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This show definitely has moments that just make you go, "AAAWWEESSSOOOOOOMMMEEE!"

Total Drama Island

  • Gwen kicking a serial killer in the jaw, repeatedly, bad enough that the serial killer says that he was treated better in prison. Hardcore.
    • In that same episode, Duncan proving himself Genre Savvy by letting each of the other campers leave the group one by one so he can be the Final Guy, before successfully taking on Chef Hatchet in a friggin' chainsaw fight on the docks.
      • And STILL from the same episode, Leshawna attempting to confront the "killer". She still ran away, but even then, it was pretty brave of her to try and stand up to him. The fact that she laughed it off afterward just adds to it.
  • Lindsay, after spending the entire season under Heather's heel, finally knocks her off her high horse in That's Off the Chain, with an impressive on-the-fly, curse-riddled tirade.
  • Beth gets herself one of these in the episode Paintball Deer Hunter when she gets fed up with Heather's unreasonable demands after Heather ordered her to steal a bag of chips from the mess hall without getting spotted by Scary Black Man Chef Hatchet instead of focusing on the actual challenge. Beth succeeds in evading Chef Hatchet, but begins to wonder why she put her life on the line for someone she never liked. Realizing Heather had been taking advantage of her, Beth eats the chips by herself, opens paintball fire on Heather with extreme prejudice and then breaks off the alliance.
  • Cody being outnumbered in the dodgeball game, then proceeding to go Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass on the opposite team.
    • Also from the dodgeball game, Owen losing it after Izzy gets hit and taking out Katie, Sadie, Bridgette, and Geoff in eight seconds flat.
      • Nothing about Harold's epic dodging skills and him finally catching the ball? I'm pretty sure even Noah, who paid zero attention to the game, was watching.
  • The entire I Triple Dog Dare You Episode. Especially when Lindsey's dare is the same threat Heather had promised to do to her; which culminates in Heather getting eliminated and loosing her hair. In one episode, Heather is forced to pay for all the cruelty she inflicted on the others, especially Gwen and Lindsey. Watching it right after Search and Destroy home to Heather's meanest thing on the show (which is saying something) makes it even more satisfying. And the end, where Heather is screaming empty threats, just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • The alternate ending of The Very Last Episode, Really! after Owen knocks Gwen down to get to the brownies at the finish line Gwen has a Heroic BSOD until Trent's words of encouragement and feelings for her inspire her not give up and when it looked like Owen won he missed the finish line allowing Gwen to make a big comeback, surprising everyone and win the final challenge.
    • Good news. Here it is in english Now, compare this with the official ending. See which one you like better.
      • I prefer the official ending mainly 'cause it was awesome seeing Izzy's plan work.
  • Harold rigging the votes against Courtney in "Basic Straining" to get revenge against Duncan, who had hooked up with her in that same episode. Come on, even if you're a Duncney shipper, you can't deny that this was a pretty epic moment for him.
  • DJ got one in the Deer Hunting Challenge, when Owen (The Hunter) spent half the challenge chasing DJ (The Deer) down with a paint ball gun. When he finally ran out of ammo DJ responded by tossing his ass off a cliff.
  • The end of the season; After twenty-six episodes of abuse, humiliation, and injuries, Duncan, Owen and Geoff take Chris and THROW HIM IN THE LAKE, just to show what they think of him. Even better is that Chef Hatchet approves'.

 Chef Hatchet: I've been wanting to do that all summer! How do ya like that, pretty boy!? Huh?!

Geoff: Oh, Chef...

Owen: (Snickers) You're next, dude!

  • A moment that MUST be mentioned is Harold beatboxing to lead the Killer Bass to their second straight come-from-behind win. Can be seen here.

