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 Kuvo: "Wait. So he killed off all the Ronso? He actually did something useful!"

Topikal: "Yeah, I know. I actually like him a little better now."


Kuvo: He's still an asshole.

Tipping Forties was a group of young gentlemen in Arizona that enjoy the drink.

They also enjoyed making Let's Plays.

Originally a team of three gents named Ryan, Benson and Michael, they started out on the Something Awful forums under the handles Kuvo, topiKal and bandunk, respectively, with a let's play of Final Fantasy X which gained some popularity. Following that up with an additional let's play of Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots and adding Alex (a.k.a. Marvelis) to the team, they came into full-swing... until the beginning of the Final Fantasy X 2 Let's Play, where Marvelis bailed out.

The guys also made other videos that put a face to the voices. You can find their site here, or watch their videos on Kuvo's Viddler, TippingForties's blip, or TippingForties's YouTube. There's also their non-LP series, Lunch Break, found here and their Movie High Low

On May 27th, 2012 they announced their breakup, which meant the end of the podcast as well as everything else that had the T40 name on it. However, Kuvo and topiKal will continue doing Let's Plays. topiKal will also continue doing podcasts.

Tipping Forties has Let's Played the following:

They also do a weekly Podcast.

Tipping Forties provides examples of:

  • Accidental Pun: Asking for a rain check while talking about a date with Raine.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: In what amounts to being possibly one of the funniest moments of the LP; Shenmue episode 30 concludes with Bandunk explaining (at length) his best and worst experiences concerning the various porn that he has watched over the years.
  • Americans Hate Tingle: The Forties are all pretty unanimous in their hatred of Yuna, Colette, Nozomi...
  • America Saves the Day: The generally attitude taken on during the Fugitive Hunter LP.
  • Artistic License Biology: That's not what badgers look like guys!
  • Audience Participation: In some of their Let's Plays, they ask for various things from people on the Something Awful forums.
    • For Tales of Symphonia, they asked viewers to suggest drinking words for them to use. This backfired spectacularly when someone suggested "world".
    • For Golden Eye 1997, they asked for challenges to perform during gameplay, which they then picked out of a hat.
    • For Little Big Planet 2, they asked people to either create or recommend custom levels for them to play.
  • Base Breaker: The T40's new style of pre-recorded commentary making it's début in the Final Fantasy X-2 LP. The common consensus currently seems to be slanted on the Hate side of the scale however.
    • It got so bad that they started over with the old format. And Marvelis bailed out, so it's even more like the original FFX run.
      • Ryan admits this in the final so what did we learn of the Final Fantasy X-2 LP - and rather graciously takes full credit for the whole situation.
  • Big No: Alex made several as bandunk used his warp block in Mario Party to overtake him and got the star.
    • Ryo lets out a Big No in the first episode of their Shenmue LP, which is lampshaded by Benson.

  Benson: "Damn, that was a big no!"

  • Book Ends: Final Fantasy X was their first LP, its sequel was their final one.
  • Broken Streak: They managed 90 videos of not using Presea until a scripted event forced them to. Needless to say they were crushed.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Bandunk is always the most noticeably drunk at the end of each session.
    • Ryan seems to have taken to being the most noticably drunk in the middle of a session, although this may just be because of his drink choice.
  • Catch Phrase: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

 Kuvo: "Good work X, you did it."

Bandunk: "It seems to me, you lived your life like a candle in the wind..."

Benson "Get out of here X!"

Marvelis "I fuckin' hate this game..."

  • Chekhov's Gun: While wandering around in New Vegas, bandunk managed to find a Lucky 38 VIP Keycard and states that he knows what has to do. Upon confronting Mr. House, rather than doing any quests for him, he uses the Keycard to instantly gain access to the Control Room, where he deactivates him, thereby cutting off an entire ending before he even started.
  • Cherry Tapping: In Tales of Symphonia the 40s unintentionally do Forcystus in with Colette's Pow Hammer (seen here, around 21 minutes in). Their reactions to this are great.

  Benson: "Hammer Brothers RULE!"

 Benson: *Slaps a guard with the same face texture as Dr. Doak.*

bandunk: "Ya chopped Doak!"

Benson: "Chopped Doak? Chop-Doak."

Ryan: "That sounds like a fried dish."

 Benson: "Would you say 'for sure' or 'for shizzle?'"

Alex: "Shut the fuck up."

Benson: "...that's fair."

  Alex: "bandunk's pretty sad that he died to a gecko."

 Ryan: "Hello and welcome to Let's Play X, I'm Ryan or Kuvo."

Benson: "And I'm Benson also known as topiKal."

Alex: "I'm Alex AND Marvelis."

bandunk: "Aaaaand I'm bandunk... or Micheal."

 Alex: "Oh, The Matrix."

Ryan: "Is this Final Fantasy the Spirits Within?"

Benson: "You gettin' any Half-Life 2 flashbacks here?"

Bandunk: "I feel like I'm playing flOw."

Alex: "...We all made different references."

 Ryan: "What do you think of this game Silent Roommate?

Silent Roommate "..."

  • Slash Fic: During the FFX LP, the guys would read slash fiction about the characters to pass the time during the boring to watch temples. One written by a fan even managed to name an episode. See Unusual Euphemism.

 bandunk: They're all creepy! All of them.

  Benson: He John Woo'd!

  Bandunk: Hi! I win! Yaay!

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