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  • In Grave of the Fireflies, the main character, Seita, endures incredible hardships with his sister during and after WWII. Most of that hardship is a result of him running out on his kinda-mean-but-not-that-bad aunt's house to live in a cave. One of the reasons the aunt resents him is that instead of working, he goofed off during the day. And instead of getting a job, he runs off with his toddler sister. Even when things become so bad that their lives are threatened, instead of simply asking his aunt to take them back, he sticks it out, while his sister eats mudballs out of hunger. And then both he and his sister die.
    • This is a rare justified example, though, because Grave of the Fireflies was originally a novel, and the novel was written by a WWII survivor named Nosaka. Seita is an Author Avatar of Nosaka, and Nosaka was torn up with guilt that in real life, he believes he really did indirectly cause his sister to die of malnutrition.
  • Chief Wiggum in The Simpsons Movie is chowing down donuts at a sale by eating them off the barrel of his gun. He was once the trope's image, for crap's sake.
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