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Any work with a predominantly gay male cast will always feature a single lesbian or lesbian couple. It doesn't matter how tenuous their ties with the boys are (usually the main character's best friend and her lover), or if they integrate with the main cast at all. As with any token, they're not there to actually add to the story, but to keep people from complaining that it's not inclusive enough (after all, an all-gay-male cast is still an all-male cast). It's not even guaranteed that they'll pass the The Bechdel Test. And you can bet your next paycheck that their plot will involve having children in some way, since All Lesbians Want Kids. It is also worth noting that works centering around gay women never include a token male couple in such a way.

Please note that this is a very specific trope. If the ladies are the only gay couple shown, then they're token gays. If the work features couples of all stripes, then they're simply part of the bigger picture. This trope is about those lesbians arbitrarily thrown into a work about the lives of gay men. Related to The Smurfette Principle.

Examples of Token Lesbian include:


  • Chelsea Boys has this, nearly, with Ricki and Lucie. They're there, they're lesbians, and they ask the lead male to be the father of their baby. But the comic also has Annie, who gets a decent amount of page time as Sky's lesbian friend from school.
  • Dykes to Watch Out For has a rare inversion with Carlos, the male role model/babysitter for Toni and Clarice's son Raffi. Later on, there was Gerald, a gay female-to-male transsexual Lois developed a crush on.


Live Action TV

  • Melanie and Lindsay in Queer as Folk.
  • Australian comedy program Outland features four white gay men and a lone aboriginal australian lesbian who also uses a wheelchair. The fifth of the six episodes basically serves to highlight how seperate she feels from the group.

Web Comics

  • Kelli and Dawn in World of Fizz.
  • Trish, Nick's babymomma from his younger days in Troy. Her new fiancee is an afterthought at best.

Western Animation

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