• TOM once killed a spaceship hijacker who was also a robotic bodyjacker whose strongest body nearly touched the ceiling of his own ship. With a fork.
  • The audience (with access to the internet) got one by piloting an army of robots to destroy a crazed, titan of a robot to shut down a tractor beam.
    • And then they got to eject the system of a computer virus by playing StarFox. Oh, and they disinfected TOM as well! Bonus points for the virus being forgotten about until 16 years later when a completely different person took him and wrote him into DC Comics as an enemy of Raven, and then having him reform and join the Heroes for Hire.
    • The army of teenagers it took for the Trapped in Hyperspace game to be found and to have Swayzak return to the block. Swayzak making a cameo in the Rez review alone is a Moment of Awesome, mind you. So to see him back 16 years later, AND THEN HAVING HIM BECOME A DC COMICS CHARACTER? FUCK YEAH!
  • A lot of the promos for most action shows were pretty downright freaking awesome. As a kid, you couldn't help but geek out every time watching one!
  • This could be considered a Crowning Moment for the fans of Toonami.
    • You think that's awesome? Take a look at this.
    • Fanvids, eh? How about "Welcome to Toonami"? Bonus points for this now-prophetic lyric:

  Hold tight, 'cause the show is not over

  • TOM cutting off Adult Swim's almost traditional April Fool's Day airing of The Room, then proceeding to air an entire block of fan-favorite anime series that haven't been seen on Cartoon Network for the better part of a decade -- complete with new TOM-narrated promos!

 Oh hi, Adult Swim! Got the results of the test back, and we definitely have April Fool's.

    • "He's got 99 problems, and these bitches are the main ones." Because Adult Swim lies outside of the children's demographic, different restrictions were in place that night. Bottom line: TOM can now swear. To quote a random 4channer:

 My childhood grew up with me.

    • Tom reviewing Mass Effect 3 was a huge surprise that night, but it's even better than you think: he called the game out on import issues, the lack of characters from previous games being in the party, and the weak ending. Even so, he still enjoyed it and ended up giving it an 8.5, making himself a fairer and more credible game reviewer than IGN, Game Informer, and G4 TV in the process.
  • May 26, 2012: It's back, bitches.
  • TOM 3.5 in the new Absolution, declaring the block to be "back, bitches" and introducing the new lineup? Awesome, plus classic TOM.

 Only Toonami

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