Thomas James "Tom" Kenny (born July 13, 1962) is an American voice actor and comedian perhaps best known for his work in the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, in which he is the voice of SpongeBob among others. Aside from voice acting, Kenny starred in the short-lived Fox sketch show, The Edge and was a cast member of the HBO sketch comedy program, Mr. Show, where he worked with Jill Talley, whom he subsequently married. He also hosts the show Funday Night at the Movies on TCM which tries to encourage kids to watch "old movies."

Kenny voiced many characters in many productions. Kenny said that he voices "a lot of sweet, kind of stupid yellow characters for some reason."

Kenny played his first set of voice actor roles for Rocko's Modern Life. Joe Murray auditioned Kenny for voice acting roles for the series in a large casting call in Los Angeles, California, United States. On one occasion during the production, the producers required Kenny to fill the role of Charlie Adler, who was absent on that occasion. In addition, Kenny had to perform one song and learn how to play another song within ten minutes due to time constraints. Kenny achieved this goal. He said that this helped him believe that he could stand "toe to toe" with other voice actors.

Joe Murray chose Kenny for a voice acting position in Camp Lazlo because Murray, after seeing Kenny's previous work for Rocko's Modern Life, felt that Kenny "adds writing to his roles" and "brings so much".

Nickelodeon's annual Kid's Choice Awards is narrated by Tom Kenny throughout the show. At the 2007 Kid's Choice Awards, he called himself the "Man of 1,000 Voices, all of them this one." Kenny was featured as the Voice in a Box at the 2008 Kids' Choice Awards. He calls himself in the 2009 Kids' Choice Awards the only announcer who does all of his own stunts.

He and his wife, Jill Talley, played the couple in the music video for The Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight Tonight".

His most famous current role is that of The Ice King from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.

Some of Tom Kenny's most notable roles include:

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