Total Drama Action

  • Harold calmly knocking Duncan out after he insults LeShawna in Crouching Courtney Hidden Owen.
  • Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Reunion Special is like one big Crowning Moment of Awesome that goes on for the entire episode from the point where the entire TDI cast, the people who have spent every single season fighting, backstabbing and insulting each other join forces in order to bring down a reality show cast that Chris has replaced them with (or at least that's what they think) just so that they can keep being famous instead of going back to their normal lives. As Chris put it, "Their dream is to claw their way back to fame no matter what it takes! Cheating! Shameless self promotion! Sabotage! I LOVE THOSE KIDS!"
    • Special mention goes to a scene rather early on, Non-Action Snarker Noah gets surprisingly ticked off at Chris forgetting to mention his "long suffering assistant" in his acceptance speech, he angrily walks up to the TV and gets ready to kick it, this troper immediately thought it would lead into an obvious Agony of the Feet joke, but no. He kicks it so hard that it flies off screen followed by Noah derisively calling Chris a schmuck.
  • Harold SAVING THE ENTIRE CAST FROM DROWNING when their stunt goes horribly wrong.
  • Beth saving Duncan from being crushed, giving up the $1 million. If I was in her place, I would've gone straight for the $1 million and let Duncan suffer his Disney Villain Death.
  • Despite Courtney's derailment this season, her managing to do a series of backflips through deadly lasers when everyone else was either stuck or couldn't do it, followed by her doing a high flying kung fu kick to the glass the shuts off the lasers was very badass indeed. Everyone, including Duncan agreed.
  • Duncan, after taking half a season's worth of Domestic Abuse from Courtney, finally decides he's had enough of her and votes her off.

