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From Toonami on Cartoon Network:

  • Moltar used to date Sailor Jupiter, but something happened and they broke up.
  • Sure, TOM 1's death in The Intruder was scary, but his scream might become the funniest thing to you if you remember one thing...
    • Him and Sara's initial conversation in that event. "On the phone they act one way, but what they write is another. I mean, what does she know? Hah, bubble headed. They're not even in color." Word is that this was a Take That to a newspaper article that attacked Toonami and referred to TOM as a "bubble headed host" when talking about his anger speech.
  • TOM's review of Dropship: United Peace Force.
  • TOM's reaction to Hamtaro airing on the block.
  • Swayzak in Trapped in Hyperspace is fucking hilarious. He fidgets like he has ADHD, and not to mention him saying "Good luck, hero!" and laughing insanely. Why he wasn't on Space Ghost Coast to Coast is beyond us. (Although to be fair, they already had Chad Ghostal.)
    • TOM infected by Swayzak in the Trapped in Hyperspace online game. He had a cute little Evil Laugh! Keep in mind this was the adorable as fuck TOM 2.
    • When Swayzak was defeated in the game, he started screaming in anger while shaking like a badly-animated vibrator or some strange Asian dildo. "NOOOOOOOO! WHYYYYYY?!" (more of "NEAAAAAAAHW, WHYYYYYYYYEH?!")
      • Swayzak's New Zealander accent in the game. BEHOLD, THE MIGHTY POWER OF EVIL KIWI!!
  • TOM and Sara's different viewpoints about Morrowind. Doubt many people listened to Sara. "I don't care right now!" "...if you care."
  • TOM and Sara arguing in the 2003 intro like an old married couple.
  • Sara's review of Rez: "You're a virus of some sort invading the mainframe of a computer. Sound familiar?" Suddenly, Swayzak reappears laughing in a different, Plankton-esque voice. Sara's face during this is priceless.

From Toonami on [adult swim]:

  • "Humans are always so paranoid robots will take over the world. We would never do something like that." *cue Casshern Sins*
  • The 2012 opening theme, which is mostly variations on the words "Toonami's back bitches". It's actually a fan piece composed by an amateur that Adult Swim liked enough to run on TV by his permission.
    • "Hey, did you say 'Toonami's back bitches'?"
  • From the Ni no Kuni review: "GRRRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNNNDDD."
  • The Pikmin 3 review, where TOM wants everything to go "perfect" and even cries at the end.
  • From The Intruder II: "Uh, no?"
    • TOM's scream as his arm is rendered useless might be shocking to some, but to others, it's hilarious.
  • "I have a beautiful singing voice!"
  • TOM's review of Nioh is the greatest thing ever to grace the Earth. "AAAAH WHAT A CROCK OF SH-"
  • TOM is reviewing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and says it's for the Switch. Sara chimes in and says it's for the Wii U too, but TOM says he doesn't care about that version.
  • From the Countdown TIE, TOM's "art." They look like a 7 year old's work and word is that they were actually submissions to the Toonami Fanart Showcase back in the day. Too bad the rest of that TIE sucked hard.
    • The way that TIE ended. "Well, sh*t." That summed up most fans' reactions to that horrible event.
  • From The Forge: "Thank you, Santa! I've been a good TOM this year."


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