TOM time travels back to the 40s, crashes, and is taken in by the US Government.

TOM is Roswell.

TOM flew away in the finale because he wanted to have more adventures.

He flew off because his expiration date had come, so he let the two others have a well-deserved rest, but he didn't want his adventures to end, so, he defected, flying off the Absolution to fight evil and experience new sights, not to be thrown away for a mindless upgrade.

If the others wake up, they will search for TOM.

If the final bumper is properly understood, the female computer suggests that they will search for TOM sooner or later.

  • "Until we meet again...". Tom may come back, if his las words are any indication.

Toonami ended because Hamtaro wanted revenge.

Never mock a hamster.

  • Hamtaro may have had his grievances, but in the end was merely another patsy by the true culprits: the cast of a series denied their World Without Danger and quarantined on Miguzi for being neither Japanese nor American.

TOM 4.0 was working for TOM 2.0.

This is why the latter TOM could still be (and still is) found on overseas branches of Cartoon Network, he had delegated responsibilty to the former TOM. And the reason Toonami US ended was because he got fed up of being a subordinate.

  • WHAT!?!? US is the only one that ended!? AGH!!!
    • Toonami UK ran for sometime but suffered heavy Network Decay and lacked TOM. So really not very Toonamish at all.

SARA is Lilith.

The TOMs on Cartoon Network's overseas branches are/were robotic clones that haven't been programmed to say much

Or at least South-East Asia TOM was. That's why he gave so little dialogue during the continuity links. Scratch that, he only talked at the start. And possibly the end.

TOM (UK) was obsessed with video games

This is why Toonami UK was reduced to just a the gaming part of the UK's Cartoon Network website. TOM's UK clone got obsessed with vdieo games, so he gave up anime and switched to video games.

TOM (Phillipines) is trying to further Cartoon Network's Network Decay into Cartoon Network Real internationally

This explains why Kamen Rider Kabuto is airing on Cartoon Network Phillipines.

TOM 3.0 had his voice chip stolen by a jungle-dwelling robot who stole Toonami's signal and started masquerading as TOM 4.0...

...which is why he gave no explanation for the new set, robots, or the Brother Chucking of SARA and the Absolution.

Toonami will be... revived.

  • Says...who?
    • Nevermind. It was a false alarm. Return to your weeping!
    • Says I! We could lead the charge and revive Toonami! Bring Back TOM!
    • Semi-confirmed. Adult Swim brought it back temporarily for an April Fools' Day stunt, but fan devotion has since led them to "look into" a permanent revival.
    • Now completely confirmed!...AndTheFandomRejoiced.

Alternate theory to the above

Toonami will return in Cartoon Network's darkest hour (like King Arthur and Jesus). Now it's time to wonder what the hell is the darkest hour if CN Real and Hole In The Wall aren't it.

    • Thus it was written, and thus it has happened.
  • I dunno, Adult Swim perhaps?
    • Humorously enough, Toonami's temporary (possibly permanent, as the network is "looking into it") return was on/will be on Adult Swim.
  • As bad as CN's live-action stuff is and has been, it hasn't threatened Cartoon Network's place on basic cable just yet. Only when some cable provider is threatening Cartoon Network with removal will Toonami's return be needed. It is to be hoped that such a day will never come, as it will be quite a task even for a revived TOM and SARA to revive Cartoon Network at that point, but with the morons running CN nowadays playing basketball with the Idiot Ball on a regular basis...
  • Come on, theres a ton-load of anime lying around out there. Its what toonami used to show on a regular basis.

TOM is the Master Chief, and SARA is Cortana

  • I'm quite surprised nobody suggested this before. I mean, just look at TOM 3.

So, in closing, TOM 4 is his replacement when he went to join the war effort. Since we don't know when or where the show takes place, it may as well be true.

Toonami was canceled because they showed Neon Genesis Evangelion after school.

Think about it: Panty shots, shotacon, and a homosexual relationship that results in one of the people involved killing the other, all in a setting of Freudian Horror? Yeah, like any Moral Guardians are going to let them get away with that. Toonami wanted to see how far they could go, and they pushed too far. Subsequently, they were shot, and nobody on CN will mention Toonami or NGE ever again.

