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Touchstone Pictures is a brand from Disney which releases more adult oriented films.

Since 1979, when they released The Black Hole, Disney had begun making numerous adult-oriented films (albeit none of them getting above a PG rating). The public was shocked, as Disney had been for the longest time associated with family-friendly fare that never got above a G rating. They knew how badly the success of their films had been affected as a result, so then-CEO Roger Miller made Touchstone Films (as it was then called), an alternate adult brand. Beginning with Splash, Touchstone became Disney's go-to brand for adult-oriented films that weren't borderline porn (Disney, like the other major studios, still refuses to distribute any NC-17 rated film, regardless of the brand).

At first, Touchstone was by far Disney's most-used brand that wasn't Disney itself. However, with the Pirates of the Caribbean series (the first film being the first actual Disney movie to get a PG-13 rating), the line between Disney and Touchstone territory began to blur, and Touchstone became more pigeonholed. However, as long as Disney doesn't make any R rated films by itself, Touchstone shouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

As of 2011, Disney has been releasing live action films from DreamWorks though Touchstone.

Notable films released by Touchstone Pictures

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