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  • Not the real Wyatt Earp, but how he's portrayed in movies, is best shown by the line in Tombstone: "You tell 'em Hell's coming with me!"
    • Also when Earp wades across a river into a hail of gunfire to empty his shotgun into Curly Bill without getting so much as scratched.
      • That was the Crowning Moment of Awesome for the real life Wyatt Earp, too.
      • Summed up nicely in this quote from the film:

 Texas Jack: "You ever seen somethin' like that before?"

Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: "Hell, I never even heard of something like that."

      • Notable in that even Doc Holiiday ackowledges the sheer awesome of this act. In reply to someone asking where Wyatt is:

 Doc Holliday: Down by the river. Walkin' on the water.

      • And this moment is made even sweeter because that scene is one of the few in the movie that actually happened in real life!
    • Who can forget the scene in the movie where Doc Holliday, while dying from tuberculosis, skillfully shoots and kills feared Psycho for Hire Johny Ringo in a tense duel. This scene made the line, "I'm your, huckleberry", famous.
      • Better line: "Why, Johny Ringo, you look like someone just walked over your grave."
      • Or Doc Holiday defusing what would've been a brawl by twirling his drinking cup.
      • Or the line, "It looks like poker isn't your game. Maybe we should have a spelling contest."
      • Honestly, Doc Holliday's entire existence was just one long continuous Crowning Moment of Awesome. Aside from the above parts, there's also the scene where he has a gun pulled on an enemy as he's clearly fall-down drunk. "You're so drunk you're probably seein' double!" the enemy exclaims. Holliday then pulls out a second gun and calmly retorts, "I have two guns, one for each of you." He then spins both guns IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS.
        • Without dropping his shot glass, which he's also holding
      • Upon further review, this editor has decided that Doc Holiday was the best thing in that movie.
      • Upon further review, this troper has decided that Doc Holiday was one of the best things in any movie, ever.
        • This new troper could have told you that without need for further review.
        • This other newish troper agrees with the above troper.
        • "C'mon...c'mon...well, c'mon!"
        • Okay, this troper is confused. How do you guys feel about Doc Holliday? 'Cause I think he's pretty frickin' awesome.
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