  • The only time Toonami showed Evangelion was during a giant robot-themed event. Even then, it was heavily censored.
  • If they could get away with TOM 3, Panty Shots are perfectly fine.

Naruto's venturing into the fillers was the main reason Toonami failed.

  • Naruto was probably one of the, if not THE MOST, successful show Toonami ever had. It had a weekend-long marathon to celebrate a new arc or the end of one (can't remember). It had surprising merch sales for an anime. It could possibly even have been the most popular show on CN at that time. Then the fillers happened and viewership dropped like a rock. This could have been Cartoon Network stupidity. You have an anime that's fanbase could have possibly been compared to DBZ and you keep showing fillers that nobody wants to see. The exact same thing happened in Japan. The Naruto fillers happened and viewership sunk, and when Shippuden aired, it rose again. Cartoon Network kept showing the fillers, despite them lasting for SO LONG and viewership continued to drop. Finally, nearing the end of Toonami, they cancelled Naruto and shortly afterwards, Toonami was cancelled. If CN had any sort of smarts whatsoever they would have urged the dubbers to dub the final Regular Arc episode, then skip to dubbing Shippuden. If that would have happened, Toonami might still be around today with an anime compared to DBZ, though that might be going too far.

The death of Toonami was caused by the same mysterious group who brought about the sharp economic downturn around the same time

Because let's face it, when two things that bad happen at the same time, they've gotta be connected. The most likely theory right now is that Stuart Snyder is acting as one of Those Two Bad Guys (the other being Bobby Kotick) for an Ancient Conspiracy, and killed off Toonami in order to try to eliminate the last strand of hope. Why? To get a politician running on hope and change a certain victory in his campaign for President of the United States, all so said President could push an agenda of increased weakness and moral degeneracy and hasten the coming destruction of the United States of America.

    • Dale Gribble, is that you?!?
      • Compare me to Dale Gribble all you want, but remember, Toonami was born in the Clinton years, died before Obama was elected in 2008, and came back during the lead-up to the Obama reelection campaign in 2012. He wants us to associate Toonami with Democratic Presidents so we'll never vote Republican again.

The only way to get Toonami back is to cram CN with so much mail their heads explode!

Listen to this video [1] of Steve Blum on Toonami. It sounds like a longshot, but if enough people caught on and kept doing it for months, somebody would have to listen.

Internet upheaval is set to begin soon... but I need YOUR help!

  • Give me some time, and I will post a link to the revenge scheme I have cooked up. [2] Ask for permission to watch this video:

[3] And, NO! This is not bait-and-switch! However, only fifty people may see it, so reply back while you still can! Part 1 will be finished in the near future (45%)... And since this is MY OWN PROJECT, just try saying it's Jossed! -- COMMANDER THUNDERUSH Forest Ranger of the Internet

Toonami will end up on Boomerang.

It'll be kinda like The 90s are All-That; Toonami will start airing on Boomerang, complete with a new, cooler model for TOM, the possible return of the ship and SARA, and show almost all of it's old programming. It'll also oust that useless "BoomerAction" block.

    • This Troper likes that idea, but it makes him sad- not because he misses Toonami- basic cable doesn't include Boomerang.

Tom's appearance in Fusionfall is to test the waters...

for a Toonami television series and/or block. Of all the characters thay could have made a big deal about returning in Fusionfall, it was TOM. Toonami fans flocked to the game as soon as they could. Do the math.

Adult Swim's April Fool's prank is to test the waters, too.

Related to the above. Adult Swim is showing Toonami to test viewers, either on their own or on Cartoon Network's request. In the case of the former, they will use the results to attempt to convince Cartoon Network to bring back the block; the latter, Cartoon Network will use the results to determine whether to bring the block back or not.

If they bring Toonami back, the entire TOM 4 era will only be mentioned as a brief joke.

Straightforward. They just go back to TOM 3 and pretend that Dork Age never happened.

  • Or maybe they'll go back to the last good TOM, TOM 2
    • Hey! I liked TOM 4! Sure showing his mouth and eyes wasn't cool, but he was still TOM!

If they bring Toonami back, TOM 4 will be killed alla "The Intruder"

And activate Tom 5, which will look allot closer to TOM 2

  • Jossed. They completely ignored it.