Total Drama World Tour

  • The first song. Oh my gosh. The first song.
  • Duncan telling Chris off in the first episode of "World Tour" and quitting rather than degrading himself by doing a season of musical numbers. At least it's a Crowning Moment for fans who hate the musical aspect of the season.
    • But then of course, he returns a few episodes afterwards.
  • Goeff and Bridgette repairing their relationship in the first aftermath of the season is in my opinion a moment of heartwarming, funny, and awesome all in one. In the sense of awesome the two managed to piss Blaineley off enough for her to go berserk on stage.
  • Owen going all Papa Bear on a serial killer, "No one knocks my little buddy in the corner!", of course, it descends right into Crowning Moment of Funny in the next few seconds, but it was still awesome.
  • Noah taking over leadership of his team after Alejandro goes missing in, "I See London...", and in the final moments of the episode he brushes off his elimination boredly, puts on his parachute, calmly warns his team mates about Alejandro, and then becomes the first TDWT contestant to ever take the Drop Of Shame properly without having anything happen to them.
  • Cody punching out Duncan in the most awesome display of Beware the Nice Ones ever.
  • Courtney's Offhand Backhand to Gwen when she tries to "explain".
    • And directly following this is ANOTHER crowning moment of awesome for the Codmeister. After said Duncan ownage Courtney and Sierra tell Cody not to fly in the challenge(the competitors strapped wings on and flew to the olympic medal.) so the rest of team amazon could vote out Gwen. Despite the Duncan thing, Cody sees a clearly panicked Gwen and proceeds to fly into the air, and win against Tyler. It gets even better when you realize he defied Courtney, who's pretty much treated him like shit this episode anyway and proceeds to prove her wrong.
      • Of course Duncan eventually does dishes it back out few episodes later when he throws a dingo at Cody's face.
  • Sierra attacking Courtney for insulting Cody. In this troper's opinion, she was asking for it.
  • Courtney kicking Duncan in the kiwis in, "The Ex Files", even Tyler agrees.
  • Also in the "The Ex Files", Duncan successfully blackmailing arch manipulator Alejandro into guaranteeing Duncan won't be voted off. Tyler goes instead.
  • Owen using himself as the last cannonball to sink Team Amazon's ship. thus securing victory for his team. Rescued From the Scrappy Heap moment for this troper.
    • The freezing screen basically lampshades this.
  • Noah's ridiculously fast laser-dodging in "Aftermath Aftermayhem" is a considered a cross between this and Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Chris yelling at Sierra and eliminating her on the spot in "Awww, Drumheller" after she blew up millions of dollars worth of equipment just by being Too Dumb to Live.
    • Really, that was a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the complete opposite reason: Chris' epic breakdown of epic proportions! As horrible as Chris has been toward the contestants, he's had that a long, long time coming!
      • Even if it was accidental, props to Sierra. MY BEAUTIFUL PLAAANNNEEE! /sob
  • The song in "Awww, Drumheller".
    • To elaborate, (and this is coming from a Villain Song connoisseur) This Is How We Will End It is on par in terms of quality with the most legendary Villain Songs, like Hellfire and Be Prepared. It also happens to be a Villain Song of my favorite character. I can't speak for who wrote the original entry though.
  • In the following episode, "Planes, Trains, Hot Air Mobiles," although Heather and Alejandro's methods to get to Mexico are pretty neat, Cody's has to take the cake here. While Heather caught a train and Alejandro stowed away in the shipping truck, Cody and Sierra put together a hot air balloon from the random debris in the airplane wreckage. Now while this is pretty cool all by itself, the awesome happens later on. After their balloon gets destroyed by power lines, Cody feels he can no longer continue, and gives up. Not willing to let him quit now that he's come this far, Sierra finds what they need, gives him the pep talk that he needs, and they catch back up with the others using one of the craziest methods ever seen in this show: Rocket-Powered Wheelchair
  • Although it was harsh, Heather tricking Alejandro into giving up the prize was pretty awesome, providing a sweet sense of poetic justice in regards to the other contestants he betrayed (especially Bridgette) and reminding us just why Heather is the most formidable competitor. Even if you support Heather/Alejandro, you likely cheered at his Laser-Guided Karma.
    • Everyone, with the exception of Courtney, was cheering for her when she finally defeated Alejandro, even sworn enemies like Gwen and LeShawna.
  • Cody's repetition of "Al" just to press Alejandro's hidden Berserk Button.
  • Alejandro has an epic Take That Scrappy moment towards Owen in "Niagara Brawls". After Owen is eliminated and gets stuck in the door on the way out of the plane, Alejandro gets angry and kicks him out. No one objects.
    • Of course, it backfires when Owen farts on him on the way out.
  • Even Tyler gets one when he saves his entire team's lives by hanging on to the edge of a cliff using his insanely strong fingers.
  • There's the time Harold out-surfs Courtney. It backfires, but it's still cool given how she always tries to sell herself as The Ace.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island

  • B's plan in the first episode.
  • Cameron winning the second episode's challenge for his team (albeit accidentally).
  • Zoey kicking two giant mutant beavers in the groin.
  • Pretty much every time Mike brings Svetlana out.
  • Cameron outright DESTROYING a mutant spider that was several times his size in "Finders Creepers". Turns out the spider was Izzy in disguise, but that just makes it even more awesome.
  • Mike laying a big mental smackdown on his multiple personalities, including a sweet Offhand Backhand on Vito, via the Power of Love for Zoey.
  • Episode 10 has moment after moment of Awesome. We have Chris and Chef in a Zeppelin, Heather making a cameo, during which she kicks Chris and Chef off said Zeppelin and attempts to escape with the 1,000,000 dollars, Zoey get revenge for Mike on Scott with FLYING, FIRE-BREATHING MUTANT GOATS (one of which she rides), Cameron, after being bullied once again by Jo, backstabs her with a hidden explosive...... You just have to watch it.
    • If that wasn't enough for Zoey, she becomes 20% more awes-mazing in the next episode.
  • Last episode: Cameron turns into Iron Man, building his super-suit IN A CAMP! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS! And the fact that Lightning can stand him is also something mentionable, though his awesomeness is downplayed by his dirty tricks. Not to mention that Chris sends every monster that appeared and it becomes a full final battle!
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