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For Miracle Day, see here.

  • "Exit Wounds" has Jack being buried alive, constantly dying, then reviving, only to instantly choke and suffocate on 6 feet of earth crushing his entire body. For almost 2000 years. He somehow manages to remain sane after this ordeal.
  • Torchwood: Children of Earth with the children going "We are coming. We are coming. We are coming." in unison.
    • The slow and painful regeneration of Jack after he is blown up.
    • We want 10% of your children. As a gift.
      • How's this for kicks: at the end of "Day 3", Jack explains that in 1965, he handed over twelve orphaned children to the 456; when asked why, he says the exact same thing: "As a gift." He says it casually. With a shrug.
      • As drugs. It would almost have been easier if they were killed off.
    • The video of Gwen at the start of Day 5.
      • "Sometimes the Doctor must look at this planet and turn away in shame." That and the COMPUTER-GENERATED CROWD OF CHILDREN.
      • And later in that episode, the situation that's occurring in when she makes it. The British forces rounding up terrified children with their parents screaming and crying and desperately trying to get their children back. If that's not enough, knowing the fate worse than death set to befall the kids... Probably the darkest moment in the Doctor Who universe as a whole.
    • The video of the children in the 456 cage.
    • This is a very powerful series of episodes, and the real Nightmare Fuel was not the 456, or even the fate of the children, but the actions of the ordinary humans in the governments of the world, the rationalizations and the plots and the cold ruthlessness. The world might have been better off with Harold Saxon.
    • The worst is the horrible joking about how the child will "fry" by the guy monitoring the transmissions--and the mother's horrified realization of what they are about to do.
  • "Countrycide". Not only are the monsters particularly demonic and frightening...they're human. Enough said.
    • In the end, Gwen demands the village ringleader tell her why he helped to murder and cannibalize hundreds of persons. His response? "Cos it"
  • The "fairies" from "Small Worlds". There's no way to stop them...
    • Especially the ending with the creepy music/whispering/singing, the image popping up on the screen by itself, and Gwen zooming in to see Jasmine as one of the fairies.
  • "Adrift". Particularly the description of what happened to Jonah overlaying the primal screaming.
  • The Night Travellers of "From Out of the Rain" are just creepy as all hell.
  • It's 1941. You are an 8 year old who just got transported to Cardiff while the Germans are bombing the everloving shit out of you. You said farewell to your mother and sister, not knowing that you will never see them again. Due to a paper error you are left stranded all alone on a train station for a whole night. An 8 year old, all alone, spending the night aimlessly wandering around a train station, completely lost, trying to find someone. You don't.
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