• Jerkass Woobie: bandunk, nearly. He loses most of the time and his apathy makes him seem sorta down. Of course he doesn't really care (maybe).
    • The thread wanted him to not lose at NSMB simply because he sounded so defeated.
  • Tear Jerker: Their break-up of the company. Granted they're still best buds, Benson and Ryan will still do Let's Plays, and bandunk will join them for the streams, but for those of us who really enjoyed the Forties' dynamic, it is a bit of a downer knowing they'll never go back to that format.
    • Strangely enough; it's possibly even more so for those of us that could actually see it coming. Marvelis backing out, the move to post commentary and back again with all the negative feedback that created, Benson moving out of state, two of them finding long term partners... something had to break eventually. Everything good always comes to an end.
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