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Tokyo School Life is a romantic Visual Novel developed by M2 and published by Dogenzaka Lab in 2015.

John Smith (default name) has just arrived in Tokyo, Japan for an exchange student program. He can't wait to experience his favourite culture (and meet cute girls, of course). However, he finds out Japanese girls are not complete stereotypes. Now, integrated into his hosts' "family", with an idol Tsundere, a shy Otaku and a hard-working pacifist, John will enjoy his summer to the fullest and fall in love, even with great challenges facing him.

Tropes used in Tokyo School Life include:

Karin: If I told you Mitsuki-chan used to be a really cutesy style idol, would you believe me?
John: What... No way?
John: (thinking) The same MI☆TSUKI?
Karin: Yeah, her image change was well received, so they pretend like that part of her past never happened. The new fans don't know much about the old days.
John: (thinking) What... Hold on, I can't believe it. That MI☆TSUKI... Really? I gotta look up some videos later!

  • Engrish: Sometimes, the girls speak in very accented English.
  • Foreshadowing: John wonders if Karin, the girl he bumped into on the way to school, is a model.
    • John spots Sakura in a library, who comes up with an excuse for why she wants the latest Samurai Maiden manga.
  • Long Title/Tastes Like Diabetes/Word Salad Title: The "Sweet Lolita Cafe Boutique Honey Sugar Cinnamon Cake".

John: What's with this super sweet sounding name? And it says "cafe" and "boutique"... Well which one is it?

  • Lucky Charms Title: MI☆TSUKI
  • My God, What Have I Done?: (Aoi Route) Aoi, after beating up some no-good hoodlums and causing a scene at the shrine festival. Discussed later on.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Conversed. Aoi tells the story of Yoshio-kun, the shy anatomy model at school, who stalks people he has fallen in love with. Just when someone thinks they're being followed, they turn around and... no one's there. John doesn't get it, but Karin insists on the story being scary. She then tricks John by making him believe in the supernatural existence of ninja and how they are (supposedly) the origin of Japanese ghost stories. After all, you can't see ninja...
  • Serious Business: On their date in Harajuku, Karin is upset at a misplaced comment by John, who thinks she says "cute" a lot.

Karin: Y'know... I'd appreciate it if you don't lump me together with those airheads who can't think of anything better to say than calling everything "cute."
John: Er, er, um...
Karin: Cuteness is not a game to me! It's cute because I say so! I decide it based on my sensibilities, and mine alone!

  • Shown Their Work: John and Sakura know a lot about 1800s Japanese history. Justified In-Universe: they are fans of Samurai Maiden, which takes place in that time period. Downplayed in Chapter 1: John says he got some info from 'Nuipedia'.
  • Utsuge: Sakura's route, as she gets too sick to live normally.
  • What If: In-Universe. Samurai Maiden's premise is as follows: what if the samurai Saigou Takamori... was a girl?
  • When She Smiles: Discussed in John's thoughts after his date with Karin:

John: When I see Karin's smile, my heart skips a beat. Man... This smile is just too much! Today, when she was surrounded by all those sweet lolita fans, she had such a natural smile. It was the cutest smile I've ever seen Karin have.

  • Yamato Nadeshiko: John mentions this twice to Aoi and to Sakura. They get embarrassed by the comparison.
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