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Born in 1960, Toshihiko Masuda is one of the major directors at Telecom Animation Film, he went to Telecom in 1980 as a in-between animator and became a director in 1983 taking over Hayao Miyazaki's unit after he left to go work at Topcraft to do Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Masuda is knowed for being wacky and crazy in his works (but he still does straight forward stuff) and is the one who set the style in Telecom's Western Productions in the 80's and especially in the 90's.

Productions worked on by Toshihiko Masuda:

80's work

90's work

2000's work

Note: Because of other studios outsouceing large amounts of work to Telecom by this time (and even as of now) to be handled by a lot of their staff (Masuda included), so not everything will be listed.

2010's work

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