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File:Laser breasts 3606.jpg

Gordon: No! He's attempting to modify Jennifer!

Prinny: Can she shoot missiles from her boobs now?

For reasons usually related to Rule of Sexy or Rule of Funny, a woman's chest area is sometimes chosen as the source for some projectile. It could be anything from a weapon to a light show, just that it's not something that should come out of breasts (or usually even the human body).

Named for a nickname kids in The Fifties and The Sixties gave the "Bullet Bra".

A Sub-Trope of Chest Blaster. Compare Victoria's Secret Compartment; contrast Breast Attack.

Examples of Torpedo Tits include:

Anime and Manga

  • Aphrodite A from Mazinger Z, which uses a breast missile attack (much to the annoyance of its pilot, Sayaka Yumi). This example is the Trope Codifier, referenced or parodied in many of the entries below. (And traumatizing and/or intriguing viewers on either side of the Pacific for decades.) Diana A from the same series and Venus A (from Great Mazinger) use the same attack.
    • The Mazinger Angels spin-off gleefully Flanderizes this trope, using Aphrodite A and the other FemBots from the franchise and giving them an increasingly ridiculous array of weapons based on this trope.
  • Mahoromatic parodies the above with a scene where Mahoro fires breast missiles.
  • In one of the openings for Lupin III, Fujiko hits Lupin with a boxing glove hidden in her breasts.
    • This was later parodied in FLCL when a boxing glove comes out from between Haruka's legs, although that makes it an example of Trouser Space.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: in Lagann-hen, the Tengen Toppa Yoko M Tank has breast missiles. With shark teeth.
  • This is parodied in Ah! My Goddess with the robot Sigel. She attacks Banpei with her Rocket Punch and he blocks it. She opens her dress, revealing her Barbie Doll Anatomy, and..

 Sigel: BREAST MISSILES, AWAY!...Why didn't they fire?

Skuld: You, uh...don't HAVE any.

    • Skuld later explains that these are plug covers. (They cover plugs for recharging her)
  • Bijinder in the Kikaider OVA series, where she fires lazers out of her boobs.
  • Gray the Ninelives has an interesting variant in the anime version of Trigun. Perhaps they're more Torpedo-Pecs?
  • Re: Cutey Honey Golden Claw has this.
  • Queen's Blade gives us Melona the slime girl, who, among other things, can fire acid from her breasts by squeezing them.
  • In Zero Zero Nine One, cyborg superspy Mylene Hoffman has her breasts modified to fire from the nipples, making sure that even if she's only covered by a Modesty Bedsheet, she's never unarmed.
  • Lampshaded in Dr. Slump. Shortly after being constructed in the first episode, Arale asks if she can shoot her breasts. Her creator angrily informed her of course she could NOT.
  • Macademi Wasshoi also parodies the Aphrodite A example. Unfortunately, the dog girl giant robot maid's breast missiles also serve as the cockpits for two of the pilots.
  • In the Rosario to Vampire anime, Ageha, Kurumu's mother, uses this once.
  • One of the early exiled-devils the Occult Research Club fights fires off nipple lasers.
  • Miiko the devilman (not the titular Devilman, just one of the others that join's Akira's devilman army) shoots a highly corrosive acid from her demon-possessed breasts.

Card Games

Comic Books

  • In Final Crisis Aftermath: Run, the Human Flame gets a power upgrade that, among other things, allows him to shoot fire from where his nipples used to be.
  • Tank Girl is often depicted with actual torpedoes attached to her chest.


  • The fembots in Austin Powers use their nipples as weapons.
  • Not launched as such, but in The Pink Panther Strikes Again, one member of the Carnival of Killers who tries to take out Clouseau is a man in drag with spikes that shoot out of his fake breasts. He tries to kill Clouseau by hugging him.
  • In Robo Geisha, Kikuyakko's first cybernetic upgrade is to have her right breast converted into a machine gun. (Her left breast? The trigger.) Additionally, the Tengun fire acidic breast milk from theirs.
  • The 'Power Pasties' in the soft-porn spoof Flesh Gordon shoot laser beams. Used for Rule of Funny when Gordon ends up wearing them.

Live Action TV

  • Metal Alice, the one major female villain from Tensou Sentai Goseiger, can fire breast missiles in a similar vein to Aphrodite A.
  • In one of the many, many sketches on The Benny Hill Show, Benny is playing a secret agent in a trenchcoat. A sexy female spy corners him and shoots him -- with breast guns. When these miss, Benny counterattacks by opening his trenchcoat and letting loose with hands-free machine gun fire.

Music Videos

  • In the video of "Firework" by Katy Perry, shots show fireworks coming from her chest area.
    • Then there's the video for "California Gurls", which features whipped cream.
  • Lady Gaga and her bra with guns attached.

Video Games

Web Comics

  • In one strip of the beach vacation arc of Life of Maid, Flandre slaps Sakuya in the back, which ends up knocking one of Sakuya's pads out to hit Remilia in the face and triggering Sakuya's Berserk Button in the process.

Web Original

  • Featured in the Topless Robot logo.
  • The entire premise of the website Lazer Tits.
  • A rare male version: The UTAU Namine Ritsu is really a Cute Shotaro Boy, but that doesn't stop him from having two rocket launchers built into his chest.

Western Animation

  • The Riot Bots from Get Ed wield a variety of weapons. One weapon is a pair of cone-shaped laser cannons that appear on their chests.
  • In an episode of Sealab 2021, Quinn rebuilds Captain Murphy into a cyborg with flamethrower tits. Or as the captain calls them:

  Murphy: "D-cups!" *fwoooosh* "Full of JUSTICE!"

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