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Some or all of these characters need descriptions. A list of tropes is not a description.

The Berserkers are said to be the strongest guild in Tokyo and carries the philosphy of fighting. Their Portal is located in the Toshima Ward of Ikebukuro. They also have a colosseum that acts as their headquarters where people who seek battle whether particpating or spectating matches.


Emperor of Ikebukuro

World: Tokyo
Origin: Roman History
Rarity: 3*/4* (Fire), 4* (Water)
Artist: Bombom
Voiced by: Kazushige Shimofusa
The Guildmaster of the Berserkers and the owner of the Colosseum. He is a proud and gifted man with natural leadership skills. Claude is looking for a slave-cum-spouse that will come from the masses. His Sacred Artifact is the Laurel he wears on his head that causes anyone he sees to go into a frenzy.

  • But Not Too Foreign: Half-Japanese, half-Italian.
  • Emotion Bomb: Claude's Laurel Reed Sacred Artifact can cause people to whip into a frenzy while exerting some control over those frenzied.
  • Playing with Fire: His main element which fits his Rule which "heats people up" for battle.
  • Shout-Out: His "Bride" costume to "Nero Bride" of Fate:Extra/Fate:Grand Order.


Emperor's Secretary

World: Shangri La
Origin: Tibetan Mythology
Rarity: 3*/4* (Water), 5* (Light)
Artist: Xigma
Voiced by: Kazushige Shinofusa

The Snow Lion Therian who is both a gentleman and a butler that serves as the master of the Guild. He is calm and speaks in a polite manner to everyone. Snow respects people with the potential of royalty by showing wisdom and courage. His Sacred Artifacts are three chakrams with the Rule of Trinity.

  • Battle Butler: Acts as one for Claude while being capable of being his bodyguard as well.
  • Deadly Disc: His Sacred Artifacts come in the form of three chakrams.
  • King of Beasts: He is based on the Tibetan Snow Lion and looks cool in a suit.


Loyal Watch-guardian

World: Yggdrasil
Origin: Norse Mythology
Rarity: 3*/4* (Nether)
Artist: gamma
Voiced by: Yuuhei Iwanaga

A Transient that simple and hyperactive but is loyal and dependable. He acts as the gatekeeper for the Berserkers. Garmr has caused a lot of trouble and some have labeled him as a useless mutt. He also displays hostility with other guard dogs.

  • Stone Wall: His Blood of the Beast skill gives him a Tenacity buff which increased his defense for one turn.


Accountant Manager

World: Yggdrasil
Origin: Norse Mythology
Rarity: 3*/4* (Nether), 5* (Aether)
Artist: BomBom
Voiced by: Yoshihito Oonami

A dwarf who loves money and treasure along with joining to Tokyo where he ventured in one shady business after another. He frequents the Colosseum as a bookkeeper while selling items of dubious origins. His Sacred Artifact is a gold ring that can give fortune in exchange for a curse of bad luck.

  • An Axe to Grind: His weapon of choice.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Played with ironically his Sacred Artifact is a gold ring that gives him a financial fortune but comes with a curse. He works so hard to save for money that he tries to find some else to take the curse to the point that someone would steal the ring. In gameplay, this is reflected by him providing additional coin bonus after the battle, and applying Curse status to an enemy that attacks him.


Dance Battler

World: Gehenna
Origin: Lesser Key of Solomon
Rarity: 3*/4* (Nether), 4* (Water)
Artist: Mensuke
Voiced by: Masahiro Ogata

A Gehenna Transient who fights in flashy battles in the Ikebukuro Colosseum. He has a friendly demeanor but isn't fond of opponents who just fight to win. Bathym prefers those who please the crowd as he uses flashy moves and tricky movement whenever he fights.

  • Extremity Extremist: His style of choice is Capoeira which uses flashy moves to please the crowd.
  • Prehensile Tail: His tail made of darkness has a will of its own and even has glowing red eyes. Some even consider it to be a Sacred Artifact due to its beauty.


Berserk Warrior

World: Shangri La
Origin: Indonesian Folklore
Rarity: 3*/5* (Wood), 4* (Fire)
Artist: gamma
Voiced by: Sho Koda

The tiger champion of the pro wrestling in Ikebukuro and summoned from Shangri-la when sold in an illegal Transient auction. He killed his abusive Summoner and became a Stary Transient. His Loincloth Sacred Artifact has the Rule that causes the tiger spirit in him to go berserk.

  • The Berserker: His Loincloth Sacred Artifact causes him to go berserk but at the price of a large hunger and excitement that causes him to lose reason.

Horkeu Kamui

Hero Mentor

World: Kamuy Kotan
Origin: Ainu mythology
Rarity: 3*/4* (Water), 5* (All)
Artist: Gammachaos
Voiced by: Masato Yoshida

A Stray Transient from the world of Kamuy Kotan without the aid of a Summoner. He is a divine wolf who love humanity and teaches them how to be a warrior. He joined the Ikebukuro Berserker to look for a human who can be a hero and call Master. Horkeu Kamui's Sacred Artifacts are gauntlets and greaves with the Rule of Freezing that allows him to freeze anything in ice.

  • An Ice Person: His Sacred Artifact Gauntlets and Greaves' Rule is Freezing which not only can freeze people and objects in ice.
  • Going Commando: As per the artist's doujin, he does not wear anything below his loincloth that can risk Wardrobe Malfunction at a wind blows.

