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  • Blazer from the World of Warcraft epic "Tales of the Past III" goes from a cocky rogue who couldn't defeat a horde of undead, to a Badass Fist-Of-An-Angry-God paladin who wields a ancient weapon after spending time training in the emerald dream with death knight Mograine (whose control under the Kel'Thurzad had been broken). Notable in the beginning of the fight with Arthas Mfum Hr DRE&feature=related
  • Tucker, the lazy pimp wannabe from Red vs. Blue suddenly becomes effective once he gets his energy sword. He takes another level when Wyoming locks the whole canyon into a time loop. Tucker is left immune to its amnesia-inducing effects (due to the sword), allowing him to act with advance knowledge of the situation.

 Church: Hey you know what, I kinda like this new all-knowing badass Tucker. He's certainly a lot better than the old one.

    • Similarly, in the climax of Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, Church embraces his AI heritage and stops The Meta by entering its collective mind. Previously, he was unable to even hit a target at point-blank range.
    • In Recreation, Tucker returns and shows off his mad skills by taking on the entire digging team, seemingly by himself.
    • In Revelation, Grif and Sarge come to Simmons and Doc's rescue, but are confronted by Washington. After a couple of failed cues, Grif bursts through a wall with the warthog after Washington has disarmed Sarge. Grif hits Washington, and after a brief drive around Valhalla flings Washington off of the Warthog. As Washington cocks Sarges shotgun in midair, Sarge timely shows up and takes the shotgun right out of his hands, jumps in the Warthog with Grif, and shoots the fusion coils that Washington landed by. Take into account that Washington is just short of a One-Man Army, and it's all the more impressive. What's more, not only do they beat Washington, but they do it with style.
      • However, Sarge did mess up his one-liner, so points off for that.
    • In the same season, as difficult as it may be to believe already high-level badass Tex has apparently taken another level in badass.
      • Honestly, with the entire season but this episode in particular, the show itself Took a Level in Badass.
      • Justified in that Roosterteeth now has access to Motion Capture and Kung Fu.
  • Emma in Lonelygirl15 appears to have done this in between "I Love You All" and "Operation Emma", largely as a result of having to fend for herself and witnessing Elizabeth's murder.
  • Dave (or Dawei) of Pure Pwnage was a quiet, withdrawn sort of guy at first. He absolutely refused to play any video games until a furious micro (a combat skill based on game-playing ability) battle threatened the lives of his friends. After a flashback showing a tragic gaming incident that killed/injured his sisters, he finally snaps and proves to be an incredible user of micro, effectively taking a level in badass and reverting to the arrogant, snarky personality he had in his past.
  • Simon Wood from Survival of the Fittest is nigh-unrecogniseable in SOTF spin off SOTF Zombies. He goes from Romantic Runner-Up to somebody who will not hesitate to punch his undead adversaries in the face. On one occasion, this actually killed one.
  • Codex takes a level in badass at the end of The Guild season three. It probably doesn't last.
  • Dr. Rudyard Shelton from Darwin's Soldiers starts off as a control room admin in the first RP and he's living as an undercover spy within the Dragonstorm ranks in the third RP.
  • Ahatake Kurosaki from a Bleach fanfiction might qualify. In a previous arc, the then-current villain, effortlessly split his Bankai in half. Later, Ahatake was kidnapped (for training purposes) by Kisuke, and when he came back on the scene to challenge Takahashi, he surprised him with a backhand slap to the face, and in the fight, equaled him in speed and strength, and taunted him.
    • Unfortunately, it didn't last due to the slip-up he made, but it was good while it lasted.
  • Once she got behind the controls of the helicopter Pegs from We're Alive gained quite a bit of confidence, even telling both Datu and Michael to shut up during chapter 24.
  • Edward Borman takes... well, maybe half a level in The Mercury Men. While he doesn't quite reach the level of badass and is still cowardly, his marksmanship (once he remembers to keep his eyes open!), willingness to put himself into harms way and his ability to think on his feet do improve considerably over the course of the first nine episodes, especially after his talk with Dr. Tomorrow.
  • The Fellowship of The Questport Chronicles, big time. They go from a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits at the beginning of the saga to a true Badass Crew that doesn't flinch from even the most challenging quests.
  • Taylor, the protagonist of Worm, does this over the course of the story, going from a victim of severe high school bullying to a member of a formidable team of superpowered teenage villains, and also manages to take down a few powerful villains and heroes on her own as well.
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