealous Yukari makes Reimu see only the color purple.
    • Tsukinaki: (Mokou/Keine) Mokou struggles with a weakening Spell Card, and Keine struggles with her mortality.
    • Unfair Randomizer: (Yukari/Ran) Yukari awakens from her hibernation and reflects on her first meeting with Ran.
    • Melting Gensoukyo: (Maribel/Renko. Platonic, but I mean, really.) Maribel disappears, and Renko searches for her. Meanwhile, Yukari has an interesting conversation with Reimu.
  • Comments: Aside from the stellar artwork, of which Spectral Feelings makes extremely clever use of, Nakatani's great strength is also in characterization. The romances are genuine, yet awkward, with lots of reflection of what it means to be in love when you're immortal, apathetic, etc. It's thoughtful at the same time it's romantic. (These are only some, but not all of his doujinshi.)

Shipping fics: Written

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

The Border of My Heart by Murraymints999.

  • Recommended by Ryusei
  • Pairing: Reimu/Yukari
  • Synopsis: Yukari, having a crush on Reimu, decides to pay her a visit one evening. After Reimu goes to bed after being hopelessly drunk, an event occurs that strains their relationship, with both desiring to repair it, but not fully realizing how.
  • Comments: An intelligently done fanfiction that can show how well done a trickster/lightning rod ship can be done. While there are a few humorous parts (Yukari practically losing brain function when seeing Reimu's sleeping face while Yukari's drunk comes to mind), there's a fair bit of drama. I can also visualize the characters performing some of the actions they do easily, as well as what they say. Aside from a few typos, I say it was pretty good.

If Wishes Were Dreams by Laburey

  • Recommended by Kalle
  • Pairing(s): Marisa/Alice
  • Synopsis: After a particularly nasty battle, Marisa decides that the only way to keep Alice from worrying over her is to become an immortal youkai. But what if her wish came at a much more serious price?
  • Comments: The ending to this story is particularly refreshing to see in a tidalwave of "BAD END" fanfics. The author, Laburey, states that she got the inspiration for this story through a doujinshi -- having read both, I can safely say that the expansion brings much more emotion to the situation.

Lucky by Arbutus

  • Recommended by: Sone Anna
  • Pairings: Kaguya/Mokou
  • Synopsis: Tewi's mischief has become an intolerable frustration, and Kaguya is forced by luck to discipline her little servant.
  • Comments: Has a good mix of fluff and humor. Poor, poor, Tewi. It also offers a pretty good excuse for why Mokou would be at Eientei and not ripping Kaguya's head off. Contains rampant yuri/yuri-subtext and such, but nothing explicit.

Rising Star by Roukanken

  • Recommended by Sakura Rurouni
  • Pairing: Shou/Nazrin
  • Synopsis: Shou backstory fic. The length of a short novel, Rising Star tells the story of Shou as she grows from a wild tiger into a youkai servant of Vaisravana, how she meets Nazrin and eventually comes to care deeply for her, and her fateful meeting with Byakuren, whose own backstory will change her own life forever.
  • Comments: This is a great piece of fiction. All the UFO characters save Nue are given detailed (and sometimes tragic) backstories of their own, explaining how they all came together. Shou's development as a person also cannot be missed; though listed as Shou/Nazrin, the story is less focused on shipping than it is on Shou's growth. It was also completed recently, so you can read it straight through without waiting for updates!

Yuuka’s Love by WriterRoxas

  • Recommended by: Vrock 8
  • Pairing: Yuuka/Wriggle
  • Synopsis: Yuuka takes interest in the little intruder to her mansion. Despite being horrified and appalled at first, Wriggle finds out that something keeps drawing her back, again and again. Perhaps they really have something in common after all.
  • Comments: A realistic depiction of how a relationship with a sadistic and abusive Yuuka would go. Despite the premise, it never turns into a true Dark Fic and is overall a nice and heartwarming story.

"Stepping Sideways by The.Hoppy

  • Recommended by: Selryam
  • Pairing: Remilia/Sakuya
  • Synopsis: In which Remilia is bound by pride and Sakuya wishes to be bound by caution.
  • Comments: A serious look at the tense dynamic between the arrogant, inhuman mistress Remilia and the loyal, human servant Sakuya. Love is hard for these very different, strong characters. Short, and a fantastic read.


  1. see also pool 1754 on Danbooru (NSFW ads there, as usual)
  2. because the canonical one, an orange spiral, resembles the Dreamcast logo
  3. an English brand of dishwashing liquid
  4. which means "fairy"
  5. referencing both the fandom's "padding" meme and an actual prank call incident popularized by Youtube
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