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Sometimes, Fan Service gets a bad reaction from certain members of the audience (often Moral Guardians), mainly because children can see it. Shock and horror!

Examples of Too Sexy for This Time Slot include:
  • Dancing On Ice. Holly Willoughby (a former underwear model and children's TV presenter) is co-presenter here and got some complaints after turning up for a number of shows in very low-cut outfits. In response to complaints, a later dress was apparently more demure, until she turned around.
  • Cavegirl got some complaints for having the main character in a milder form of the "Fur Bikini"- in a CBBC show.
  • Moral Guardians Jack Thompson got notoriously annoyed at the fact that a game pitched for a T-rating, Bully, could have the option of making the protagonist bisexual. As in, he can smooch boys the same as he smooches girls, which is comparatively tamely. He attempted to claim that this constituted hardcore gay porn- in a children's game! Gasp! Never mind that most teenagers already know that yes, real life gay people exist, and it's mostly done for the benefit of the Yaoi Fangirls playing it.
  • Outlaw Star was moved from the 8 p.m. time slot to midnight on Cartoon Network after the first episode because of a scene in which Gene Starwind and a woman he had met in a bar ran out of her room in their underwear after an alarm went off. (Note that Outlaw Star was never intended as a show for children, but evidently Toonami thought it was.)
    • Even in the later time slot it still got edited. The most egregious edit was not making Fred Lowe's Camp Gay nature (along with Gene and Jim's reactions) a blatant gag/plot point. It really explained why Fred ALWAYS loaned Gene money when asked.
    • Episode 23 was too hot for the midnight time slot. Then again, it was ripe with fanservice and perversion.
  • Complaints are starting to be levelled at Strictly Come Dancing for female dance outfits that are little more than bikinis with frills.
  • The low-cut dress that Katy Perry wore in her appearance on Sesame Street caused enough outcry that her segment was pulled from airing on television, instead having to settle for becoming an internet phenomenon.
  • Although Doctor Who has a long tradition of casting gorgeous female companions as "something for the dads", the most recent, Karen Gillan, attracted some short-lived opprobrium for being too sexy. It all seemed to start with the miniskirted Police costume (literally a costume - in-universe, she's a kissogram) she wore in her first appearance. How has the production team addressed this issue? They put her back in the same costume for the Christmas Special. Possibly in the spirit of equal opportunity, they also put Arthur Darvill back in his Roman Soldier get-up. Why? Um, they were in the honeymoon suite...
  • The English dub of the fifteenth episode of Digimon Frontier removed a scene showing Zoe in a red bikini.
  • Sherlock. The BBC received one hundred complaints for the episode A Scandal in Belgravia, for showing a nude Irene Adler (Lara Pulver), censored only by the scenery and her own limbs/position. Much of the uproar was because the show was aired before the watershed, but it turned out the nude scenes were in fact shown after nine o'clock. It didn't very much to alleviate the ire of the Moral Guardians
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