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  • Is anyone else sick of the amount of female "Sam" characters these days? It's especially annoying in series I don't know, because it can get me mixed up as to gender. Grr.
    • Well, Sam can come from the masculine Samuel or the feminine Samantha, and Samantha is a bit more common, so...yeah. )
    • I know more female Sams from real life than male Sams, to the point that I'm occasionally surprised when a Sam of unknown gender turns out to be male but never vice versa. I've never found reason to actually complain or protest, though. The same goes for Ashleigh in the U.S., which actually did start out as a specifically masculine name rather than an abbreviation from either a masculine or feminine name, and hardly anyone cares about that.
  • And if the tomboy isn't named Sam, she'll be named Alex.
    • Or Max
    • Or Danni or Jo
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