Co-Author with John Ringo in the Posleen War Series. Has several of his own books. The nature of which are Internet Backdraft due to the highly charged political content and the very clear religious conflict. Formerly a colonel before medical issues forced him to retire, part of his service was in Panama, resulting in it being a recurring theme in his books, with Panama In Space happening in one of his series, while other versions have Panama after an Alien Invasion.

Works by Tom Kratman:

Tropes associated with his works not already covered in the above pages:

  • Eagle Land: Type 1 is usually played and preferred by the author.
  • Expanded States of America: Caliphate has a much more militarily aggressive United States take over most of Canada under the leadership of President Buckman, ultimately becoming the Imperial States of America by the time of the book's setting.
  • Middle-Eastern Coalition: Played very straight in Caliphate.
  • President Lunatic: Word of God from the Baen's Bar forums is that President Buckman, in the backstory for Caliphate, was literally insane.
  • Strawman Political: Tom Kratman is an avowed libertarian/conservative, so expect evil liberals.
  • United Europe: Or rather, a united Islamic Europe, in Caliphate.
  • Yanks With Tanks: Being a former Army colonel, Kratman portrays them sympathetically but with a certain degree of realism.
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