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Thomas "Tom" Cat

Jerry Mouse

Mammy Two-Shoes

  • Audience Surrogate: In the sense that she was written to be a bridge between the everyday human world and the insane antics of Tom and Jerry, and is often the only human character present in the shorts she's in.
  • Eek! a Mouse!
  • The Faceless: And who never wanted to see her face as a kid? Come on, hands up!
  • Large Ham: "And when I says 'Out,' Jaspah. I means, 'Out!' O-U-W-T, OUT!"
  • Mammy
  • Race Lift: In Tom and Jerry Tales, she was a fat, white woman whose accent sounds like a mix between Irish and Southern U.S.
    • In the edited for TV versions of some Tom and Jerry cartoons (particularly Saturday Evening Puss), Mammy Two Shoes was redrawn as a white young woman.
  • Sassy Black Woman: And how!
  • The Other Darrin: Played straight in the reruns that air in the modern-day. Because of Values Dissonance, Lillian Randolph's voice for Mammy Two Shoes is often redubbed with June Foray's voice (or Thea Vidale's voice); averted in the theatrical version. When Hattie McDaniel (the actress best known for playing the black maid on Gone with the Wind and the inspiration behind the character) died, Mammy Two Shoes was retired and replaced with either a white housewife, a man, or sometimes there'd be no human character.

Nibbles / Tuffy


  • Androcles' Lion: He protects Jerry in a lot of shorts after Jerry does him a favor.
  • Angry Guard Dog
  • Berserk Button: Messing with his son, waking him up, or taking his bone away.
  • The Brute
  • Bully Bulldog
  • The Ditz: This is one incredibly dumb dog. On one occasion he couldn't tell between Tom and Tyke until Tom meows in a failed attempt at barking.
    • Lampshaded by momentarily replacing him with a Jackass figure when he realizes he's been fooled.
    • Also lampshaded in a short where Tom and his friends watch a Clip Show highlighting the times of Tom making a fool of Spike.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper
  • Just Whistle: Makes this arrangement with Jerry on occasion, after Jerry gets him out of some sort of trouble.
  • Papa Wolf: Spike mellowed somewhat when they added his son, Tyke. But if you mess with him...



Toodles Galore

Little Quacker

  • Brown Bag Mask: When concerned that he's ugly in Downhearted Duckling.
  • Driven to Suicide: In Downhearted Duckling, where just because he thinks he's ugly, he attempts to cut himself in half with an axe, and later tries to force Tom to eat him (and Tom is more than willing to oblige before Jerry stops him).
  • Emo Teen: Quacker was Emo before Emo was in.
  • Feather Fingers
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