They will bring Toonami back allot closer to it's original format

As a series, with TOM, Sara, The Clydes, and even Flash and T in a more classic Toonami on the Absolution look. It will have game reviews, continuing plots and even look at current Anime airing in Japan.

  • Jossed

Toonami, in it's early days, fell into the Animation Age Ghetto.

I mean, come on, they had End of Evangelion up for download at one point!

They already lined up to have Toonami comeback before the April Fool's joke

It takes months to schedule things on television. They new the surprise and the "we may get it back if you show enough interest" was just a plan get us to give them loads of free advertising.

    • Well, they had almost certainly had Casshern Sins and Deadman Wonderland ready to air on [as], replacing the shows that have already finished airing. But they may have found that people much preferred the Toonami-based bumpers to the weird crap they had on there before, so they set some up and called it Toonami.

Once Toonami's rating get it more money we'll start getting multi-night events again

With the standard Adult Swim programing, but Tom and Toonami bumbers and the ongoing multi night plots.

  • The first one would be the return of SARA.
    • Jossed. DeMarco said there's no chance of that happening.
      • Not exactly jossed. There's still a chance but it's incredibly, incredibly slim at this point in time due to the cost to re-hire SARA's voice actor and animate SARA. Maybe a few years down the line, but not right now. De Marco said that if Toonami gets more ratings, CN would be willing to invest more money in the block. They are still interested in doing multi-night promos but that's dependent, again, on money.

TOM 3.5 exists because the goofy looking TOM 4.0 never existed.

  • who?

TOM is back in his third body because of time and budget restrictions.

No I'm not being an asshole smarmily using real-life reasons. For the past few years since Toonami was cancelled TOM had no physical body. He was loaded onto a computer all this time, much like Sara. The sudden revival caught him completely off-guard and he had niether the time nor the money to have a fifth body made. Fortunately CN still had his third body laying around collecting dust, so they just refurbished it and loaded TOM back onto it.

  • Similarly, the Absolution isn't fully functional yet. The lighting seemed a bit dim, and of course no Sara or any other crew to be seen. Time restrictions probably meant the Absolution is still being prepared for its full journey and not everything is fully active just yet.
    • Can I just say that I love this WMG?
    • I also love this WMG, b******!

TOM 4 was a temp

  • Something happened to the "real" TOM (TOM 3) so they hired a dude to fill in for him. TOM was missing until he returned on April Fool's Day.
    • who?
  • TOM 4's face is what TOM 3's face is under that helmet! THE HORROR!

TOM 4 was Canada

  • Who?
    • I see what you did there.

Toonami was revived...

To serve as a thank you for all of TOM's work behind the scenes of Cartoon Network. After Toonami was cancelled, the head of CN promoted TOM to oversee development of new original CN television (NOT live-action of course). He spent the last four years traveling through distant places, eyeing for fresh blood to help out the (at the time) struggling network with some success. As thanks for all of his hard work finding quality programming (and having a re-engergized feel from scouring new cartoons while in retirement), the head honcho, for Toonami's and TOM's 15th birthday, offered [as]'s April Fools' Day slot to air, which he happily accepted. When the prank found success from the audience, the head of CN and TOM worked out a new schedule, and the rest is history.

T.O.M. downgraded his body because he preferred 3.0 to 4.0.

He only transferred to TOM 4.0 because of Executive Meddling. When Adult Swim decided to revive Toonami, they gave him a choice as to which of his available bodies to use. The choice was obvious: An upgraded 3.0.

TOM 4 and beyond..

The Absolution crashed on the jungle planet, forming the wreckage we saw. TOM was broken, badly and Sara was knocked offline. Using pieces of the Absolution, TOM rebuilt himself and created robotic assistants. Despite his more disfigured body, he stayed loyal to the mission (and his viewers) and kept Toonami going. The block ending was because he was running out of energy and the need to fix himself, the Absolution, and Sara outwheighed the mission. He had enough energy to send his loyal fans one last transmission, letting us know he'd come back if he could. Now, he's back, having obtained means to rebuild himself, his ship, and reinitialize contact with Earth. What trials brought him back, we may never know... But make no mistake. He came back for us.

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