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  • The first episode of the 2011 revival of WWE Tough Enough has a girl named Ariane. In the first assignment, cleaning around the arena and setting up the ring for the Royal Rumble, she makes comments in "interview aside", as this troper calls it, about looking like a janitor and not looking "Divalicious". In the house, when one of the male contestants makes a sexist comment which seems like it makes sense in context of recent years with the WWE Divas, she and the latest Miss USA, Rima Fakih, both rag on this guy viciously. However, in the training exercise where the contestants are asked to run the ropes for three straight minutes, both she and Rima are among those who spectacularly fail to impress the judges. Said judges being Stone Cold Steve Austin, Trish Stratus, Booker T, and Bill DeMott. While Rima used padding under her shorts because she was already sore from the previous day's work, Ariane had the audacity to go pulling her pants up every trip over across the ropes. Right in front of the aforementioned, highly credible judges.
    • The absolute icing on the cake is when Ariane ends up on the chopping block, along with large black guy Eric and supposed eleven-year pro Michelle. Austin asks Ariane what this opportunity means to her. She comes with crocodile tears and a sob story about how she gave up everything to be here. Eric, not impressed, rolls his eyes. Austin says she has powderpuff written all over her, then questions her on adjusting her pants all the time running up and down the ropes, before recalling how he shat his pants in the middle of a match with Yokozuna in South Africa and kept working. When asked what she thinks of Michelle, she insists she did better because she doesn't have any experience. Michelle calls her out on not having passion, so she starts ragging on how Michelle gave it up for modeling six years ago, which Michelle has already admitted several times over. Austin, seeing the angle here, questions what Ariane is passionate about. She describes wrestling as her "new passion". Then tells him that her favorite match, out of all the matches in the history of this business, was between Melina and Alicia Fox. Naturally, she's the one Austin sent packing, which means Rima still has a decent shot at becoming The Scrappy of the show.
  • In a real life case: Back in 2002, Brock Lesnar was scheduled to face Hardcore Holly on an episode of Smack Down. Lesnar was still new to the WWE back then, and Holly, who hated having to work with rookies, regularly stiffing them (punching/kicking them full force, resulting in bruises and occasionally concussions) and sandbagging moves (not distributing weight evenly, making it very difficult if not outright impossible for the one to the lift the other), was furious about having to put Lesnar over. So, aside from stiffing Lesnar, he at one point decided it would be a good idea to sandbag a Lesnar Powerbomb. Brock, being legitimately one of the strongest wrestlers in the company, lifted him anyway, and accidentally dropped Holly on his neck, breaking it and shelving Holly for 13 months. On the bright side, Holly learnt his lesson regarding sandbagging, and no one was stupid enough to try such a thing with Lesnar again.
  • Inverted: On the March 21, 2014 episode of SmackDown, Summer Rae was wearing a dress as she was trying to encourage Fandango. Rae manages create a distraction to help Fandango. What was the problem? The opponent at that match was one half of Los Matadores, Fernando, who was there with Diego and… El Tortio and he start to act like she did to Renee Young. What was Rae’s crime: wearing a dress, that was red. There was no telling what El Tortio was going to do, but leave it to JBL to quickly gave her advice… RUN!
  • Teddy Hart is an infamous real life example of this. During his days at Ring of Honor, he was known for never following the script and did many stunts his way to promote his persona. Among the dangerous moves, he would jump from serious heights, which forced anyone in the ring with him to catch him. At many times, it happens without the other wrestler’s knowledge and the risk factors for injury and/or death was extremely high due to this. You know you’re a liability when not even Vince McMahon as well as his daughter and son in law wants you in their business since it’s uncertain if you’re going to be covered by their insurance.
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