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Action Hair for an Action Girl.

Basically using a ponytail to set off girls who are Tomboys, Ladettes, or at least don't act in a "proper" girlish manner.

This is Truth in Television for many tomboys in Real Life, due to being an easy to do style that gets your hair out of the way. In fiction, odds are that if a girl is wearing a ponytail (save for one paired with an elegant hairstyle), she's not going to act demure or feminine, at least not all the time. Back when girls just didn't have boy hair, no matter what, ponytails were a way for tomboys to rebel against the curls their mothers wished they'd worn. At least this was the case in 60s-80s girl empowerment fiction.

Bonus points if she wears overalls or is a Rebellious Princess.

Keep in mind that since not all tomboys wear ponytails, and not all "feminine" girls avoid ponytails, there isn't much point in listing aversions to this.

Compare Slipknot Ponytail, Girlish Pigtails, Braids of Action, Boyish Short Hair, Tomboyish Sidetails.

Contrast Regal Ringlets, Princess Curls, Long Hair Is Feminine.

Examples of Tomboyish Ponytail include:

Anime and Manga

  • Makoto, aka Sailor Jupiter, of Sailor Moon.
  • Ukyou from Ranma ½ wears her waist length hair in a ponytail and still comes off as Bifauxnen.
    • Ranma wore "her" long hair this way while training in China.
  • Sango in Inuyasha has her long hair bound in a ponytail when she's in her battle-garb. Otherwise she has it tied at the end with a ribbon.
  • Signum of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, a stoic Magic Knight and generally one of the least feminine women on the show.
  • Kyoko Sakura of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. While her magical girl outfit isn't really tomboyish, she's the only character seen in causal clothes other than a school uniform (she wears a blue hoodie and shorts in most scenes).
  • Vietnam of Axis Powers Hetalia.
  • Misaki of Excel Saga.
  • Yui Goidou of The World God Only Knows after she goes Bifauxnen.
  • Presea from Magic Knight Rayearth. Also, tomboys Tarta and Hikaru have their hair in a braid. Contrast to the girlier girls Emeraude, Alcyone, Tatra, and Umi, who wear their hair down. Caldina, Fuu, and Aska are harder to classify, since they have both tomboy and girly girl traits, but all wear different hairstyles.
  • Asaka (AKA Neuroloid Girl) in Dokkoida
  • Bleach: Action Girl Yoruichi. She used to have short hair, but a hundred years spent mostly as a cat allowed her hair to grow out. Now she spends most of the time with it tied back in a ponytail while she kicks butt with the best of the men. Since her extremely high aristocratic rank wasn't quite high enough to be a Rebellious Princess, she also doubles as a Spirited Young Lady, too.

Comic Books

Fan Works


  • Laney of She's All That, to show how she's too weird to be pretty.
  • Cady in Mean Girls before she joined the plastics.
    • The plastics actually tell her that they have a rule about only wearing hair in a ponytail once a week.


Live-Action TV

Video Games

Visual Novels


Web Original

Western Animation

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