Ikutoshi Oki

Shapeshift Fighter

World: Tokyo
Origin: Celtic Mythology
Rarity: 3*(Earth), 4*(Earth/Fire)
Artist: Kuronezumiinu
Voiced by: Naoko Matsui

A middle school student who rebels against his father. He fights in the Underground Colosseum with trained skills and abilities at a young age on equal footing while making money from fights. His Sacred Artifact is a bracelet of stone with the Rule of Permutation that makes him grow to an adult.

  • Clothing Damage: Transforming into adult form tears the majority of his clothing to shreds. Averted with his swimsuit and Gendarme costume, in which he wears oversized outfits to avoid this.
  • Dual Age Modes: Ikutoshi's Sacred Artifact is a stone bracelet with the Rule of Permutation that lets him gain the body of an adult. This ability gives him more physical prowess while keeping his intelligent mind.

Taurus Mask/Daisuke Ikusaba

Masked Wrestler

World: Tokyo
Origin: Greek Mythology
Rarity: 3*/4*(Wood), 4*(Fire)
Artist: naop
Voiced by: Takashi Yonezawa

Daisuke Ikusaba is the captain of a renowned athletic high school's wrestling team but doesn't like being in the public eye. Once he puts on the mask, he becomes Taurus Mask, a pro wrestler who pleases the crowd with his upbeat personality. Taurus Mask's Sacred Artifact comes into the form of a string bracelet that creates a space where his opponent cannot escape.

  • Gimmick Matches: Fitting his wrestling motif, Taurus Mask's Bracelet Sacred Artifact creates a space where his opponent cannot escape and hide from him until the match is over.


Monk Warrior

World: Land of Wa
Origin: Japanese History/Japanese Mythology
Rarity: 3*(Fire), 5*(Fire/Valiant)
Artist: Bombom
Voiced by: Sho Koda
A Tokyo hoodlum who attacks with his heavy Polearm Sacred Artifact. He was taken in by a temple due to being abandoned as a child. Oniwaka carries the belief that violence validates existence which leads to him hunting down other players fo their powers. His Rule is Appropriate which allows him to steal powers from other people.

  • Adaptation Species Change: The Benkei from original tale is sometimes described with features similar to those of demon's, but was never really referred as ato nything but a human. Here, he is explicitly an oni.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: If you didn't notice by now, he carries a few adorable cellphone straps in his parkas. He is also depicted in the loading screen happily brushing Cu Sith's fur.
  • Fantastic Racism: Due to him being an oni, people ostracized and hated him, to the point that he had to cut off his horn to blend in the human society.
  • Meaningful Name: Oniwaka is a childhood name of Musashibou Benkei.
  • Power Parasite: His Spear Sacred Artifact's Appropriation can steal the power from other Transients.
  • Power Incontinence: If he steals more power than he can physically contain then his body would go into constant pain.
  • Scars Are Forever: Has a cross-shaped scar on his forehead. It's where his horn used to be (as shown in the artbook and one of his Setsubun variant's skin).


Bearer of Gemini's half

World: Olympus
Origin: Greek Mythology
Rarity: 3* (Ether), 4*(Ether/Nether)
Artist: Naop
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Hosaka

A Transient from Olympus who praticies a highly spiritual martial arts. He was a godly being but gave his divinty to his brother and believe his brother has been summoned in Tokyo. His still immortal and respects warriors who are willing to risk their lives. His Sacred Artifact are steel guantlets where his right first releases lighting to pierce his enemies.

  • Demigod: The right half of his body is divine while his left side is human due to sharing his blood with his brother.
  • I Will Find You: Vows to find his twin brother Castor wherever he is.
  • Light'Em Up: Pollux's Sacred Artifacts are gauntlets where his right fist can pierce his enemies with light.


Tiger Private Eye

World: Utopia
Rarity: 3*/4* (Fire), 4* (Water)
Artist: Xigma
Voiced by: Toshimitsu Oda

A jack-of-all trades Transient who acts as a bodyguard and detective. He uses Nomad as a pseudonym for his clients. Nomad. He weas modified against his will into a tiger and is in search for the culprit. His Sacred Artifact is embedded in his fang and allows him to move at high speeds.

  • Playing With Fire: His element along with his Sacred Artifact causes fire to manifest around him which burns off his clothes.
  • Super Speed: Nomad's Sacred Artifact, Burning Bright, embedded into his molar can allow him to move at high speed with just a click of his tooth.


Hero from Formalhault Star

World: Old Ones
Origin: Lovecraftian Mythos
Rarity: 3*/5* (Fire)
Artist: Jacketbear
Voiced by: Tomoyuki Shimura

An Old Ones Transient who is an ex-ruler and bodybuilder. It is believe he comes from the the star, Fomalhaut. Cthugha's summoning causes him to believe he is an overpowered reincarnated hero from another story. His body specifications are uncommonly high but he is mentally weak. Cthugha puts a mask of confidence but has low self-esteem where words can cause him blow up physically. His Sacred Artifact is a star sword with a Rule that can burn anything except for Cthugha.

  • Playing With Fire: His main element along with being an avatar of fire while also being a reference to the Great Old One from Lovecraftian mythos of being a mass of plasma the size of a planet.
  • Star Power: His Sacred Artifact is a star sword said to be tempered by fire demons and contains an overpowered Rule. The sword can burn down everything in existence which Cthugha is unaffected due to being an avatar of fire.

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