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I strike fear into the hearts of all who oppose me. The only thing that could possibly make me less frightening is if someone made three movies about my childhood, pointing out how much of a retarded, non-threatening pussy I used to be.
Darth Vader in this parody of Episode IV
Okay, It's Ma-Ti and-HOLY CRAP Look at that! Ma-Ti is friggin' leading an army of animals with his ring!

Fanty: "Do you know that girl?"

Malcolm Reynolds: "....I really don't."
Serenity, Maidenhead bar fight scene
"Danny-boy, you've changed considerably... into a badass, if I may!"
Curtis Blackburn, Killer 7
Generally, when Disney has brought characters like Cinderella out of mothballs after decades in storage, they don't act the same way they used to due to changes in society. In 1950 Cinderella could just sit around, cry, and have animals and Fairy Godmothers do all her work for her, and nobody would think that was a bad lesson to pass on. In Cinderella III she fully takes charge, organizes her rodent army, and pulls herself out of Tremaine's latest trap. "Steal MY Godmother's wand? NOT ON MY WATCH, %#$@!"
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